For a Heart Health Breakthrough 
will Nutrition or Medication Work Best?

There has been a heart health breakthrough. Scientists DO know which coronary artery disease diet works!

  • Before your doctor wants you to take a medication "for the rest of your life," because he/she believes everyone over 50 should....

You will want to know what your REAL options are! 


  • What scientists say about improving nutrition in comparison to taking medications "forever." 
  • That there are proven alternatives for taking an Aspirin every day, or taking high cholesterol medication and blood pressure pills "forever."

Does a “Poly Pill” Keep The Doctor Away?

The British Medical Journal published studies suggesting that everybody should routinely take medicine from age 55 on.

Researchers advocated taking one pill with six ingredients, saying that this could prevent 80% of heart attacks and strokes:

  • They recommended a “Poly Pill” for everyone. 
  • They did show that most of the benefits from taking these medications  resulted from taking high blood pressure medication at a lower dose and in combination. (Nick Wald, Malcolm Law, and others).

Or....Eat A Tasty “Poly Meal,” Instead?

Showing instead, how nutrition helps heart health, a research team in the Netherlands responded to the British idea of a “Poly-Pill:”

  • Instead, Oscar Franco's team came up with a non-pharmacological “Poly Meal” option for preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Here is their recipe:

Heart Health Breakthrough Recipe

These experts say, do this...

  • Grab a handful of dark chocolate, a couple of almonds, some fruits and vegetables, and a sprinkle of garlic. Wash it all down with a glass of wine.
  • Do this every day, and researchers say you'll cut your risk of heart disease by a whopping 76%.

"Eating a Poly Meal, promises to be an effective, NON-pharmacological, safe, and tasty means to increase life expectancy and reduce heart disease, heart attacks and strokes across the population," the authors concluded.

Other researchers, at the University of Toronto, Canada, also rose to the challenge to demonstrate heart health breakthrough nutrition:

To their surprise they found that adopting a simple diet of only fruit, vegetables and nuts can be effective in reducing the risk of heart disease in just one week!

  • Their simple diet lowered serum LDL-cholesterol in healthy volunteers by over 30%, which is equivalent to the effects of first generation statins, the standard cholesterol-lowering medications. (published in the journal Metabolism)

Using nutrition has benefits! It tastes good and avoids the "side effects" of statins such as memory loss, muscle weakness, loss of balance and increased risk of falling.

Statin drugs include atorvastatin (Lipitor), pravastatin (Pravachol), simvastatin (Zocor), lovastatin (Mevacor), rosuvastatin (Crestor) and fluvastatin (Lescol).

Natural Heart Health Breakthrough 

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 "Aspirin A Day" is NO Heart Health Breakthrough?

Not for prevention, apparently! Why not?

A leading Canadian cardiologist says that an across-the-board recommendation that everyone over 50 take an aspirin a day, is irresponsible and short sighted.

  • "There is no role for the blind prescription of a drug," warns Dr. B. Abramson, for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.
  • "People are looking for a quick fix, but this isn't it. Reducing your risk of heart disease involves a lot more than popping a pill," including losing weight, exercising and stopping smoking.

Dr. Colin Baigent, writing for the BMJ says that drug therapy should only be very specific, because if everyone over 50 took Aspirin daily, it could result in net harm.

Heart Surgeon says "It’s Simple, NO White Foods"

Still wondering about a coronary artery disease diet that can work for YOU?

The heart surgeon we all know, Dr. Mehmet Oz, says in his popular book that getting a heart health breakthrough is not a secret.

"Health and stopping heart attacks is not a mystery -- it is known why your arteries get old. It is known why your immune system gets old. And it's known how to prevent it.

It's pretty simple:

  • Don't have white food, except cauliflower
  • Avoid simple carbohydrates
  • Drink a glass of red wine if you want to
  • Have an ounce of nuts before each meal

And get a little uncomfortable in your exercise: push yourself a little harder with whatever you do, and the benefits start immediately."

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Heart Health Breakthrough with just ONE Food?

Are you worried that making small changes may not work for you?

  • Just eating yogurt regularly will lower your high blood pressure, researchers found. 1

We hope that you won't be discouraged, and try some of our tips for foods that lower blood pressure or cholesterol.

You may be surprised to discover a coronary artery disease diet that works for you!



1. J Hypertens. 2018 Aug;36(8):1671-1679. Long-term yogurt consumption and risk of incident hypertension in adults.

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