Milk Best Calcium for Osteoporosis?
Why Nature's Pure Calcium Supplement?

Best calcium for osteoporosis? Why take a REAL MILK calcium magnesium supplement?

Because you will get minerals in the exact proportion to the make-up of your bones.

  • This womens' health supplement is the solution to BALANCED bone health.
  • Get total bone nutrition with a pure MILK Calcium magnesium supplement! 

Here’s why this calcium magnesium supplement is so different:

What’s in other calcium magnesium supplement? Here's what you don't want:

The most common ingredients are salts of calcium, which include calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate and others.

Some sources include crushed up horse bones or even crushed up oyster shells, both of which carry potential contamination with toxic substances like lead or mercury.

Why All Natural Health Supplements ?

Before we get into the benefits of pure DAIRY Calcium Magnesium supplements here's why most of us can’t get all our calcium from our foods.

Ideally, this would be the best way to do it. But the truth is that most of us will benefit form supplements, and this is why you see such a large section in the drug store selling calcium pills.

Medical practitioners who say you don’t really need to take vitamin pill if you are eating properly, may as well say that people needn’t wear seat belts if we all drove properly. Most doctors know this and have written many prescriptions for calcium.

  • The National Institute of Health (the U.S. department of health of human services) believes that a huge percentage of Americans are not meeting the recommended guidelines for optimal calcium intake.
  • Clearly, many of us are not getting enough calcium. The time to take care of osteoporosis is when you are in you are 30, not when you’re 70 years old and are scrambling to regain what’s already been lost to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Dietary calcium requirements on a per weight basis is the highest in children and adolescents.

Children and teens especially can benefit from safe natural health supplements.

Why is a Calcium Magnesium Supplement so Important?

Not only to build bones to avoid osteoporosis!

Besides the obvious importance of calcium in the health of bones, teeth and gums, calcium is also involved in many functions, including:

  • Blood pressure control
  • Proper blood clotting
  • Enzyme activation
  • Nerve transmission
  • Cholesterol regulation
  • Hormone function

Calcium helps prevent high blood pressure in women and men. It is an important part of the DASH Diet against hypertensive heart disease.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for heart health to prevent a heart attack, stroke or heart irregularities, or AFIB. 

Why is the Best Calcium for Osteoporosis from Milk?

Here's how our recommended natural health supplements are different:

  • This is the way nature intended us to absorb calcium -- from pure dairy calcium pills -- because it is our fist, our original source of calcium.


CALCIUM: 99% found in bones. Integral part of bone structure.

PHOSPHOROUS: 85% bound to skeleton. Supports building bones.

MAGNESIUM: 66% found in bone. Enhances density of bones.

POTASSIUM: Helps maintain density of bones.

ZINC: co-factor for bone mineralization and collagenase structure.

IRON: Co-factor for collagen synthesis. Contributes to density of bones.

COPPER: Influences collagen maturation. Contributes to strength of bones.

Best calcium for osteoporosis prevention and even re-mineralizing your bones!


Pure MILK Calcium Magnesium Supplements for Natural Balance

Why buy natural health supplements?

This is the way nature intended us to absorb calcium because mother's-milk is our first, our original source of calcium:


Calcium: BONE 25%, Dairy CALCIUM pills 24%, CALCIUM CITRATE 21%

Phosphate: BONE 38%, Dairy CALCIUM pills 40%, CALCIUM CITRATE 0%

Magnesium: BONE 0.37%, Dairy CALCIUM 1.4% pills, CALCIUM CITRATE 0%

Potassium: BONE 0.7%, Dairy CALCIUM pills 0.8%, CALCIUM CITRATE 0%

Zinc: BONE 0.0005%,Dairy CALCIUM pills 0.003%, CALCIUM CITRATE 0%

PURE DAIRY CALCIUM has the edge on other supplements and stands up to the scrutiny of science!

  • We recommend the best All Natural Health Supplements that work!
  • Why not try the best health supplement -- a DAIRY calcium magnesium supplement with balanced minerals for your BEST bone health and high blood pressure supplements!

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Best calcium for osteoporosis

To avoid medications, you will want the very best calcium for osteoporosis!

  • Why buy natural health supplements from a research company?  Avoid impurities and false labeling with guaranteed quality control.

Quality controlled: Immunotec's pure milk calcium magnesium supplement - among the best health supplements for osteoporosis, high blood pressure in women and men!

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