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Yes, fermented foods do improve your immune system!

Stanford University scientists set out to find out if either fermented foods or plant fiber foods can improve your immune system and or decrease chronic inflammation.

They instructed 36 people to add either more fermented foods or more fiber to their diet, and found improvements in immune system markers in both these groups after 10 weeks.

The one group ate more fermented foods, such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi and kombucha, while the other ate more fiber rich fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains than normal.

The Stanford School of Medicine researchers compared the results to the starting point and found improvements in immune health in both groups.

However, they discovered that while both the fermented foods and the additional plant fibers improved immune system markers, only the fermented foods had the additional benefit of significantly decreasing inflammation.

The fermented foods, they suggest, alter the gut microbiota profile which results in significantly reducing inflammatory markers.

Chronic inflammation plays a central role in most of the diseases of our time, including Alzheimer’s rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

For prevention it is therefore wise to add yogurt, kefir, fermented vegetables, vegetable brine drinks, fermented cottage cheese, or kombucha to our daily routine.

Bulgarian yogurt has long been associated with longevity, and now we know that we can get such benefits by regularly eating a variety of fermented foods.

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An Aspirin a Day Doesn't Prevent Heart Attacks?

Does taking aspirin daily cause more harm than good?

Apparently yes. Compared with a placebo group, aspirin increased risk of major bleeding and death from any cause.

A randomized controlled trial of 19,114 healthy older adults found that aspirin can cause bleeding, but does NOT prevent a heart attack, stroke or even dementia.

When compared to the placebo group, aspirin did NOT prevent heart attack, stroke, or hospitalization for heart failure.

Neither did taking aspirin reduce the chance of developing dementia or persistent physical disability.

You may want to discuss these results with your doctor if he or she advises you to take an aspirin a day, and you have not had a heart attack.

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Why Magnesium for High Blood Pressure, Sleep?

Magnesium is involved in several hundred metabolic reactions, so it’s not surprising that deficiency is associated with muscle weakness and twitching, sleep issues, fatigue and confusion. And it's critical for the heart!

Yes, magnesium is required for over 300 metabolic reactions in the body:

1) It’s nature’s dilator, helping to keep arteries open. This fights hypertension and spasm of coronary arteries.

2) It also has a vital function in maintaining the heart’s normal rhythm. By making platelets more slippery, and therefore less susceptible to blood clotting, the chance of heart attack and stroke decreases.

3) Each beat of the heart depends on a complex electrical system that must be in sync for survival. Low blood magnesium tosses a monkey wrench into the process causing an irregular heart rate (atrial fibrillation).

Adding more magnesium to the diet often restores the normal beat.

4) Today, a worldwide epidemic of diabetes creates a huge health problem.

Studies show that since magnesium helps to control blood sugar, patients with low magnesium have an increased risk of this disease.

And because it helps to relax both the blood vessels and muscles, make sure you add magnesium before any prescriptions for better sleep or heart health!

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Best Covid Treatment with re-Purposed Drugs?

Which countries are seeing DRAMATIC reductions in Covid hospitalizations and deaths?

Mexico City, for one, began a “test and treat” program that is keeping people out of hospital, and is resulting in plummeting Covid rates, with less than 10% vaccination.

On testing positive, Mexican patients are typically being sent home with an early treatment dosage of a re-purposed drug. As a result, hospitalizations are WAY down by preventing the disease to go to the second more serious stage, or death.

The feared “Covid disaster” for Africa did not happen in all countries. Why not? Certainly not due to better hospital accessibility or the vaccine.

In African countries where this same medication is being used for other purposes, there have been DRAMATICALLY fewer Covid-19 cases, reducing the need for hospitalization.

Because people were already using this drug against river blindness and other infections, the Covid rates are markedly less than in countries where it is not being used.

This re-purposed drug won the Nobel Prize in 2015, and has been tested and shown to be anti-viral since 2012. Over 4 billion doses have been given world-wide, showing it to be safe.

Even in the USA and Europe, where this same drug was being given to seniors in care homes, few got sick or died. These seniors were all being treated for SCABIES with this same medication.

This drug is even being used SUCCESSFULLY as a Long-haul Covid Treatment! Patients experiencing MONTHS of debilitating post-Covid symptoms, begin to improve the very next day after being given this medication.

However, In the “developed” countries, the USA and Europe, this safe, proven treatment is being ignored. My own doctor will not prescribe it for myself for prevention, or for other patients, because there is a directive against its use.

Here is a website featuring lung specialists and ICU care doctors worldwide advocating its use.

This site includes research as well as a protocol for the prevention, early and late treatment of Covid-19:

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Best Natural Remedies for Low Thyroid?

Are you looking for a safe, proven way to help nudge your thyroid? Typically, low thyroid treatments require a delicate balancing of TSH, T3 and T4 levels. It can be very challenging for the average doctor to get your hormones “just right!” You may first want to try nature for normalizing your hormone levels.

Ashwagandha has been prescribed for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for thyroid dysfunctions.

This herb has now been clinically tested and found to be both safe and effective for improving thyroid function.

Eight weeks of treatment with Ashwagandha root extract (600 mg daily) improved serum TSH (p < 0.001), T3 (p = 0.0031), and T4 (p = 0.0096) levels significantly compared to a placebo group. ( J Altern Complement Med 2018 Mar;24(3):243-248.) Ashwagandha is considered to be an “adaptogen” in that it helps you adapt, by relieving stress and anxiety. (One of the purest form of this herb is the brand KSM-66.) Also adding sea vegetables to your diet can help you toward a long term low thyroid cure without medications.

