Best home remedies cough:
Doctors agree these work better! 

Honey from manuka flower is strongest anti bacterial for sore throat and cough

Here's the best home remedies for cough for kids and adults.

  • Instead of cough medicine and even steroids like prednisone. 

You'll be happy to know that a home remedy for coughing actually works better!

  • Yes, scientists compared honey as a natural remedy for coughing, and discovered that it works better than cough medicine.
  • No, don’t go to the drug store for your child’s cough. Why not?

There has been a call for a complete ban of cough medicine for children age 6 and under by an expert panel of the U.S. FDA.

Why? Because reports in the New Eng Journal of Medicine, as far back as Oct 2007 said that:

Beware of dangers of medicines for kids!
  • Cough medicines don’t work as well, and are dangerous for kids.
  • Too many kids have ended up in the emergency rooms because of an overdose of cough medicines.

Better to use a herbal natural remedy for coughing and sore throat remedy.

  • A natural remedy like honey has other healing properties to help soothe a cough and for a sore throat remedy.

A Spoon Full of Honey Home Remedy for Coughing!

Honey best of home remedies cough for kids

Instead or cough medicine, try honey. You might even have some handy, and it should even work better than cough medicine.  And it is tasty! Here's why:

  • Honey has been shown to be a safe natural remedy by researchers headed by Dr. Ian Paul at Penn State University, for children aged one and up. Why?

Kids with a night time cough were divided into groups and were given one of three things:

  1. a spoonful of honey before bedtime
  2. the active ingredient in cough syrup – dextromethorphan DM
  3. neither cough medicine nor honey

Honey is soothing and anti bacterial, anti viral

Which one won?

  • Honey was “significantly better” at quieting a cough and helping the children sleep, compared to the DM or no treatment.
  • Why? Honey is a rich source of antioxidant and anti-microbal compounds that can aid healing. Honey also has a soothing effect by coating the throat area that is irritated and that leads to a cough. And it's tasty!

Best dosage of this home remedy for coughing, honey?

  • Children aged 2 to 5 were given half a teaspoon
  • Kids aged 6 to 12 got one teaspoon
  • Ages 12 and up had two teaspoons 

The honey was washed down by a non-decaffinated drink.

(Source: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine)

Home made remedies better than Prednisone?

How about adults with a persistent cough?

Should you go on prednisone?

  • Apparently home made remedies can even be better than prednisone for a persistent cough after a cold!

Here's what happened for adults who had a cough and an upper respiratory tract infection for more than three weeks, and in some cases as long as several months:

Researchers had two groups -- one who mixed honey and coffee.

The other groups received either prednisone or guaifenesin. 

  • The honey-coffee group saw their degree of cough frequency decrease from 2.9 before treatment to .2 after treatment, whereas the prednisolone group decreased only from 3.0 before treatment to 2.4 after treatment.

SEE research for the exact amount to take, or the honey-coffee protocol

Best Natural Remedy: Honey Is Anti Bacterial

Manuka honey flower. Honey from this flower is the strongest against bugs such as e coli infection

Honey contains strong natural antiseptics that can be eaten, or used topically on wounds.

  • Honey is a well-known natural remedy in England, France, Japan, Austria and New Zealand, where people have it on hand as one of their best natural remedies.

Parents spread it on their kids’ scraped knees and slurp a teaspoon whenever they feel a sore throat coming on.

  • It is used to control ulcers by preventing the buildup of H-pylori in the gut.
acid reflux remedy that's easy to  try!
  • It helps with reflux as an acid reflux remedy
  • It’s been touted for healing leg ulcers for people with diabetes.

Research has now shown the unusual antibacterial activity of honey, leading to a greater understanding of the ability of honey to kill pathogenic bacteria in several different ways. 

Honey a Super Healing Food?

More than a home remedy for coughing?

In studies, honey was effective against many different drug resistant bacteria, including E. coli.

Anti bacterial but does not create resistance like antibiotics do
  • When Dr. Shona Blair used honey to treat E. coli she noticed that honey "attacks" bacteria in such a way that they cannot develop resistance.

Honey was able to kill not only the E. coli, but many other types of bacteria. (Dr. Blair is at Sydney University's School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences)

  • The strongest against bugs, is manuka honey, from the manuka flower.

The manuka tree grows in Australia and New Zealand, and manuka honey is even said to be the best cure for acid reflux.

  • No harm in trying this as and acid home reflux remedy!

Honey stimulates healing and immune resistance

Other honeys made from clover and other flowers are also as effective, but not as potent.

Researchers have found that these honeys, such as organic manuka honey can even prevent a nasty super bugs that have invaded hospitals throughout the western world.

  • Honey has amazing antibacterial activity, but there is more...
  • Honey also has also been shown to actively promote healing by directly stimulating human cells that are important in the immune response to help disease and wounds healing!

Looks like honey is a safe and tasty herbal natural remedy to have handy at all times, for wounds, acid reflux remedy, cough and sore throat remedy.

Best Herbal Natural Remedy and Home Remedies for Cough

Try local raw honey for sore throat remedy

We hope that you will be inspired to try honey as a herbal natural remedy. Who thought it would even be an acid reflux home remedy.

  • Certainly a sore throat remedy and soothing to help for a cough.

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