Multiple Sclerosis: New Nerve Protective
and Immune System Supplements

You want the best Multiple Sclerosis treatment, and are looking for what else you can do?

  • Want less of the crankiness and irritability that's part of the disease?
  • Here's recent health discoveries that slow down and reverse some of the degenerative processes of MS.

That's right... neuro-protective discoveries for Multiple Sclerosis symptoms - for regaining energy and function - with relapsing remitting and even with progressive MS!

Yes, there was hope for a medical procedure MS breakthrough...

  • Even if you are still considering, or have gone to places like Costa Rica for "Liberation therapy," stem cell therapy or stem cell transplant treatment...

Yes, Liberation treatment is still a hope for recovery for many, but a disappointment for others. And we still don't know if CCSVI or a blocking or narrowing of the veins in the brain and neck is a CAUSE or an EFFECT of having MS.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cells...?

Again, many of us will know someone who has gone to China or to Germany for stem cell therapy or stem cell treatment.

In many cases the stem cell therapy is of benefit for 6 months of improved mobility and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, but after that there is a disappointing decline.

  • What about a glutathione Multiple Sclerosis connection?

You will want to learn the science, because you can't just take a pill - it won't work.

Instead, get proven Neuro-protection for Better Energy and Recovery!

For now, you can benefit most from targeted BRAIN nutrition that's proven by clinical trials to give PROTECTION to the brain and myelin sheeth around your nerves. 

Why? You can use nutritional supplements and a neuro-protective medical protein that will PROTECT your NERVES and your BRAIN. 

For instance, this protective protein repairs the ENERGY centers of the CELLS on a day to day basis for more energy. You can easily add this to your DAILY regime.

What will this do?  This day-to-day approach has given many people their energy and mobility back, and is certainly worth a try! 

Dr. W's Miraculous Recovery from Progressive MS

Here's what happened for Dr W who has PROGRESSIVE MS:

  • Dr. W, MD, regained his walking and physical strength after suffering 8 years from progressive MS and attributes this to a nutritional supplement.

Dr. W was forced to stop working as an anesthesiologist when he began to find it difficult to do his job.

At first his one foot began to drag and slip off his bicycle pedal, and he began to find it difficult to use the needles in his work.

He was then diagnosed with MS -- the progressive kind -- by the best neurologists on the continent.

As he increasingly lost his balance and strength, he bought a wheel chair and prepared for the worst.

Now, more than 10 years later, Dr. W has sold his wheel chair, and he is telling others about his remarkable recovery due to a neuro-protective protein that builds glutathione MIRACLE.

  • Lecturing across the continent, Dr. W explains that MS can be considered an auto-immune disease, in that there is damage to the nerves and spinal cord, which are being “picked on” by the white blood cells.

There is also damage to the “energy center” of the cell, or mitochondria, from free radicals, which is what makes people with MS feel exhausted.

This damage decreases when glutathione is boosted through a nutrition supplement.

  • Dr. W says that this auto-immune degeneration is similar to what happens with psoriasis, where it is the skin that is being “picked on” by the white blood cells.
  • With rheumatoid arthritis, this same process damages the joints;
  • With Lou Gehrig's or ALS, the white blood cells are taking on another part of the brain and the central nervous system.
  • With Meniere’s Syndrome, it is the inner ear, and with Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative cholitis, they go for the gut.

Conditions such as asthma and allergies are also due to an “over-reactive” immune response.

  • The good news according to Dr. W is that a bio-active protein has been discovered that supplies the missing building block that stimulates our bodies to make more glutathione, which is what keeps the white blood cells in line.

This glutathione building supplement also “mops up” the free radicals before they cause damage, and this can make a huge difference in the outcome for people -- like himself-- with serious diseases.

  • "With the latest scientific knowledge of the protective role of glutathione, and the discovery of this protein supplement that boosts it, we can go a long way to prevent the effects of stress and aging, and the diseases associated with it," says Dr. W.

While procedural Multiple Sclerosis treatments are still being developed, the best strategy for now, is to try this proven BRAIN and NERVE PROTECTIVE supplement.

Dr. W.'s Recovery Protein Supplements:

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  • Dr. W's nutrition recommendations for a Multiple Sclerosis diet and MS best nerve protective protein supplements

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Multiple Sclerosis Causes: Researchers Find Culprits!

There are many studies about the depletion of a protective molecule called glutathione, GSH, and its relationship to MS.

Among other things, researchers have measured levels of reactive metabolites (breakdown products of oxidation) and of protective enzymes, especially GLUTATHIONE.

A number of recent studies suggest that an important role is played by oxygen-derived free radical formation and/or lack of adequate antioxidant DEFENSES.