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New Clues for Solving Cancer & Diabetes

Why do cancers develop when our immune system is designed to "take care of" or eliminate mutations immediately, before they cause trouble?

Our immune system normally "takes on" cancerous cells on a daily basis. And for a healthy person, all goes well.

It is known however, that cancer cells can sometimes "dodge" the immune response. Cancerous cells can, under certain conditions, remain undetected by our immune system, and can thus begin to multiply and become a threat.

Researchers at the Department of Medicine, University of California, Irvine have now found a mechanism which allows this to happen!

They found that the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) in our diet can compromise the immune system.

(Clinical & Experimental Immunology. 2019 Aug; 197(2): 237–249.)

They observed that HFC's cause inflammation in the immune's "dendritic" cells.

Dendritic cells, named for their probing, ‘tree-like’ or dendritic shapes, are responsible for the initiation of adaptive immune responses and hence function as the ‘sentinels’ of the immune system.

Eventually, the metabolism of these cells become altered, resulting in a compromised immune response.

Unfortunately these changes don't appear to be temporary.

These compromised immune cells seem to be stuck in a "new gear" that keeps them inflexible and unresponsive to new challenges.

As a result, new cancers may remain unnoticed "under the wire" and not be routinely eliminated!

Because most processed foods contain HFC's, millions of people have a daily diet that contains -- often hidden -- high fructose corn syrup.

Since these changes are metabolic in nature, they may also help explain the world-wide epidemic of diabetes -- a metabolic disease.

The HFC's in virtually all low-cost, processed foods, may be adding to a "perfect storm" of ill health and early death.

You may want to read your labels, because you might not expect to find HFC in the following foods:

Cereals, salad dressings, canned soup, flavored yogurt, ketchup, crackers, breads, baked goods, instant oatmeal, cold cuts, canned fruits, sauces, peanut butter, energy bars, iced tea, cottage cheese, sodas, juices, canned tomatoes, sweet pickles.

Best to check labels carefully, and re-evaluate a reliance on tasty but potentially devastating junk food!

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Why Does Junk Food Ruin Your Immune System?

Researchers have discovered that by eating High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) your immune system can eventually be altered and become less responsive.

As a result of this damage, the immune remains inflexible to new challenges.

And, they say that this change does NOT just seem to be temporary!

By first causing inflammation, eventually HFC suppresses your immunity.

According to new 2021 research, the immune cells actually become altered, and then they appear to become "stuck in their new gear."

So check the labels on your packaged foods, because HFC is in virtually all these processed foods.

Don't let a junk food habit cancel out all the things you are doing to improve your wellbeing.

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What's Normal Heart Rate Variability?

Heart rate variability is the slight variation in our heart's beat that changes moment to moment.

Good heart rate variability is linked to both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Atrial fibrillation, on the other hand, is the chaotic beating of a heart that is out of "sync."

Want better health and emotional resilience against stress?

You can now re-train your heart and brain for improved coherence with an easy to use APP.

The Heart Math Institute created easy-to use, but advanced heart-rate rhythm monitor APPS for your phone, proven to work!

Find out more about sophisticated, science based heart rate variability training APPS:

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How RIGHT SLEEP helps against the Corona Virus

Neurologist DR. STASHA GOMINAK has successfully treated diseases like Parkinson's with a protocol for "RIGHT SLEEP".

Dr. Gominak's program also helps protect against the corona virus. How?

The "RIGHT SLEEP" protocol is based on determining an OPTIMUM level of vitamin D for each individual.

Such optimal levels of vitamin D are typically MUCH higher than usually recommended by doctors.

This vitamin D protocol for RIGHT SLEEP restores the gut microbiome, which in turn leads to a STRONG healthy immune system.

A healthy immune system, says Dr. Gominak, "recognizes the virus as a bad guy, kills it off and makes antibodies to it to serve as a memory to be sure it can never sneak up on you again."

RIGHT SLEEP stimulates "self-healing so that the body can heal itself from conditions as diverse as Parkinson's Disease and Scoliosis!

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How to get Ivermectin for Less?

IVERMECTIN is an anti parasite drug that has been safely used by millions of people world-wide for 30 years and is endorsed by the World Health Organization.

Doctors around the world are now discovering Ivermectin to also be effective for both stages of SARS-CoV-2:

1) Stage one, the VIRAL stage, as well as 2) the second, more serious INFLAMMATORY over-reaction of the later critical stage.

UK researcher Dr. Tess Lawrie, MBBCh PhD, conducted a meta- analysis of the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN for SARS-CoV-2 and found:

On average, a whopping 72% reduction of death!

This supports the finding of Dr. Andrew Hill, of Liverpool, who was asked by the WHO to assess Ivermectin for SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Tess Lawrie says, "We know that it works", both as prevention and as a treatment!


If you have a prescription for Ivermectin, you may want to check online sources. These can be a fraction of the cost normally charged by pharmacies:

Watch Dr. Mobeen Syed's Youtube: how he got Ivermectin for his own personal use for PREVENTION and for MUCH less!

Ivermectin is usually cheap, so it can be a low-cost life saver. In countries such as Egypt, Ivermectin is being given to front line workers and their families in preventive doses.

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Exercising 3x a Week Keeps Dementia Away?

Dementia was lowest in a study of a large group of people (247,149) who had regular and continued physical activity.

