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A Medical Researcher, Connie Hargrave, MA, EleCT,  holds a

Masters degree in Survey Research and Sociology from York University in Toronto. Connie has many years of experience in health research and community development. She has received special recognition for innovation for programs for the disabled, as well as being certified in several alternative healing modalities.  She and her family live in and enjoy the nature of the Pacific North West.

Natural Medical Health Discoveries

As researcher, I am happy to feature the best foods and supplements proven by science. Not only for prevention, but also relieving and reversing diseases.

  • Why? Our processed foods are not protecting us, but science can now help us find what's best to nourish us back to health.
  • By using nature's "secrets," many people have recovered from serious illnesses when their doctors could do very little.
  • I have personally made being healthy and feeling good, a top priority because I HATE being sick -- I want to feel great and live for a very long time.
  • It’s been my life-long passion to “find a better way,” and with my research background I can help people find proven nutrition and supplements, to get and stay well.

I’m excited about new insights of nature’s “secrets” now being shown by science to be powerful remedies. The evidence has been piling up for decades -- reviewed and approved -- backed by clinical studies. Now is the time to use them!

Finding YOUR Best Natural Choices

  • Nutrition and nutritional science has advanced so that we CAN live without disease. But different claims can be confusing, even the exact opposite.
  • Drug treatments are good in emergencies, but only nutrition will “supercharge” your body’s defenses and self-healing abilities over the long term.
  • That’s why you need diet, nutrition and special super foods to both prevent and heal diseases.

Which Claims to Believe?

I show you the science for both foods and supplements, explaining how and why they work.

  • The nutritional supplements that I recommend are safe to be used with medications, so no worries or risk!
  • How will they work for you? There is only one way to find out, and that it to try for yourself.

I’ve found that even the best of doctors don’t read research – and most are not up on how to use nutritional science against diseases.

Doctors certainly don’t have time to educate themselves or you about the “down” side or long term side effects of your medication or surgery.  Not only that, but they tend to tell people who do want to inform themselves,  "they read too much!" 

So… It’s up to you to “connect the dots” and to choose what’s best for you.

I’ve posted the best of medical health discoveries – now it’s up to you to make the best choices for YOU!

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About Medical Health Discoveries

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