An Italian group headed by Vince Calabrese, for instance, drew samples of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through spinal taps. CSF analysis is a good indicator of brain metabolism.

  • They found that GLUTATHIONE-peroxidase levels in the Cerebro spinal fluid of MS patients WERE CONSISTENTLY LOW.
  • Their conclusion was that with MS, the fundamental activity of anti-oxidation is abnormal and that OXIDATIVE STRESS plays a causative role.

Another study looking at CSF was performed by the Swedes G. Ronquist and G. Frithz who tested spinal taps from a large number of patients including those with stroke, seizures, brain tumors and MS.

  • The cerebro spinal fluid of MS patients were found to be almost ENTIRELY LACKING this PROTECTIVE molecule called Glutathione.

There is further evidence of the involvement of FREE RADICAL elevation and glutathione (GSH) depletion in MS.

  • Helen Langemann in Switzerland measured GSH levels within MS plaques themselves. Without exception, they were depleted.

Researchers led by I. Singh at the University of South Carolina examined the fundamental tissue abnormality for Multiple Sclerosis causes.

  • The actual myelin breakdown occurs to a large part because of the release of strong inflammatory chemicals called cytokines.

These cytokines generate huge numbers of free radicals. Pre-treating neurological tissues with glutathione-enhancing proteins, protected these tissues from demyelination.

  • Conversely, when glutathione was chemically depleted the demyelination grew worse.
  • Simpler studies have demonstrated DECREASED BLOOD LEVELS of glutathione in MS patients, and these have been repeated by many Scandinavian, Italian and North American researchers.


Ask Us for Proven Supplements for MS:

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  • A neuro-protective supplement that's PROVEN to replenish glutathione throughout the body -- in the nerve cells, brain and the energy centers of all your cells!

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Multiple Sclerosis Causes or Effect: CCSVI Blocking Veins in Brain?

People with MS and scientists are still sorting out whether MS is CAUSED by or RESULTS in CCSVI or "Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency."

  • CCSVI is a narrowing of veins in the brain and neck, and this is the basis of "Liberation Therapy," discovered by Dr. Paolo Zamboni from Italy.

Dr. Zamboni found CCSVI in 100 percent of people with MS, and zero per cent in people without MS.

Other researchers have found the vein abnormalities in people who did NOT have MS, but NOT in all people with Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

  • The studies that have been done are all over the map, but Canadian researchers analyzed 8 studies from Italy, Germany, Jordan and the U.S. with a total of 664 MS patients.

The result of this analysis?

  • People with MS were from 13.5 per cent to 3.7 times more likely to have CCSVI.

(Source: Dr. Andreas Laupacis, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Oct 2011)

CHICKEN OR THE EGG? Scientists are not willing to say that CCSVI causes MS.

U.S. Neurologist Robert Fox states in an accompanying commentary to the research that CCSVI "May just be a phenomenon of a diseased brain that is NOT specific to MS.

  • CCVI may be seen in Alzheimers disease, it may be seen in other inflammotory disorders of the brain," according to Dr. Fox, medical director of the Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment at the Cleveland Clinic.
  • "CCVI may just be a final end result of an injured brain and not related to CAUSING MS."


Dr. Fox says that CCSVI in patients with MS may be due to dehydration!

Why? People with MS are more likely to have problems with their bladder, and the natural response is to drink less, so they don't have to shuffle off to the bathroom as often. As a result they are mildly dehydrated.


Yes, There Is A Common Thread for Multiple Sclerosis Causes

You've heard of anti-oxidants?  Anti oxidants neutralize "oxidative stress."

This oxidation has gotten the upper hand in MS. How?

  • It turns out that the myelin sheaths destroyed by MS are made of lipids, fatty substances highly sensitive to damage by "lipid peroxidation", a particularly aggressive type of oxidation.

Our key metabolic defenses are glutathione and SOD (super-oxide dismutase). It has been shown that elevating these natural defense systems reduces the damage of oxidative stress.

Investigations looking specifically at the breakdown products of oxidation have revealed significantly higher levels in MS patients. Pradlip Toshniwal and Edwin Zarling from Loyola University in Chicago went one step further in their studies.

  • They were able to show that these levels of oxidative stress corresponded to the severity of the MS attack!

Best to try a supplement that's clinically proven to counteract "oxidative stress!"

Re-Balance Your Immune, Don't Suppress It!

  • Is MS and auto-immune disease, meaning that the immune system is "over active" and causing damage?

Some authors including S.M. LeVine from the University of Kansas think that the MS disease process that leads to the demyelination of nerves is an immune imbalance.  Why? Because the immune system cooperates with a free radical generating system present within the myelin sheaths.