All those in this study already had some form of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Mild cognitive impairment is a condition that causes people to have more problems with memory and thinking than is normal for someone their age.

However, those who exercised the least were the most likely to become diagnosed with dementia and or Alzheimers Disease.

The researchers concluded that physical activity helps to prevent the conversion of mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

How much exercise?

People with mild cognitive impairment who exercised three to five times per week had a 15% lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease than those who exercised less than three to five times per week.

Physical activity was defined as vigorous or moderate that lasted more than 10 minutes, conducted more than one day per week.

Vigorous activities included running, aerobics, biking fast and carrying heavy objects.

Moderate activities included brisk walking, bike riding at normal speed, doubles tennis and carrying light objects.

Is more even better?

Even higher levels of exercise correlated to major benefits.

Those who engaged in the highest levels of exercise experienced a whopping 50% reduction in risk for Alzheimer's when compared to the most sedentary participants.

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Eggs High Cholesterol Surprise OK for High Cholesterol

Eggs high cholesterol? Surprise -- add eggs for a healthy diet for high cholesterol and against Macular Degeneration.

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Peppermint Oil for Neuralgic Herpes Pain and Babies' Colic?

While green tea has been touted for its health benefits, don't forget to drink a few cups of peppermint tea per week.

Both peppermint tea and peppermint oil have been used to alleviate a variety of health problems, including the neuralgic pain of post herpes nerve pain.

In one case study, peppermint oil was applied on the skin, and it immediately resolved post herpes nerve pain, or neuralgia for 4 to 6 hours at a time.

With continued applications for several months, the patient, who had been resistant to normal therapies for post herpes pain, was successfully treated.

Peppermint oil is also used internally, often by using enteric coated pills.

Studies have found peppermint oil to help with abdominal pain for IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and for many difficult gastric problems including functional dyspepsia and colonic spasm.

Peppermint was even used successfully in a study to help with babies' colic. Colic in infants can be very exasperating and there is little treatment.

So the good news is, that a study comparing the effectiveness of peppermint and simethicone, found that these both worked -- babies crying diminished significantly and equally by using either simethicone or peppermint.

(Effectiveness of Mentha piperita in the Treatment of Infantile Colic: A Crossover Study. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012)

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People with HIGH Cholesterol Live LONGER??

A large study found that people over the age of 60 with HIGH cholesterol live LONGER than those with LOW cholesterol.

Yes, you read it right! Those with higher LDL or "bad" cholesterol LIVE LONGER than those with lower, so-called "bad" LDL cholesterol levels.

So if your doctor is worried about your high cholesterol, here's the GOOD NEWS published in the the BMJ:

In a study of over 68,000 people over the age of 60, those with higher LDL-C lived as long or longer than those with lower LDL-C levels.

This, the authors say, provides reason to question the validity of the whole "cholesterol hypothesis".

"Moreover, our study provides the rationale for a re-evaluation of guidelines recommending pharmacological reduction of LDL-C in the elderly as a component of cardiovascular disease prevention strategies."

Hopefully your doctor knows about this study which seriously puts into question the reason for taking statin drugs.

The most commonly used statins in the USA are: atorvastatin (Lipitor), fluvastatin (Lescol, Lescol XL), lovastatin (Mevacor, Altoprev), pravastatin (Pravachol), rosuvastatin (Crestor),simvastatin (Zocor), and pitavastatin (Livalo).

This was a large cohort study published in the British Medical Journal, BMJ.

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Mount Sinai Doctors Unravel Long COVID Symptoms

A New York City endocrinologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, Zijian Chen, is the medical director of the hospital’s new Center for Post-COVID Care.

In “Unlocking The Mysteries of Long COVID” (The ATLANTIC magazine, April 2021) Dr. Chen says that he had become alarmed at the number of long-Covid patients:

“I looked at the number of patients that were in the database and it was, I think, 1,800 patients,” he told me. “I freaked out a little bit. Oh my God, there’s so many patients telling us that they still have symptoms!”

He noticed that before contracting the virus, many had had no known health issues. Yet many were reporting significant ongoing symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, fatigue, and brain fog.

These patients were a puzzling group “where we couldn’t see what was wrong,” Chen said. These tended to be the patients who had originally had mild to moderate symptoms, but were not regaining their health.

They were seeing was an entirely distinct syndrome.

Dr. Amy Kontorovich, found that patient profiles suggested a condition called dysautonomia, that she had been treating for years.

Dysautonomia is the impairment of the usual functioning of the autonomic nervous system, which controls blood pressure, temperature regulation, and digestion. Symptoms were typically fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, and a racing heart.

Fortunately for these patients, the rehab team’s David Putrino realized that similar symptoms --fatigue, shortness of breath, racing heart -- occur in people who have low carbon-dioxide levels in their blood—a condition known as hypocapnia.

He knew that these symptoms can also be triggered by hyperventilation, or shallow, rapid breathing through the mouth. He wondered if perhaps these long-COVID patients, so many of whom suffered from dizziness and tachycardia, were also breathing shallowly, resulting in low carbon-dioxide levels.

To test this, they developed a pilot program using a breathing protocol developed by Josh Duntz, a Navy Special Operations veteran.

After just a week, everyone in the pilot program reported improvement in symptoms like shortness of breath and fatigue.

The patients’ responses were “game-changing,” according to David Putrino, the director of rehabilitation innovation for the Mount Sinai Health System. “It was quite literally the difference between life and death!”

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Potatoes Are Good for Blood Sugar?

