How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss,
Belly Fat Loss, Alzheimers Disease Cure?

How to use coconut oil benefits for weight loss or for brain food?

Why coconut oil for best weight loss?

  • Coconut oil may be the one "no guilt" fat, because it's different from other fats and oils.

And it may sound crazy, but coconut oil is even being used to restore memory for people with Alzheimers Disease!

  • Dr. Mary used coconut oil to improve her husband's severe Alzheimers symptoms.

Find out here, how her husband got his life back using coconut oil, and how Dr. Mary's husband recovers from advanced Alzheimers!

How Coconut Oil Benefits Energy

Here's the good news.

  • Coconut oil is good for weight loss AND having more energy AND a better memory for diabetics and people with Alzheimers.

For best coconut oil health benefits, use coconut oil for ALL your cooking -- fried foods, stir fries, and baking, and forget using anything else, except olive oil for your salads.

Low energy? Here’s why to use coconut oil for weight loss success, especially the hard to lose belly fat loss:

  • One of the side effects of being overweight is low energy.

So people "feel" like they want to EAT MORE to TRY to get more ENERGY!

  • Of course this back-fires because extra food gets turned into FAT, especially belly fat, rather than energy, creating a downward spiral.

Especially with "insulin resistance", your body can't properly turn food into ENERGY and INSTEAD turns it into fat -- to use as energy for "later" -- increasing your weight and FURTHER decreasing your ENERGY.

Best Fat Loss & Belly Fat Loss?

So why use only coconut oil for weight loss if you want belly fat loss -- that tough to lose stuff?

  • Coconut oil is different from other fats and can give you quick energy.

Coconut oil is different because it has medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs).

  • The fat from coconut oil is processed differently in your body so it will give you immediate ENERGY rather than being stored as FAT.

How? The MCFA molecules in coconut oil are SMALLER than those in other fats, so they don’t need to go into the blood and to the pancreas for digestion to be broken down properly.

  • Instead, the MCFA molecules in coconut oil -- UNLIKE other fats that get circulated throughout your entire body to add fat to fat cells –- coconut oil molecules GO DIRECTLY INTO ENERGY.

Why? The MCFA molecules in coconut oil are SMALLER so they can go DIRECTLY to the liver to BE MADE INTO ENERGY, NOT into BODY FAT!!!!

  • Coconut oil also supports thyroid function, which is often slow for people who are obese or over weight, so that is another one of the coconut oil benefits for better weight loss.

So just think that the fat that you eat could turn into energy instead of going to your hips or worse, into belly fat!

  • Using coconut oil is like putting high-octane fuel into your car.

How to use Coconut oil for best weight loss?

If you use and ONLY buy coconut oil:

  • Your body will perform better and have better endurance and more energy to burn off more calories.

You will not feel as much that you have to EAT ALL THE TIME TO GET MORE ENERGY, so that you can feel better on fewer calories for better weight loss.

How to use Coconut Oil Benefits for Alzheimers Disease?

How to use coconut oil as an Alzheimers cure?

Two daily tablespoons of organic coconut oil is all it took for Dr. Mary Newport’s husband to radically improve with Alzheimers Symptoms. In two weeks he dis MUCH BETTER on his Alzheimer test!

  • Steve's doctor had already said he was in advanced Alzheimers stages.
  • When Dr. Mary’s husband Steve got Alzheimers Disease, and deteriorated very quickly, she began to research how to keep Steve functioning as long as possible.

What did she discover quite by accident?

Dr. Newport, a pediatrician who specializes in solving almost any problem of a newborn -– found that when she gave her husband TWO TABLESPOONS of coconut oil for breakfast, he had a dramatic improvement in memory in TWO WEEKS.

  • Within two weeks he passed the Alzheimers test that he had hopelessly failed before!

He has continued to improve since then!

  • Here's more about coconut oil benefits for Alzheimers symptoms and advanced Alzheimers stages:

What if There’s a Cure for Alzheimers but No One Knows?

Dr. Newport’s explanation is simple … after she did a LOT of research:

  • Coconut oil has MTC’s or medium-chain fatty acids. Unlike other fats, this is turned into “food for the brain” or ketones, by the liver.

Why is that so important?

  • Normally, our brain uses glucose for energy.

But since the Alzheimers’ brain is either insulin resistant or insulin deficient, it cannot use glucose as fuel very well, so it LACKS ENERGY!

  • The ketones made from the coconut oil PROVIDES an ALTERNATIVE FUEL for the Alzheimers’ person’s brain!

When people with Alzheimers disease begin to eat high quality coconut oil, they can expect quite radical changes, such as:

  • Improved memory
  • Return of personality
  • Starting their previous activities again
  • Wanting social interaction again

Dr. MARY Newport’s BOOK outlines how Alzheimer’s patients can use virgin coconut oil in their diet:

Alzheimer's Disease: What if There Was a Cure?

Watch Dr. Newport and her husband in a CBN NEWS VIDEO:  How Coconut Oil Slows Alzheimers

Ask Us for Supplements to help Alzheimers

You may ASK US for for a recommendation for:

  • Best brain health supplements for slowing Alzheimers
  • Brain health supplements to improve mood and function to make life easier for patient and caregiver

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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New Alzheimer's Test

You can easily get a blood test from your doctor to test Alzheimers.

Early dementia can be REVERSED if you test high on this .

  • Test Alzheimer Early Dementia

How to use Coconut oil for Cooking Healthier?

Coconut oil is the SAFEST and therefore HEALTHIEST oil for cooking, frying and baking.

Why? Coconut oil is the SAFEST oil for cooking because it stays stable at a high temperature.

Why is that a big deal?

  • Coconut oil does NOT become heat DAMAGED like most vegetable oils, e.g. extra virgin olive oil, and polyunsaturated vegetable oils which produce free radicals when heated.

Why use ONLY a STABLE cooking oil like coconut oil?

  • When you heat vegetable oils with frying and cooking this damages them, putting lots of free-radicals into your food.

When you eat food cooked in polyunsaturated vegetable oil, you are literally damaging your heart, your brain and all other organs in your body.

Why? Any polyunsaturated oil that has been heated and as a result, contains LOTS of free radical that cause damage and leads to all kinds of diseases. Or if you already have a disease, it is going to be harder to get better!

  • Here's just one problem: damaged or “oxidized” fats with free radicals damage your arteries, so best to eat only the SAFE fats for healthy family meals.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Coconut oil is very STABLE -- it stands up to high heat in your fry pan and your oven, and will last in your kitchen cupboard because it has a long shelf life. It does not go rancid like vegetable oils, such as flax oil.

  • Use ONLY coconut oil or butter for frying foods, because these fats are stable and do not produce free radicals when heated in the average frying or baking recipes.

Find out more about how to use coconut oil for cooking main meals and muffins with a coconut oil diet.

Coconut Oil Benefits

We hope you have found new ideas for how to use coconut oil for weight loss, or for helping Alzheimers symptoms.

Because it is easy to buy coconut oil -- for cooking with coconut oil you can change recipes coconut oil based -- simply substitute for other oils and fats!

  • Hope you will experiment with how to use coconut oil and with coconut oil for weight loss and belly fat loss!
  • For Alzheimers symptoms, regardless of the Alzheimers stages, it is worth cooking with coconut oil and adding it to hot cereals or soups.
  • A simple food, used by Dr. Mary Newport as an Alzheimers cure! It certainly brought her husband Steve back! Within two weeks it improved his Alzheimer test!

Now that you know how to use coconut oil, you can deal better with Alzheimers memory loss and weight loss. 

Let us know if you found coconut oil weight loss benefits, so we can pass them on.

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