Vertigo Remedies: Vertigo Symptoms and Treatment with Exercises & Supplements 

Vertigo remedies are easy to try, and could heal vertigo. 

Vertigo symptoms and treatment will vary due to different causes. These can be explored with medical advice.

Vertigo remedies vary, as the ability to balance is influenced by:

  • Sensations derived through the eyes and from touching
  • Mainly through the semicircular canals of the ears

Giddiness may be caused by circulation problems -- a temporary lack of blood in the brain -- stomach upsets, nausea or a headache.

If you are having spinning sensations, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, these can be symptoms of Menieres disease. The unpleasant feelings include blurred vision, loss of balance and nausea.

  • Meniere's disease has many causes. Fortunately there are ways to heal Meniere's, including its symptoms of dizziness.

Here are vertigo remedies to try. If you get relief you have likely found one or more of the possible causes.

How to Heal Vertigo and Menieres

Meniere's disease, tinnitus, and symptoms of dizziness and spinning are being treated by a number of researchers as an auto-immune disease.

This means that the immune system is “over the top” and is attacking the inner ear, causing an abnormality in the fluids of the inner ear.

  • Because of this new perspective, more methods for relieving the symptoms of this disease have become available.

Re-balancing the immune system has been found to be able to significantly reduce symptoms:

  • Researchers in both Japan and in Italy have shown marked improvement of Menieres disease, hearing disorders and tinnitus by raising the body's overall level of glutathione.

They demonstrated a significant decrease in disability by "modulating," or re-balancing the immune system by raising peoples' glutathione levels.

How best to do this?

  • With a supplement rich in glutathione building blocks called IMMUNOCAL. This can feed and balance the immune system.

Menieres Disease and the Immune System

Menieres disease, tinnitus and vertigo symptoms and treatment are listed as an auto-immune related disease by the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association.

  • It would be wise, therefore, to balance your immune system with a supplement proven to "optimize the immune system."

An auto immune disease means that the immune is OVER-active. You will want a supplement that balances by:

  • Strengthening the weak part of the immune system without stimulating it, and “calming down” the overactive part of the immune system.

ASK US for Immunotherapy Supplement

You can ASK US more about the immunotherapy supplement Immunocal for recovery from Menieres disease, ringing in ears, tinnitis, or tinitis and to heal vertigo.

You may ASK US:

  • About this protein called IMMUNOCAL that RE-BALANCES the IMMUNE SYSTEM for Menieres Disease, Menieres Syndrome, Tinnitus -- Ringing in Ears and Dizziness.
  • How to heal vertigo and re-balance the immune system.

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Exercises for Vertigo Symptoms and Treatment

The most common cause is BPPV, or benign-paroxysmal-positional, which can fortunately be helped by these exercises!

What is PPPV? It is due to small crystals of calcium carbonate lodged in the ear canals. This can be due to injury or to aging.

The inner ear interprets the effect of these crystals as movement. This usually causes short but intense episodes. These are triggered by head movements.

  • First, you can dislodge these crystals with simple exercises such as the Epley maneuver!

Longer term rehabilitation involves doing different exercises and activities which help the brain to realize that there is an issue with balance.

This will eventually retrain the brain to compensate for the balance problem, so that attacks will become less frequent and intense.

At first the exercises will make you feel MORE dizziness, so it important to stick with them.

  • Studies have found that tai chi significantly improves symptoms. Using the Nintendo Wii Balance Board, also helped people with vestibular neuritis. The theory is that these give better feedback to help the brain orientate itself faster.
  • The Epley procedure is also something you can try at home, but you may want a professional to show you how.

A physical therapist specializing in vestibular rehabilitation can show you how to do the Epley maneouvre correctly.

  • Or you may ASK US to send you instructions for this exercise that is among the best and fastest cures.

Treatments of Vertigo Dizziness?

Vestibular neuritis, or inflammation in the inner ear is among the causes of balance problems.

Surgery, unless there is a known cause, will not relieve tinnitus, or the problems of the inner ear that cause balance problems, blurred vision or nausea.