Many of us think of potatoes as tasty carbohydrates that should be avoided because of the calories.

Not so, says Anthony William in his book called "Liver Rescue."

Rather, he suggests that eating potatoes helps to increase glycogen storage in the liver.

This is the exact resource that's needed to protect against blood sugar problems, he says, and also against weight gain, fatty liver and dirty blood syndrome.

Many of us have learned to shun potatoes because they are high in glucose.

However, it is precisely this that helps to keep the liver strong, according to this book.

Potatoes are also amazingly abundant in amino acids, such as Tryptophan, Phenylalanine and even Lysine.

Some of these specifically inhibit viral growth.

So, hold the gravy and the fries, but enjoy potatoes for building a good constitution and for protection against many chronic illnesses.

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Are Eggs Good for You?

Should you eat more or less eggs? Or not at all?

The decision is yours, but know that the research is on the side of eggs being good for you -- for your eyes, heart and even for type 2 diabetes.

Eating eggs does NOT lead to heart disease, according a large study done in Finland.

Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this study followed 1000 middle aged men for 20 years.

Researchers from the Institute of Public Health and Clinical nutrition found that:

Higher egg consumption was actually associated with LOWER risk for Type 2 diabetes.

When they measured total cholesterol intake, especially eating eggs, they found there was no significant relationship with:

1) blood sugar levels (plasma glucose)

2) insulin levels (serum insulin)

3) C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation)

So go ahead, crack a few eggs and enjoy!

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Critical Covid-19 ICU Patients Compared with Non Symptomatic

A study just published in the prestigious magazine NATURE has an urgent recommendation for anyone at risk for Covid-19.

They found virtually all ICU Covid-19 patients to be deficient in vitamin D!

Almost all -- 98.6 percent of these patients -- were vitamin D deficient, in comparison to 34% of non symptomatic patients.

Levels of inflammation were also much higher in all patients who were Vitamin D deficient.

On the basis of these findings they recommend the mass distribution of vitamin D supplements for all people everywhere who at risk for Covid-19.

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Covid-19 Patients Have Which Vitamin Deficiency?

A just released study, found 80% of hospitalized patients with Covid-19 to be deficient in Vitamin D.

Spanish researchers compared over 200 Covid-19 hospital patients to a similar control group of the general population.

They found that men were more deficient than women, and that by comparison, 47% of the sample of the general population were also deficient.

Not only were Covid-19 patients more likely to be Vitamin D deficient, but they also were more likely to have higher blood pressure, more heart disease and more inflammatory agents in their blood.

So even in a country known for its sunshine tourism, it appears that almost half of the population is deficient in Vitamin D!

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Zero Calorie Sweeteners CAUSE Weight Gain?

Can diet drinks with Splenda, or sucralose, actually make you GAIN weight?

Yes. Researchers found that those drinking water rather than zero calorie diet beverages actually lost MORE weight, in spite of the lack of calories in the sucralose or even in stevia drinks!

But if the calories are the same, there should be no difference, right?

Well, researchers put this to the test, and divided a randomized group of overweight and obese individuals and asked one half to drink water, and the other half to consume diet drinks for 6 months.

They found that those who drank water instead of diet drinks lost quite a bit more weight -- the water group lost 15% more weight.

How did this happen? They found that people eat more after drinking diet soda, and also have higher insulin spikes later in the day.

To everyone’s surprise, they concluded that when it comes to caloric intake, blood sugars, or insulin spikes, all the other zero sweeteners were just as bad as straight sugar.

See Dr. Michael Greger’s book on permanent weight loss, HOW NOT TO DIET:

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How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Why eat the best anti aging foods as you get older? Senior brain health is of concern to scientists around the world. Why? They predict an epidemic of both dementia and depression as people continue to live longer.

What do they recommend as brain anti aging foods and vitamins?

Foods known to be protective against both dementia and depression are:

A Mediterranean diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and olive oil.

Top of the list are the B vitamins: Folate and the metabolically related B-vitamins (vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and riboflavin) in slowing the progression of cognitive decline.

Fish and oils rich in ALA (flaxseed, canola, soybean, walnut oils)

Colorful polyphenol rich foods such as red grapes, cherries, red onions.

Vitamin D is also among top supplements that boost brain function.

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Best Natural Antiviral for Herpes Cold Sores & Shingles?

Are there natural products as antiviral agents for cold sores (Herpes Simplex) and shingles (Herpes Zoster) that work?

A report in the "Journal of Integrative Medicine” gives “A Review of the Evidence” for the effectiveness of lysine supplements as one of the natural products as antiviral agents.

And yes, it works, but they say that it takes a dose of 1.2g per day or more, to be effective in both treating and preventing cold sores.

Another study reported that most of the 1543 people they followed for six months said that lysine helped clear up cold sores or prevent them altogether.

Most patients had been treated by a physician and were given on average 1000 mg of lysine daily.

Patients taking lysine said that their symptoms were less severe, and cleared up in 5 days, as compared to 15 days for the control group without lysine.

For the majority, (84%) lysine supplements either prevented or decreased the severity of symptoms. (Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy)

Is lysine the best natural antiviral for herpes?

Certainly both medical studies and individuals report significant benefits. A university student says this in the Harvard Womens Health Watch:

“By the way, doctor. For years, I was plagued by cold sores and took antiviral drugs to treat the outbreaks. But at a friend's suggestion, I started taking lysine every day, and it seems to prevent them altogether.”

But what about natural antiviral remedies for shingles?

