Surprises For Natural Cures:
Researchers Find Natural Remedies that Work

For natural cures, natural home remedies and healthy lifestyles, some of the best things in life are still free -- fresh air, sunshine, and enjoying friends and laughter.

  • Here's research for natural cures and healthy lifestyles that may be simpler than we think, and here are some pleasant surprises:

Less Exercise Than You Think for Health

Less exercise is needed to be healthy than we thought, but getting NO exercise is deadly.

  • Aerobic “fitness” has been overrated, but regularly doing activities you enjoy is essential for disease prevention.

For "optimum" health, experts agree that we need 30 minutes of moderately strenuous exercise at least 5 days a week.

  • But even 30 minutes of brisk walking 3 days a week will drive down blood pressure and improve overall fitness for a natural cure high blood pressure. (Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 2007)

So don't give up, and do something -- even housework, vacuuming and standing is better than sitting for more than an hour at a stretch!

Why Get 15 Minutes Of Noon -Time Sun?

Vitamin D experts are busy re-writing the rules.

  • Getting some bright sunshine -- without sunblock or sunglasses -- is more important than we ever thought!

Scientists have linked depression as well as diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, cancer and osteoporosis to low levels of vitamin D and a lack of sun.

  • Best and cheapest natural vitamin supplements to take is Vitamin D3 because even people who live in sunny climates are often deficient.

Why Take a Nap?

Taking a nap has been shown to improve the performance of students, just as much as getting a night’s rest!

  • Napping may be the essential de-stresser.

Researchers found that Greek men who took an afternoon nap were 34 percent less likely to die from heart disease and stroke than those who did not.

So, if you feel you need it, put your head on your desk and have snooze as one of the best ways to avoid heart disease and stroke!

Organic Health Benefits?

It used to be that the main organic health benefits were the lack of pesticides and toxins.

But no more:

Scientists at the University of California, Davis have proven that organically grown kiwifruit contain more health-promoting factors than those grown under conventional conditions.

They think that this could be because these fruits have to be able to survive against pests, without being sprayed with pesticides, so they produce more protective substances.

Why Get Social?

Social isolation is associated with ill health especially in the elderly.

  • If you are introverted, at least join a group for activities you like.

"Happiness" researchers report that those who report being happy in countries throughout the world, tend to be married, have more children, and yes, more, but not necessarily the most money.

Shrinking Your Waist Line Best of Natural Home Remedies!

Researchers have found that belly fat is the most harmful and the biggest indicator for risk of heart disease, which is still the biggest killer in the USA.

  • Belly fat "pumps out" inflammatory substances that are harmful.

How to check your waist line?

Your health is considered to be at risk if the circumference of your waist is larger than 40 inches (102 cm) for men and 35 inches (88 cm) for women.

Why Natural Home Remedies to Stay Healthy?

Best to use your diet, natural home remedies, and natural vitamin supplements to stay healthy.

Why not count on medication for a quick fix?

  • Most of today's diseases are chronic and can usually only be MANAGED with medication or with surgery.

Thousands of medical studies world-wide show that it is "oxidative stress" that causes damage and degeneration in virtually every single disease, from Alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Macular Degeneration and so forth.

  • Best protection against the damage of "oxidative stress" is diet and exercise --foods high in vitamins and anti-oxidants, anti inflammatory foods and natural health supplements.  

You may ASK US about Natural Health Supplements:

We invite you to browse our site for natural home remedies and natural health supplements that can be surprising.

  • For instance, dark chocolate works as well as high blood pressure meds, so best to add it to your diet for high blood pressure!

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