The exact causes of Menieres disease are not known, but people can be pre-disposed to it through:  

  • Hearing loss
  • An injury to the head
  • Past exposure to loud noise
  • Imbalances or tightness of the jaw
  • Infections
  • Whip lash
  • Physical stress
  • Allergies
  • Emotional stress

There are several areas that show promise for those who suffer from Tinnitus, or Menieres disease, dizziness and loss of balance.

  • Fortunately, vertigo remedies can help. You may have to try exercises and supplements.  

Vertigo Symptoms and Treatment: Why Try this at Home?

Sleeping couple take melatonin supplement to heal vertigo

When people with chronic tinnitus were given melatonin every night for a month, here's what they found:

  • a decrease in tinnitus intensity that was statistically significant
  • an improvement in sleep quality

People in the study took 3 mg of melatonin per night.

The good news is that this approach was reported to work for people with severe tinnitus in both ears, as well as for people with a history of exposure to noise.

Vertigo remedies: A Simple Cure for Tinnitus!

Sunset to calm for better sleep to heal vertigo

Regular sleep may ease the phantom ringing that tinnitus sufferers hear, even though a solid 8 hours of snoozing can be elusive because of this ringing.

Washington University researchers gave 18 people with tinnitus melatonin every night for a month to help them sleep, and then tracked them for a second month when they did not receive the melatonin.

  • By the end of the two months peoples’ tinnitus symptoms had dropped by nearly 30 per cent.

They slept best while taking melatonin, a hormone that kicks in at night which tells the body that it is time to sleep.

Shut-eye improvement continued even in their second month when they discontinued the melatonin.

If tinnitus is keeping you up, you can try a white-noise machine or take melatonin, either in drops or from a nutritional source such tart cherries. 

What Is Menieres Disease?

Meniere's Disease is a disease of the inner ear. The symptoms are very disturbing, including hearing loss, pressure in the ear, tinnitus (ringing or roaring), and severe imbalance.

Menieres results from an abnormality in the fluids of the inner ear.

People who have Menieres disease might call it "the beast, mean ears or many ears."

Meniere's disease has various symptoms, thus diagnosis is often difficult. Your doctor has to rule things out by using a number of different tests. 

Meniere's disease is not curable, but don’t give up, because treatments for some people have been successful.

You can help your doctor rule some things out by trying our recommended supplements and exercises.

Meniere's disease affects everyone differently.  It is best to discuss ALL treatment possibilities with doctors specializing in Meniere's disease, and an audiologist.

  • Because no single treatment is effective for all people, we have posted research for vertigo remedies to try. These may even help your doctor better identify vertigo symptoms and treatment.

Vertigo Natural Remedies to Heal Vertigo

Supplements and herbs to heal vertigo

Because Meniere’s is caused by fluids in the ear, you can try to drink plenty of water and abstain from alcohol. Cutting down in salt and caffeine can also help reduce fluids.

Here’s suggestions for herbs and diet:

  • Many people have found ginger to be helpful, especially drinking ginger tea.
  • Ginko Biloba has also been reported as helping heal vertigo. This herb improves circulation in the brain.
  • Magnesium can also help ease symptoms, so it would be good to eat foods that are high in magnesium such as dark chocolate, beans, nuts and seeds. 

Always inquire or consult with your doctor and/or pharmacist of side effects or risks.

  • We hope that you have found our recommended vertigo exercises and ideas for vertigo remedies, to be helpful.

How Quickly can Vertigo Remedies Help?

The Epley manoeuvre works immediately if the cause is BPPV. In one study, 89% of people using this exercise found that their symptoms were better within a month.

  • The intensity of the attack is determined by the cause. Certainly, both exercise, nutrition and supplements can help retrain your brain to compensate for problems you are having with balance.

We hope that this has been good news! Please let us know which exercises, or food vertigo remedies worked for you. 

  • See how the Epley maneuver can be done at home for BPPV for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo remedy.

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