  • This explanation combines the two hypotheses that describe MS – that it is an autoimmune disease, and is also caused by oxidative stress.

He describes how during a demyelination episode, macrophages (cells of the immune system that are supposed to act protectively) seek out myelin and release powerful chemicals (lipases, proteinases, H202 and others).

  • These biochemicals result in tremendous levels of oxidative stress.

Such a hypothesis leads us to believe that either blunting the immune response or minimizing oxidative stress can greatly help MS patients.

  • But immunosuppressive drugs e.g. Interferon that blunt the immune response have had only limited success.

This has driven researchers to find ways to improve antioxidant protection, glutathione modulation being one of the most promising areas.

Rather than suppressing your immune, you are best off to re-balance it!

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  • BEST immune system supplements to re-BALANCING the immune response to to improve symptoms and decrease attacks.

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An Overlooked Missing Link for MS

The picture that emerges from this research is that glutathione’s role is to protect us against the main villains that are at the root Multiple Sclerosis causes:

  • free radicals and oxidative stress
  • an over or under-active immune response
  • toxins and pollutants
  • mutations in our DNA.


Without a good supply of glutathione, you don't have a good defense system, and this can eventually lead to illness and to neurodegenerative diseases such as MS.

What's Missing for YOUR best Multiple Sclerosis Treatment?

Here's what scientists have found missing in people with MS.

These findings have been demonstrated consistently in MS patients:

  • The breakdown products of oxidative stress are present in large numbers, and the level of free radical formation corresponds to the severity of the MS attack.
  • Furthermore, glutathione activity is clearly impaired in this disease.
  • Also, individual tissues suffer less free radical damage when antioxidants and glutathione therapy are used.

Although not a cure, many scientists have suggested that reduced oxidative damage can greatly help MS patients. In particular they recommend the trying increasing glutathione levels.

  • Certainly, many people have improved their LEVEL OF ENERGY and dramatically REDUCED their MS symptoms by adding a glutathione-building protein to their diet!

Special Multiple Sclerosis Diet?

There’s even more you can do!

The myelin sheaths destroyed by MS are made of lipids, fatty substances highly sensitive to damage by lipid peroxidation, a particularly aggressive type of oxidation.

The brain also is composed of about 60% fatty substances!!

  • This makes it crucial to protect the brain and myelin sheaths by adding essential fatty acids to your diet!
  • Add omegas and FISH OIL to your diet for MS!

Research also suggests that low SELENIUM levels are connected to the development of MS.

  • The trace mineral SELENIUM is an essential part of the glutathione peroxidase enzyme and low selenium levels certainly decrease glutathione’s effectiveness.

And last, but not least, VITAMIN D, the sunshine vitamin is now considered to play a role in regulating the immune system.

Certainly, the incidence of Ms increases the further you are from the equator!

  • Researchers at the University of Toronto have found evidence that vitamin D may be a natural inhibitor of MS!! They recommend supplementing with doses much higher than the normal guidelines.

Vitamin D Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

The lack of natural vitamin D from the sun correlates to the geographic distribution of MS.

The rate of MS increases the further people live from the equator, but in some Scandinavian countries there appears to be a lower rate of MS among people who eat a lot of fish, a rich source of dietary vitamin D.

  • Researchers say that inheriting genetic risk factors for MS is not sufficient to cause this demyelinating disease of the central nervous system; exposure to environmental risk factors is also required!

At the University of Wisconsin, researchers have used a form of vitamin D to see if it can inhibit the development of the animal model of MS in mice. Those treated with the hormone 1,25-(oh)2d3 did not develop the disease while those on placebo became ill.

  • Vitamin D may be a natural inhibitor of MS, with evidence coming from experiments with experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae), a model of MS.

If you have Multiple Sclerosis symptoms it will be very likely that you need THERAPEUTIC doses of Vitamin D!

Best Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough

We hope you will let us know your success with cell therapy Multiple Sclerosis treatment -- or liberation therapy, and we will post your experience.

  • Either way you still need to add natural remedies and neuro-protective supplement to stop your NERVES and BRAIN from being "attacked" by your own immune cells or destroyed by free radicals.
  • Get out into the sun, take lots of vitamin D and the best supplements for immune system re-balancing.

You can hopefully, like Dr. W, recover your energy AND your mobility and enjoy your life with energy and adventure in spite of your MS!

Try our recommended supplements for Restless Legs and Better Sleep

Multiple Sclerosis: Neuro Protection and Immune System Supplements for Better Energy & Fewer Attacks

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