Again, the antiviral medication does not work that well for many people, as shingles pain lingers on.

Lysine is certainly worth a try for shingles, to help speed up healing and to decrease the severity of symptoms.

It was certainly my personal experience when I developed a small patch of herpes on the top of my head. The antiviral medications helped, but it was not until I also took a lysine supplement that the sensitivity cleared up quickly and completely!

Adding a lysine supplement is safe, and certainly worth a try!

And of course, take lots of Vitamin D and vitamin C to keep your immune system strong -- this also protects against stress and viral outbreaks like cold sores and shingles.

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Best Supplements for Brain Power?

Yes there are supplements that boost brain function -- easy and chewable too!

A scientific review concluded that a substance called PS, a "phospholipid," does indeed improve cognitive function and ability.

Phospholipid molecules are the main component of the membrane of all our cells. And, given that the cell membrane is responsible for communication -- this molecule may be the key to keeping our brains powered up as we age!

A medical review published in "Nutrition" (PhosphatidylSerine and the Human Brain) outlines why PS (300-800 mg/d) is among the best of natural supplements for brain function:

Scientists concluded that PS supports:

1) focus, attention and concentration 2) the ability to create new memories 3) the ability to retrieve memories 4) consolidation of long-term memory 5) the formation of short-term memory 6) new learning and recall 7) solving problems and reasoning 8) language and communication abilities

In addition, it also supports movement (locomotor functions) especially rapid reactions and reflexes -- important for Parkinson's Disease, and for stroke recovery.

PS is considered safe and works in that it is able to slow, halt or reverse the deterioration of nerve cells.

What's not to like?

Here's our suggestion for a chewable, best brain and energy supplement with PS:

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Health Discoveries for Cell Rejuvenation

What’s missing when we are told to eat lots of proteins for our health? Yes, we know that proteins are the building blocks of our bodies...

What we don’t know is that after a certain age -- generally in our 50’s -- our bodies do not “clean up” used proteins very well, and that they then begin to cause trouble.

This trouble is called aging, which results, in part, from the debris accumulating in our cells, especially from accumulated “used” proteins.

Typically, before age 50, this recycling -- called “autophagy” -- is able to keep our cells working well.

After that age, however, a slow build-up begins, which leads to the diseases of aging: heart disease, stroke, cancer, and particularly Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Parkinson’s, like a number of neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging, is characterized by the abnormal accumulation of protein in certain neurons.

Fortunately, new health discoveries are showing us how to clear out our cells to help them regenerate.

When we periodically limit our protein intake, a clean-up process can begin. How does this work? When proteins are not available, our cells begin to recycle and re-use these used and “misformed proteins.” This clears up the mess and allows proper functioning again.

This diet, called “protein cycling,” usually includes intermittent fasting and ideally, three “low protein days” per week.

This “cycling” stimulates autophagy. This explanation of how our cells regenerate through autophagy, won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2016.

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Most Misunderstood Heart Vitamin?

Even your doctor might confuse vitamin K with the heart-protective vitamin K2.

How does K2 differ from vitamin K, the better-known “clotting vitamin?”

Doctors warn their patients against vitamin K when prescribing warfarin (Coumadin) which inhibits blood clotting by reducing vitamin K. (Vitamin K is abundant in heart-healthy green vegetables)

Vitamin K2, however, is NOT a “clotting vitamin”, but rather, K2 is in charge of keeping calcium from building up in your arteries.

Vitamin K2 is indeed, one of the safeguards that prevents and can reverse hardening of the arteries.

K2 is much less abundant in our diet. It is in egg yolks, cheeses and dairy products from grass-fed animals. In other words, animals that have been out in the sunshine!

Our industrialized agriculture causes many of us to be deficient in K2. The result?

In the absence adequate of Vitamin K2, calcium does not get directed into the bones, where it belongs, but instead, calcium builds up in the:

Coronary arteries

Heart valves

Small blood vessels throughout the body

Find out more about Vitamin K2 to reduce 1) Arterial calcification and 2) Improve blood vessel flexibility (especially important in the brain against strokes)

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Don’t Antivirals Work for Covid-19?

Here’s the thinking about why antivirals such as hydroxychloroquine, zinc and even iodine are not being pursued. (NIH has halted clinical trial of HCQ)

The drug HCQ, the mineral zinc, and even iodine are still being explored as antivirals, but it is thought that these are effective only in the EARLY stages, before a Covid-19 patient needs the ICU.

Indeed, there is an excellent small NYU study of Covid-19 where the death rate of hospitalized patients was cut in half when they were given both zinc and HCQ.

This study was not covered by the press, which focused instead on the ICU drama that unfolded. (Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin plus zinc vs hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin alone: outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients)

Another study found that just garling can work in the early phase!

A small randomized controlled trial in a Malaysian university hospital suggests that gargling with povidone-iodine clears the virus from the nose and throat within four days. (the type of iodine used by surgeons to kill skin bacteria before surgery)

20 COVID-19 patients -- asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic -- were randomly allocated into four groups and asked to gargle with iodine, listerine, water or not at all.

By day four, 100% of those in the povidone-iodine group had cleared the virus. By contrast, 80% of those in the Listerine group, 40% of those in the tap water group, and 20% of those in the control group had cleared the virus.

The relative effectiveness of antiviral agents may be explained by breaking COVID into two phases: early and late.

