Alternative Healing Self Help
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Get tips like virgin coconut oil thyroid and diabetes help

Why alternative healing self help? 

For natural discoveries that your doctor won't tell you about, for:

  • truly healing underlying conditions that lead to disease or pain
  • staying or becoming drug free
  • best regaining vitality and and best recovery
  • better understanding what YOUR body needs to heal itself

Alternative healing self help may need "detective work" to discover, or rule out underlying causes or deficiencies.  We hope that you will find new clues here  for your best alternative healing self help: 

Alternative Healing Self Help to stay DRUG FREE

Alzheimers, Low Thyroid & Vertigo Help

IMMUNE SYSTEM re-BALANCING for Chronic Diseases

OSTEOPOROSIS MEDS cause your bones to be hard and BRITTLE, leading to more fractures:

Getting and STAYING Healthy

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Alternative Healing Self Help for Arthritis, Sleep, and Your Heart 

Exercise immune system for auto immune conditions to regain BALANCE

There are remarkable natural discoveries for arthritis pain relief, insomnia, high blood pressure,  AFIB, Tachycardia and autoimmune e.g. Reumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s Disease and IBS.

Here is help from incredible doctors and scientists: 

  • One remarkable neurologist discovered how two vitamins can work together to solve insomnia, arthritis pain relief, bowl problems and neurological symptoms. 
  • Alternative healing self help is the best first approach to decrease high blood pressure, AFIB and Tachycardia.

You may be surprised by the power of natural healing:

Vitamin D mental and heart effects: low vitamin D predicts diabetes type 2

How is it possible that two vitamins together can give arthritis pain relief, give natural sleep help, and help autoimmunity -- Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, IBS and Crohn’s Disease bowl problems as well as high blood pressure and AFIB?

Here’s how the pieces of the puzzle fit together:

  • It has been known that compromised gut bacteria are among the “causes” of auto immune diseases, including Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.

Here's how doctors and scientists - “connected the dots” - to enable natural healing for many people. Here’s how the mystery is being unraveled:

Same Deficiency for Arthritis Pain Relief, Heart Disease, and Better Sleep?

Once you follow the logic, we hope that it will makes sense:

First of all, a Vitamin D deficiency sets things in motion, or “sets the stage” for these diseases.  Problem is, that after being given Vitamin D supplements, new symptoms appear and arthritis pain gets worse. Why is that?

The Vtamin D supplements eventually cause  a secondary deficiency, and more problems, as the body begins to use more vitamin B to heal itself.

IBS and Crohns are related to gut bacteria and low Vitamin D and are auto immune diseases

Here is stage one: Vitamin D helps to keep gut bacteria healthy.

The job of these gut bacteria is to make the B vitamins that are not supplied by diet. A deficiency of Vitamin D, eventually, in turn, causes a deficiency of the B vitamin pantothenic acid.

  • Researchers already knew that there was a connection between a vitamin B deficiency of pantothenic acid, insomnia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Initially, vitamin D supplements work well as a natural sleep help. But after a while their effect diminishes.  Why?

  • An observant neurologist, Dr.  S.C. Gominak, noticed that after two years of getting vitamin D supplements, her patients no longer slept better, and their arthritis pain increased again. 

It turns out that BOTH vitamin D and vitamin B were needed to restore normal healthy gut bacteria, for long term healing. 

Alternative Healing Self Help Tips:
How Trouble Multiplies

Control diabetes help vitamin D and B

Once both vitamin D and vitamin B were replenished, normal gut bacteria balance was restored.  The result? Healing the underlying causes!  

Dr S. C. Gominak, a Texas neurologist, explored this connection with her patients and published these results:

  • When 1000 of her patients got the right amount of vitamin D and B supplementation, their health improved remarkably.

Here are the steps for why this is possible:

1)      Since vitamin D is needed for bacteria in thrive in the gut, a deficiency eventually leads to a depletion of the 4 types of “good” bacteria required for the immune system to work properly.  

2)      One of the jobs of healthy gut bacteria is to manufacture the B vitamins that are not in our food. A vitamin D deficiency thus also leads to a vitamin B deficiency.

3)      This vitamin B deficiency results in inflammation of the immune system and arthritic pain.  

This eventually leads to auto immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Inflammatory Bowl Diseases: IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis.

4)     This deficiency of pantothenic acid - vitamin B - also causes heart disease:

problems of high blood pressure, Tachycardia, AFIB atrial arrhythmias.

It also results in a higher risk for heart attacks and stroke due to creating a “hyper-adrenergic” state.

  • When 1000 patients took both supplements of vitamin D and vitamin B, their symptoms improved remarkably!

Here is what they reported to their doctor after taking the exact right amounts both supplements:

  • Better sleep
  •  Reduced pain
  •  Inflammatory bowl symptoms healed

We hope that you will be inspired by our  alternative healing self help tips for better healing of autoimmune or heart disease. 

You may ASK US:

How to increase your immune &   vitamin d immune system balance

You may ask us for a suggestion:

  • For an autoimmune condition such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Lupus, or for insomnia, arthritis pain relief or for high blood pressure and AFIB.
  • We may be able to recommend research-based supplements to help heal autoimmunity, arthritis pain, high blood pressure and AFIB
  • Why your vitamin D supplements may not be giving you the exact vitamin D blood levels needed for health-restoring sleep
  • We may be able explain how Dr Gominak's discoveries could help you :

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Source: S.C. Gominak, MD,  East Texas Medical Center, Internal and General Medicine:

  • How improving Vitamin D and B deficiencies can give arthritis pain relief, and help insomnia, high blood pressure, AFIB and autoimmune disease. 


Know prescription drugs their side effects

Because medications for autoimmune problems have scary long-term side effects, you will want to discover which Crohn’s or rheumatoid arthritis alternative health benefits are waiting for you.

  • You may ASK US for the BEST SUPPLEMENTS to re-balance your immune system for Crohn's Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis pain relief.

Your heart problems can also decrease naturally, including lowering lower high blood pressure and decreasing Tachycardia and AFIB symptoms.

Hopefully, with alternative healing self help, you will need fewer long-term medications, and feel much better. 

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