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People are discovering how to lower cholesterol naturally; that there are natural blood clot treatments; finding the key to their obesity and insulin weight gain, as well as reversing scary DISEASES!

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  • Share your diabetes natural cure, natural cancer cure with super healing foods or exercise to overcome pain, or an “incurable” or chronic disease:

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Your Doctors Reaction to Refusing Statins for Cholesterol? 
What are your dr.s reaction to refusing statins? Did your doctor agree to dropping statins? My experience has been, if you want to see how childish …

Our 88-year-old Father, Pulled off Three of his Medications, is back Playing Bridge Again 
Our family has recently seen the remarkable improvement in our 88-year-old father when an observant specialist in internal medicine pulled him off three …

Heart Disease Breakthrough in Reversing Plaque! 
Although most doctors will say it's not possible to reverse heart disease and artery plaque, I've been able to do it with only diet and nutritional supplements! …

Hartley Handled His Blood Sugar Naturally 
I was so impressed when my husband, who is pre-diabetic, on his own initiative went to a local health seminar. Afterwards he started to make fresh greens …

How Beverly and Roy Avoided Cholesterol Lowering Drugs 
When my husband Roy’s doctor told him he needed to go on cholesterol lowering drugs, I got onto the internet to look for alternatives. I found lots and …

Can Walk Again Since Stopping Lipitor! Not rated yet
I'm 76, (male) heard about Lipitor on Coast to Coast. Been on Lipitor for 13 years. Quit taking it 2 weeks ago. I CAN WALK AGAIN. MY FEET ARE …

Is Bypass Surgery A Weight Loss Option? Not rated yet
A neighbor of mine was really huge and having lots of health problems because of it. Her doctor finally suggested a gastric bypass as a last resort. …

Curing Ringworm Infections. My story Not rated yet
Hey guys, I have been on this website for a long time, and it has helped me out many times, and I feel it is time that I give something back to the community. …

Atrial Fibrillation; My Shocking Heart Story Not rated yet
For most of my life a had no serious health problems and had never heard of atrial fibrillation. I have never been more than twenty pounds overweight. …

Metabolic Syndrome: In Less Than a Year I Got My Blood Sugar and Cholesterol to Normal Not rated yet
As an R.N. and Midwife with 40+ years of Nursing, I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome. I had High Blood Pressure, Elevated blood sugars (Type 2 …

Weight 'secret' Backed by Science Not rated yet
I want to share a little secret with those trying to shed those extra pounds: whole grain bread. It's something I stumbled upon years ago, and it works. …

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