Why Chemotherapy Immune System Help?

Why get chemotherapy immune system help to improve your odds for survival, both short and long term? 

Chemotherapy places a huge burden on the body. Adding immunotherapy can make the difference for success or failure. Why?

  • Immunotherapy may be one of the only ways left to deal with health problems such as cancer. We've gone as far as we can with chemotherapy," says oncologist Herman Kattiove, an editor for the American Cancer Society.

Researchers have found a special supplement as well as foods to help with your cancer treatment's success.

  • Adding a proven immunotherapy supplement can protect you from the negative effects of chemo, help you "breeze through" your treatment, and improve your treatment outcome. 

BEST Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Supplement

Adding an immunotherapy cancer treatment supplement can make all the difference!

You may be lucky enough that your cancer has a medical Immunotherapy cancer treatment. And that it is AVAILABLE where you live. Lucky you!

But if not, there are NUTRACUETICAL supplements -- scientifically proven -- as Immunotherapy cancer treatment against cancer!

Your best bet is one that's been clinically shown to shrink tumors, prevent "wasting" and minimize treatment side effects e.g. fatigue, nausea, and hair loss.

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Breast Cancer

How to Increase Your Immune

Chemotherapy Immune System Help: Special Foods

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables with apigenin might help you with your chemotherapy. How?

Cancer researchers at the University of California, Riverside found that apigenin – a naturally occurring compound in fruits and vegetables – helped increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs!

  • Apigenin is found in fruit including apples, cherries and grapes, and in vegetables such as parsley, artichoke, basil and celery.
  • In lab studies they found that this substance can inhibit the growth of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and leukemia cancer cells.

That sounds like good news, but.. how best to add this natural cancer cure to your treatment?

If you have difficulty eating, you may consider adding a quality TART Cherry Concentrate as a rich source of apigenin, which you can easily take in a glass of water. And it is tasty too! 

Tart Cherry Concentrate has been found to have various anti-cancer properties, is tasty, and is among the easiest of foods that prevent cancer, to add to your diet.

Chemotherapy Immune System Help to Feel Better

Researchers in Europe wanted to find out if eating more fruits and vegetables helped women with breast cancer.

They found that those who ate MORE fruits and vegetables did better, in that they had higher scores for:

  • physical activities
  • cognitive abilities
  • emotional well being

These women felt and did better, so grab an apple, carrot or a piece of celery!

Cancer and Nutrition: Eat Less, More Often

If appetite or nausea is a problem, drink juices, shakes, soups and smoothies during the day to provide calories and nutrients. Drink clear herbal teas and lots of water.

  • Consider taking a high quality multi vitamin supplement to ensure getting the basic essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • Avoid “mega” or “high potency” products that may contain large amounts of some nutrients.

Tart Cherry concentrate has also been found to be rich in nutrients that help with cancer, and this can easily be added to drinks.

Best Odds with Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Why get chemotherapy immune system extra help from nature?

There are many types of cancer, and perhaps hundreds of potential causes, but most cases are accompanied by poor antioxidant defenses. 

  • To make matters worse, chemotherapy is a toxic burden and may deplete whatever natural defenses remain. 

Cancer sufferers must place themselves in best possible medical hands, but must also take special care of their immune system. Especially if a medical immunotherapy cancer treatment is not available to you.

  • Patients are heavily dosed with pharmaceutical drugs and suffer from poor appetite and low energy, especially while undergoing chemical or radiation therapy. 

With our recommended immunotherapy cancer treatment, you are both strengthening your defenses, and addressing protein requirements: 

1)     replenishing antioxidant defenses (that will NOT interfere with treatment)

2)     contributing to synthesis and repair of DNA 

3)     helping to detoxify numerous carcinogens and mutagens.

Adding our recommended foods and supplements will help you increase your odds and feel much better through your treatment!

See Study: How fruits and vegetables help breast cancer patients

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