Early is when you are in fact infected, but show no symptoms. It is now thought that COVID can downregulate our immune response, allowing it to spread without symptoms -- without our body noticing! However, after several weeks, COVID replicates enough to get into the lungs, kidneys and small vessels, and by that time our body finally recognizes that something is going on. This is when your immune system kicks in, so that symptoms begin to appear (fever, chills, muscle aches, fatigue).

However, if at this point people contact their doctor or go to the ER, it is thought that the virus has already done much of what it set out to do. At that point the true killer becomes our own body's over-reaction -- once it actually notices that this virus has been able to get itself into so many different places in our body. Trouble is, that after the immune system picks it up, it ends up causing more self-harm than good, called a cytokine storm, and can cause kidney failure, lungs filling with fluid, liver damage, and blood clots. It is now thought that at this later stage, the problem is not so much the virus but our own body's inflammatory response causing major damage.

A successful intervention would need to treat what is causing death in patients in the later stages -- our body's own immune response.

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The Forgotten Electrolyte For Heart Rhythm

If you are worried about an irregular heart beat, AFIB or heart arrhythmia, you may want to rule out a magnesium deficiency. Why?

Studies estimate that approximately three out of four Americans do not have the recommended amount of magnesium in their diet.

Magnesium is the FORGOTTEN electrolyte. An electrolyte helps trigger and conduct the electrical impulses in your heart.

Therefore, low magnesium levels affect your heart's electrical impulses, contributing to an irregular heart rhythm, and the development of arrhythmia.

You will want to find out about a magnesium diet, along with a magnesium heart supplement.

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How Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Lose weight with intermittent fasting?

Yes, but that it a "side effect."

Intermittent fasting benefits can be explained by "autophagy."

Autophagy, or how our cells renew themselves by recycling their content, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016.

Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi showed how our cells “clean house” to get rid of debris -- the “stuff” that causes aging and diseases.

This recycling process is called autophagy, and it is activated by fasting. When we fast, cell renewal improves, slowing down the aging process.

During fasting, glucose levels in the body are low, and therefore, so is insulin. When insulin is low, more glucagon is produced. As glucagon levels increase so does autophagy within the cells.

Furthermore, without the intake of protein, the body will resort to recycling the protein that it has, and begins to extract re-usable amino acids for future protein formation.

This recycling process is a critical component of autophagy.

It is thought that this “clean up of proteins” may be a key to helping prevent and slow diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, which are characterized by the presence of “mis-formed proteins.”

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New Research To Protect Against Covid-19

European researchers are recommending anti-viral supplements BEFORE getting medical measures for Covid-19. Why?

They found that getting adequate micro-nutrients is the best defense against corona and related viruses.

An adequate supply of zinc, selenium, and vitamin D, they determined, is essential for resistance to viral infections, immune function, and reduced inflammation.

Scientists and Public Health officials found direct evidence for an association between low levels of zinc, selenium, vitamin D, and getting sick from COVID-19.

They therefore stress that zinc, selenium, and vitamin D supplements be taken by anyone wanting to prevent corona and related virus infections.

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Brain Bleeds and Warfarin

University of Cincinnati researchers published a study in the medical journal Neurology, saying that:

• Bleeding in the brain, or bleeding strokes, increased fivefold among people who took warfarin, known by the brand name Coumadin.

• The use of this drug, they found, had led to a soaring number of strokes caused by bleeding to the brain -- potentially offsetting warfarin's benefits.

Especially for those over the age of 80, the rate of these brain bleeds skyrocketed.

The annual rate of intracerebral hemorrhages associated with warfarin jumped from 2.5 per 100,000 in 1988 to 45.9 per 100,000 in 1999 for patients 80 and older.

According to the article in the Jan. 9 (2007) issue of Neurology, brain bleeding associated with the blood thinner warfarin -- also known as Coumadin -- increased roughly 500 percent in the 1990s.

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Magnesium Diet for Irregular Heartbeat Symptoms?

Magnesium is the under-appreciated mineral for your heart.

If you have irregular heartbeat symptoms, ask your doctor about magnesium. Why?

This mineral is critical to keeping your heartbeat steady and your blood pressure regulated.

Magnesium tends to be overlooked as a treatment for irregular heartbeat, even though half of Americans are estimated to be deficient.

How to ensure getting enough? Dairy, meats and eggs have little or no magnesium in them.

If you are worried about irregular heartbeat symptoms, add these magnesium rich foods to your diet:

Nuts and seeds, especially cashews, almonds and peanuts

Beans and legumes like black beans and soybeans


Dark chocolate (over 70%)



Whole grains especially quinoa and whole wheat.

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What’s Lowering the Coronavirus Death Rate?

Health authorities are discovering that those dying from Covid-19 have one thing in common: they have very low vitamin D levels.

And this correlation is very strong, according to research world-wide.

For instance, when Indonesian researchers tested 780 patients who had tested positive for the coronavirus, of those who were vitamin D deficient, an amazing 98.8% died.

How many people are lacking in vitamin D?

According to the National Institutes of Health in the U.S., 81.1 percent of black American adults are deficient in vitamin D, while on average it is estimated that two in five people are deficient in vitamin D in North America.

Another survey, from Trinity College, Dublin, found that one in eight people under 50 years of age are deficient in vitamin D. This is especially so in the late winter months, doubling the risk of getting the flu.

Hopefully medical authorities will begin to promote how to build up immunity naturally.

Vitamin D is cheap and is known to be protective against both viral and lung infections, so best to supplement!

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Natural Blood Pressure Supplement Backed by Science

Try a natural blood pressure supplement for lowering blood pressure without life long medications.

