ABOUT Medical Health Discoveries,
Connie Hargrave, MA, EleCT, 

My medical research career began by graduating with a Masters degree in Survey Research and Epidemiology from York University in Toronto.

  • More than 25 years of experience in health and community research began at the University of Toronto, and the Department of Urban Affairs, in Ottawa, working with Dr. William H. Michelson, developing health indicators. 

I conducted health and feasibility studies, for example, for a school of Nursing in a remote community, also working with:

North West Community College in BC; in Vancouver, the Social Planning and Research Council, and the United Way, as well as the Federal Department of Health (Health Canada), working with local programs. 

  • I also received special recognition for program innovation for the disabled.

Since 2003 I have worked with a health research company which initially developed products based on a discovery at Canada's top medical school, McGill University.  

  • I am proud to have an ongoing working relationship with their doctors, scientists and product development people, to bring clinically proven, safe supplements (called nutraceuticals) to the public.  
  • Nutraceuticals1 are natural substances that have been shown to be effective -- in this case, through clinical trials. 
  • Based on clinical trials, the gold standard for both effectiveness and safety.  
  • Ongoing and reliable testing of supplements is crucial, to ensure their purity as well as any potential interaction with medications.   

We aim to "translate" into plain language for YOU to make the best choices for YOUR health.  

Why these Natural Medical Health Discoveries?

As a researcher, my passion is to bring you the BEST of medical science with the BEST of nature -- in plain language!

You will find foods and supplements endorsed by Nobel Prize winners including the Americans: chemist Linus Pauling, and pharmacologist Louis J. Ignarro, as well as French virologist Luc Montagnier who discovered the AIDS virus.

  • These giants all endorsed natural substances for healing! Thousands of  studies confirm their discoveries, but their voices remain faint, not heard over the noise created by pharmaceutical giants. 
  • Since then, evidence keeps piling up, proving natural antivirals, anti-cancer and neuro-protective agents  -- reviewed and approved -- and backed by clinical studies. 

I’m excited about continuing scientific revelations of nature’s “secrets” to help us live a long and healthy life.  I sincerely want to pass these benefits on to you. 

I invite you to browse this site and ask us any questions you have. 

Thank you for visiting!

Oh, and my family and I now live in and enjoy the life style and nature of the Pacific North West! 

We love hiking, the forests and being by the ocean -- even spotting the occasional whales! 

Finding YOUR Best Natural Choices

Nutritional science has advanced! Sorting out what's best for you can be confusing:

  • While medications can be essential for a health crisis, knowing which nutrients can “supercharge” your body’s defenses and self-healing abilities will help regain your vitality.

Before your doctor tells you to "take this pill for the rest of your life" we invite you to browse our site!

Which Claims to Believe?

We endorse only science approved:

  • Nutritional supplements that are SAFE to be used with medications, with no worries or risk! You may ASK US about interactions with medications. 

Even the best of doctors don’t review nutrition/supplement research outside of their field, and typically it is not their expertise to use nutrition, even if proven against disease.

Guidelines from your doctor and the highly respected Mayo Clinic focus on preventing immediate emergencies.

  • Long-term side effects, however, can be subtle.  These often tend to be "blamed" on your getting older, rather than on your long-term medication. 

For YOUR best health and vitality, it is increasingly up to YOU to "connect the dots."  I hope you will enjoy my "picks" of the best of medical health discoveries!

You may ASK US to help you select foods and supplements that best suit your needs:

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From Pharmaceuticals to Nutraceuticals in Bridging Disease Prevention and Management: Definition

1. Nutraceutical  Feb 14, 2018 - Food and Drug Administration, FDA, Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), United States.

Nutraceuticals (Brower, 1998) Any substance that is a food or a part of a food and is able to induce medical and health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.

Nutraceuticals:  regulatory framework:


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