Best Cancer Treatment Nutrition  

Wondering about the best cancer treatment nutrition?

  • Here's research about foods as new natural immunotherapy cancer treatment options.
  • Find out more about best supplements for chemotherapy immune system help.

Until recently, using nutrition with cancer treatment was considered only for prevention.

But now the word treatment is being used by researchers who are finding ways to use cancer treatment nutrition to help you improve your treatment outcome. 

For example, one study found that eating both tomatoes AND broccoli together shrank prostate tumors in rats. (January 15, 2007 issue of the journal Cancer Research)

  • It had been known that tomatoes help prevent prostate cancer, but when researchers combined tomatoes with broccoli they found that this CAUSED THE SAME AMOUNT OF TUMOR REDUCTION AS DID DRASTIC SURGERY!

(John Erdman and colleagues at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University)

  • Researchers have also shown the sulfur compounds in broccoli to enhance enzymes in the body that degrade cancer-causing substances.

Broccoli is therefore good as cancer treatment nutrition, but broccoli sprouts are the densest source of sulforophane, which is considered particularly effective.

(University of Illinois, Dr Elizabeth Jeffrey)

Best Cancer Prevention Foods?

The vegetables that are most strongly associated with protection against cancer, according to researchers are:

  • onions
  • garlic
  • beans
  • mushrooms
  • yellow vegetables: carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, corn and yellow squash
  •  dark leafy vegetables
  • cruciferous vegetables e.g. kale, broccoli, cabbage

Fruit is also found to offer a protective effect, but much less so than vegetables, so less an effective cancer treatment nutrition.

The evidence for GREEN TEA is also mounting for nutrition with cancer treatment:

  • Consuming large amounts of green tea daily (1.2 liters or five cups a day) gives the anti-oxidant protective effects of the polyphenolic EGCG, according to Yale School of Medicine researcher Dr. Sumpio.

A number of studies show that EGCG prevents the growth of certain tumors, and is therefore a good nutrition with cancer treatment.

  • “The evidence is strong that green tea consumption is a useful dietary habit to lower the risk for, as well as TREAT, a number of chronic diseases."

(Journal of the American College of Surgeons 202: 813-825, May 2006)

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment nutrition has come of age with a new generation of immunotherapy cancer treatment supplements that are safe to use with treatments.

  • Typically, you will be advised to eat high quality proteins.

There are now anti tumor medical proteins with clinical trials done on humans.

  • You can now take these immuno-therapy proteins as a supplement that's been PROVEN to NOT interfere with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.
  • These medical proteins help to shrink tumors and normalize cancer cells and improve outcomes.
  • These are also chemotherapy immune system help for decreasing toxic side effects.

You will want to use IMMUNOCAL, a clinically proven immuno-therapy protein to add to your diet as a SAFE cancer treatment nutrition. 

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Fish Oil supplements Cancer Safe? 

Your doctor is going to be nervous about your taking vitamin supplements -- even omega fish oil supplements because one study found that taking fish oil supplements can diminish the effectiveness of anti-cancer medications such as crisplatin, in mice.

Researchers at the University Medical Center in Utrecht Holland found that giving mice fish oil supplements did cause problems:

  • When the researchers gave fish oils to mice with tumors during chemotherapy, this induced resistance to chemotherapy, according to a study published by Dr. Roodhart in the journal Cancer Cell.

Instead, eating fish is unlikely to pose a problem according to Dr. Roodhart, because fish contains much lower levels of fatty acids needed for health, as compared to supplements.

Best Vitamin for Immune System with Cancer Treatment?

  • Best to stick to vitamins for immune system strength like vitamin D which is being shown to be a natural cancer cure. 

Cancer is one of the symptoms of vitamin d deficiency, so it is best to check for a recommended vitamin d dosage.

Cancer Treatment Nutrition: Stop It Coming Back!

Although past research has not focused on cancer treatment nutrition, the evidence for prevention, and therefore preventing future recurrences, is compelling:

  • In one study, eating nine servings a day of vegetables and fruit was associated with about a 50 percent reduced risk of PANCREATIC CANCER, compared with eating less than five servings a day.

A serving is considered to be about a half cup of cooked vegetables; two cups of leafy salad; or one medium-sized piece of fruit. (Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention)

Researcher shows that eating more CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES, especially broccoli (sprouted, raw or stir-fried) and cabbage (raw as in coleslaw or fermented as in sauerkraut), should reduce a person’s chance of developing:

  • breast cancers
  • cancer of the cervix
  • colon cancer
  • lung cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • tongue cancer
  • bone marrow cancer

Avoiding pesticides and cigarette smoke would further reduce cancer risk, as would adding green tea and aerobic exercise – for the best along with nutrition with cancer treatment.

Better Cancer Treatment Outcomes with Best Supplements for Immune System

Because cancer can be life threatening, it is wise to add proven immunotherapy proteins alongside your medical treatment.

Best to use a nutraceutical, which is a specially prepared, concentrated food that has been clinically tested to be effective.

  • These best supplements for immune system strength can, for instance, dramatically improve blood counts.
  • As a result, patients can withstand full-dose treatments, and doctors can give more intense, but often fewer treatments.

When using specially tested immune proteins people tend to "fly through" their treatments with less down time or side effects. They often don't lose their hair with chemotherapy.

You will want to use ideal protein supplements that have been clinically tested for both the treatment and prevention of cancer, which are easy to digest and use.

  • Your doctor will want you to use supplements shown not to interfere with any treatment or interact with any drugs -- so it is best to choose one listed in the U.S. Physician’s Desk Reference as as not interfering with any drugs or treatment.

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Immunocal proven immune booster for cancer treatment best outcomeIMMUNOCAL strengthens immune alongside cancer treatment


Clinical Studies on an immunotherapy protein as best cancer treatment nutrition:

  • Which Immunotherapy cancer treatment is clinically shown to stop muscle wasting & weight loss in cancer patients.
  • Immunotherapy cancer treatments for patients with cancer that has spread, or metastatic carcinoma.
  • Reports about how immunotherapy cancer treatments have helped people

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Best Supplements for Immune System & Foods as Natural Cancer Cure

We hope that you have been encouraged by our research postings of cancer treatment nutrition.

  • Researchers are finding more and more foods that can be used as a natural cancer cure.

Immunotherapy cancer treatments are greatly improving outcomes of cancer treatments.

The best supplements for immune system strength are proteins that have been shown not to interfere with treatment.

Certainly they help with chemotherapy immune system defense against side effects.

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SOURCES: Cancer Treatment Nutrition Review


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