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Which Fruit Can Clear Your Arteries?

While eating fresh fruits seems to have gone out of fashion, even just eating one fruit consistently can clear blocked arteries.

Your cardiologist has likely not mentioned this study to you:

Published in Clinical Nutrition in 2004 and titled,

"Pomegranate juice consumption for 3 years by patients with carotid artery stenosis reduces common carotid intima-media thickness, blood pressure and LDL oxidation."

(Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2004, Pages 423-433)

By contrast, what has your cardiologist suggested to reverse plaque build-up in the carotid arteries by 13% in just 3 months?

Israeli researchers found that 8.11 ounces (240 ml) pomegranate juice given for a year, reversed plaque accumulation in the carotid arteries of patients with 70--90% blockage in the internal carotid arteries.

Why not try pomegranate juice or a SAFE heart supplement for clearing your arteries:

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What’s Being Forgotten with Face Masks?

While Medical Health Officials are promoting face masks, hand-washing and social distancing, they continue to overlook the obvious: how best to boost your immunity.

Yes, there are many proven natural antiviral substances such as selenium, vitamin C and zinc. As well, the importance of vitamin D for immunity is well proven!

For instance, professor Adrian Martineau, an expert on immunity at Queen Mary University of London, says this about vitamin D:

“It helps the body to fight viral respiratory infections. It boosts the ability of cells to kill viruses and at the same time dampens down harmful inflammation which is one of the big problems of coronavirus.”

How to get smart and boost immunity? Here is a great insurance package:

It’s been suggested that 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, taken in three divided doses has proven to increase immunity.

During the Pandemic it is advisable to add 5,000 I.U. (international units) of vitamin D daily for two weeks to quickly establish an effective blood level of D. Then 3,000 IU daily.

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Bone Broth vs Collagen Supplement for Skin & Joints?

Should you eat bone broth to improve your skin and joints?

Bone broth has become popular, but you may want to stick to the occasional homemade beef BONE BROTH, or chicken BONE BROTH soup. Why?

Researchers compared the contents of commercial and laboratory-prepared samples of BONE BROTH for key amino acids.

The amino acid concentrations in BONE BROTH were significantly lower in: hydroxyproline, glycine, proline, leucine, and lysine, as compared to a therapeutic dose (20 g) of a COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENT.

And further, they found that commercial BONE BROTHS were lower than the self-prepared cafe-style varieties in all amino acids.

So you may want to continue to make your own homemade beef BONE BROTH or chicken BONE BROTH soup! (Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab 2019 May 1;29(3):265-272.)

Instead, it is more likely that a COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENT made from fish collagen, vitamins and antioxidants can help improve your skin and joints.

Scientists found that this combination improves SKIN texture and elasticity, and is protective for JOINT HEALTH!

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Free Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

HeartMath® is Giving Away Their Latest Online Video Program to Help with Balance and Emotional Poise During This Challenging Time.

Learn Five Scientifically Validated Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety:

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Why Watermelon for Arteries & Blood Pressure?

Watermelon is not just a juicy refreshing fruit for desserts and picnics.

Not only does it have 5x more lycopene than tomatoes, known to prevent prostate cancer, but there is more.

Researchers found a unique substance in watermelons called citrulline.

When used as a supplement, citrulline was able to reduce blood pressure by 15 points on the top number (systolic) and 7 points on the bottom, or diastolic, in a 2012 study.

But there is more. While L-arginine supplements have become popular for heart health, researchers have found l-arginine to be ineffective on its own.

With citrulline added, however, it works for clearing arteries and lowering blood pressure. (Nutrients. 2018 Jul; 10(7): 921.)

Therefore, make sure your arginine supplement is enhanced with citrulline:

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Does Vitamin D Protect Against Covid-19?

Yes, says Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH of Harvard University.

In a video published on Medscape, she explains why Vitamin D can decrease the risk of getting a Covid-19 infection.

Not only that, but she says that taking a vitamin D supplement can also decrease the severity of the disease if you do get it.

Why? Vitamin D, she explains, increases innate immunity. It boosts immune function AGAINST VIRAL DISEASES and against RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS.

Thus it can lower the inflammation in the lungs of those who are sick with Covid-19.

A study of the Corona virus at 3 hospitals in South Asia found that people with the lowest levels of vitamin D had the most severe infection.

How much to take? Harvard's Dr. Manson recommends taking 2000 IU’s per day, which is well above the normally recommended amount, or the dosage that your doctor might recommend.

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Natural Sunscreens that Work

What do scientists say is the best natural sunscreen without chemicals?

A natural mineral sunscreen with zinc does work, but can make us look like a ghost and be hard to smear on!

Scientists have now found better ways to BOTH protect you and the environment from harmful chemical sunscreens.

Want to protect your skin from early aging and from skin cancer?

Here's the research of what to look for in natural sunscreens that work better AND LOOK GOOD!

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Why Eat More Fruit for a Diabetes Cure?

Here's how eating fresh fruit helps against diabetes.

Yes, with insulin resistance, high carbohydrate foods such as fruits can cause spikes in blood sugar. But it's not the fruit that is at fault!

The reason is that sugar cannot enter the cells properly.

This leads people to blame sugar, so they think to limit all carbohydrate-rich foods to keep their blood sugar lower.

Quite the opposite is true!

When we avoid healthy carbs, we are masking the real issue.

A nutrient-rich plant-based diet actually TREATS the underlying cause of insulin resistance. How?

