Health Discoveries:
Find Nature's Best-Kept Secrets

Health Discoveries of nature's best-kept secrets:  surprising medical discoveries of how nature heals! 

There has been an explosion of health discoveries -- of foods and supplements that help heal and regenerate! Yet, many scientific health discoveries  -- even Nobel-prize winning discoveries -- have not been translated into common use.

We highlight these discoveries of foods and superfoods that can prevent and help heal diseases. Why?

  • Due to a world-wide epidemic of chronic diseases, scientists are working to find better natural solutions. It is recognized that with just medications alone, the battle is not being won against obesity, diabetes type 2, Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers Disease or cancer. 

We have posted here, some of the best of these health discoveries. 

Enjoy new discoveries for help with chronic pain or symptoms that won't go away.

Discover new resources:

“I cannot tell you how long I’ve been searching for non - pharmaceutical answers to my medical health questions.

Twenty - First century natural medicine that is so simple, and straight forward.” Caroline M.

Breakthrough health discoveries that can slow down and even reverse symptoms of "incurable" diseases such as:

  • Parkinsons Disease, Autism, Lou Gehrig's Disease, ALS, Macular Degeneration, AMD, Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimers Disease, most types of cancers, diabetes, as well as stopping heart attack strokes for good.

Health Discoveries "In Progress"

Exciting possibilities -- cures in the works:

  • Diabetes cure? Although scientists have found an "overnight" diabetes cure in the lab, this has not been translated to humans. Instead, we've posted research where scientists can get people with diabetes off their meds in 3 to 6 weeks by diet and exercise alone.
  • Cancer cure? Better, targeted therapies for cancer are promising, but not the panacea that was first hoped...      While doctors figured they could make a genetic profile for every tumor and then tailor-make a drug "cocktail" like they do with AIDS... it turns out that there are  hundreds of genes that help cancers to grow, making this very complicated...
  • Cancer research is instead getting great results with immunotherapy. Why? By enabling the immune system to better fight the cancer, they are getting much better survival rates -- they can double and triple survival chances by adding immunotherapy!
  • Parkinsons, Alzheimers ALS cure? A stem cell Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and Parkinson cure is in the works, but so far the results are disappointing.
  • Arthritis, RA, Autism and Crohns Cure?  Restoring a balance of friendly gut bacteria with fecal transplants, is very promising for all auto immune diseases including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohns, IBS, Lupus and even for Autism. 

However, these treatments are not widely available yet, and we will keep you posted on their progress!

Recent Health Discoveries You can Use NOW

There are new discoveries you CAN use NOW:

We've posted discoveries for diet and nutritional supplements that are available now:

New nutraceuticals -- nutritional supplements that have been scientifically tested to work -- that are:

  • Neuro protective for neurological diseases such as Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers Disease, ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease
  • Immunotherapy for help with cancer treatment
  • Nutraceuticals endorsed by winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to help overcome and prevent disease

Please browse our site for MANY foods natural cures as well as nutritional supplements that have been shown to prevent or help recovery from disease.

  • You may ASK US how these could help you:

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Here's Medical Discoveries for If...

  • Your doctor’s offered you scary meds
  • You have a life-threatening diagnosis and you want the best
  • You're losing your eyes, your memory or your mobility and want better!

Discoveries for Your Recovery!

We post natural options for chronic diseases – foods and nutritional supplements you can use SAFELY with your medications.

Many of nature’s health discoveries have helped people reverse the symptoms of their “incurable” diseases.

Here's the best of Nature's discoveries backed by Science

Discover natural options listed in your doctor’s drug reference book:

  • the PDR, US Physician's Desk Reference, the CPR Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties and the Red Book: Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference:

If you want what's clinically shown to work for the immune system and against tumors, and what’s natural that's being studied for ALS, Lou Gehrig’s, Parkinsons disease and for Autism Treatments. 

Posted on our site are natural discoveries by the winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, for cancer, neurological diseases, AIDS and a heart disease cure that improves circulation and dissolves blood clots.

These Nobel Prize-winning natural discoveries are not yet typically prescribed by doctors, so it is up to you to try them.

Why use NATURE’S discoveries FIRST?

All medications have "side" EFFECTS - they do what they are supposed to do ELSEWHERE, where their EFFECTS are NOT helpful, even HARMFUL, and can cause "surprise" problems, and make you "feel lousy."

Medications add a toxic LOAD that eventually "catches up" with you. So the less you need, the better. Why?

You may "feel off,” not because you are sick, but because ALL meds are "foreign substances” for your body. When you are ill, your body is already overloaded, and these will add to the burden in the long run and cause their own problems!

You can browse our site for recent health discoveries for preventing & reversing symptoms of chronic DISEASES that include:

  • Alzheimers Disease, ALS, Lou Gehrig's, Autism spectrum; Autoimmune diseases e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA, Sarcoidosis & Lupus; AIDS; cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer; AMD, Macular Degeneration; cataracts; diabetes; digestive diseases, e.g. IBS, Crohn’s: fibromyalgia; heart disease, stroke recovery, high blood pressure & high cholesterol; kidney disease, liver disease, e.g. hepatitis; lung disease; neurological diseases e.g. MS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease; Parkinsons shaking or Dyskinesia, obesity and osteoporosis.

How can these Health Discoveries help YOU?

Here you'll find SAFE options for "adding nature" for vitality and longevity - even if your doctor tells you to “take this pill for the rest of your life!”

  • Feel free to CONTACT US for recommendations for foods and nutritional supplements for YOU -- anti aging supplements, foods as natural cures or all natural health supplements.
  • We invite you to our site to discover the best recent medical discoveries of foods as natural cures and nutritional supplements for YOUR health and vitality!

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