It lowers inflammation, promotes a healthy body weight, and reduces the buildup of fats inside our cells.

When we become less insulin resistant, our blood sugar doesn’t go up as high when we eat carbohydrate-rich foods. This is the TRUE TEST of whether a diet reverses insulin resistance.

Simply lowering blood sugar does NOT solve insulin resistance, which is the REAL problem.

The causes of insulin resistance are a complex of: 1) inflammation 2) too much fat and calories 3) weight gain and 4) a buildup of fats inside our muscle and liver cells.

So why eat more fresh fruit for a diabetes cure?

High-carb, plant-based diets are in fact effective for treating, and in some cases reversing, type 2 diabetes. Why?

Fruits and unprocessed plant foods are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, which reduce inflammation and promote a healthy body weight.

Continue reading "Why Eat More Fruit for a Diabetes Cure?"

Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

It is not so much a question of does it work, but how and why does intermittent fasting work so well.

Intermittent fasting fat loss -- belly fat loss -- has been shown to be four times as effective as with normal dieting which restricts calories.

Intermittent fasting research is still determining the exact brain boosting and metabolic benefits which include:

lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin resistance, and improving mental clarity and performance.

Continue reading "Does Intermittent Fasting Work?"

Carbs are the Best Diabetes Type 2 Nutrition?

Contrary to what many believe -- people eating high carbohydrate, high-fiber diets have exceptional protection from type 2 diabetes!

A big study called The Adventist Health Study of 61,000 people, found that vegans (who eat carbohydrate-rich food) had HALF the rate of diabetes compared to non-vegetarians. This was after they accounted for different body weights.

By comparison, the non vegetarians in this study ate red meat and poultry only infrequently, suggesting that even small increases in meat consumption disproportionately increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

But these results hold ONLY if you eat HEALTHY carbohydrates:

Those eating a plant-based diet high in less-healthy foods, such as fruit juices, fries sugar drinks, chips, refined grains, and desserts had a 16 percent INCREASED risk of diabetes.

Continue reading "Carbs are the Best Diabetes Type 2 Nutrition?"

What Foods to Buy Organic?

Want to avoid the pesticides that stay in your fruits and vegetables after washing, peeling and scrubbing?

Here's the USA Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen.

The EWG did not even include glyphosate, or Roundup, the most heavily used pesticide in the U.S., although high levels are in oats and chickpeas.

Here's what foods to buy organic:

You may think that kale is healthy. But the pesticide most frequently detected on kale was DCPA, (Dacthal) which has been banned by the European Union since 2009.














To help you decide what foods to buy organic The EWG also lists the CLEAN 15.

By eating organic you can look forward to a lower BMI and lower incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma!

Continue reading "What Foods to Buy Organic?"

Best artificial sweeteners or best natural sweetener?

Do diet sodas and zero calorie drinks REALLY help you lose weight? Quite the opposite! New research shows that by drinking water you lose more weight than drinks with the best artificial sweeteners.

What about the best natural sweeteners like stevia? They also found that all zero-calorie sweetener groups — whether artificial or natural, all ate more, the equivalent of having chugged a bottle of regular soda. What happens?

Drinking the best no calorie sweeteners somehow made blood sugar spikes worse later in the day. This does NOT happen from drinking water instead. Researchers found that the energy “saved” from replacing sugar with noncaloric sweeteners was fully compensated at subsequent meals, resulting in no difference in total daily caloric intake.

There are other problems. Artificial sweeteners cause “pronounced” changes in the gut microbiome leading to changes in energy metabolism after just a week of using them daily.

Continue reading "Best artificial sweeteners or best natural sweetener?"

Newest Cancer Treatments for Aggressive Cancer

Researchers at the Longevity Institute at the USC have combined a fasting-mimicking diet with vitamin C, and showed this combination to be a powerful treatment for cancer.

"For the first time, we have demonstrated how a completely non-toxic intervention can effectively treat an aggressive cancer," said Valter Longo, the study’s senior author.

"When these two interventions are used together, they have a dramatic effect, killing almost all cancerous cells."

The research team's prior studies had showed that fasting and a fasting-mimicking diet slows the cancer's progression, making chemotherapy more effective in tumor cells, while it protects normal cells from side effects. But when they combined this diet with pharmaceutical vitamin C, they found that it greatly improves the immune system's anti-tumor response for both breast cancer and melanoma.

Very good results were also seen with colon cancer.

Continue reading "Newest Cancer Treatments for Aggressive Cancer"

Black Americans, the Elderly and Covid-19

Black Americans are dying of Covid-19 at a higher rate than white people are.

No doubt, socioeconomic factors such as access to health care and high quality food play a role.

However, another factor has been largely overlooked: the role of a vitamin D deficiency, which weakens the immune system and decreases resistance to Covid-19.

Why? Darker skin, as well as the skin of older people absorbs less vitamin D.

Therefore, vitamin D deficiency among the elderly, as well as people with darker skin, such as blacks and and Asians, is more common.

Researchers have now found this to play a role in death rates for Coronavirus disease 19.

They estimate that tens of thousands of lives could be saved around the world by solving vitamin D deficiency.

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Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Free offer by HeartMath ®

Meditation for stress and anxiety: HeartMath ® free video for EMOTIONAL balance and poise.

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What Vitamin D Dosage Do I need? How Much Sun Do I Need?

Do you need more Vitamin-D? Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are cancer, hypertensive heart disease, depression, Crohns Disease symptoms, MS, Multiple Sclerosis, auto immune disease.

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