Clear Plaque in Arteries: High Cholesterol Quiz

How to clear plaque in arteries and get safe cholesterol levels? 

Statin alternatives for high cholesterol
  • Did you know that there are famous cardiologists who say to ONLY lower cholesterol naturally,  by supplements, diet and exercise, and that they warn against prescription drugs for the prevention of heart disease? They say that these drugs are better for company profits than for your health!
  • These experts say that not enough is known about what is a healthy cholesterol range for everyone, to let drug companies decide what YOUR BODY needs.

One professor of pharmacology, A. Cassels,  warns people not to let their doctor “tinker with their high cholesterol levels” by using prescription drugs, because the “benefits are minimal,” and because these drugs have dangerous side effects. 

And, lowering your cholesterol levels may do nothing to clear plaque in arteries!

Nobel Prize in Medicine to END Heart Disease
  • Did you know that the scientist, Dr. Louis Ignarro, who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of how nitric oxide helps the arteries stay healthy and clear of cholesterol, was ignored by most of the medical profession?  

Why? Because it is a NATURAL discovery, so that no one can profit by getting a patent for a new drug. And, because doctors only deal with drugs and surgery, this discovery has been largely ignored. 

Clear Plaque in Arteries Naturally, Safely

Fortunately, there were doctors, including Dr. Harry, who used this discovery, and they began to develop supplements.

They found that arginine, a natural substance, increases NO, or nitric oxide, and  helps to clear plaque in arteries, and to lower cholesterol

But, after testing many products, Dr. Harry found that taking just arginine by itself is not SAFE. 

  • To SAFELY clear plaque in arteries he added powerful antioxidants and citrulline 
  • This helps protect, clear and heal damage. 

The result? An ALL NATURAL solution for all your heart needs at once, to:

  • maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • protect and strengthen your heart
  • melt away and clear plaque in arteries
  • support healthy blood pressure
  • decrease risk of blood clots
  • improve circulation
  • great tasting

Your Doctor May be Overlooking Lipitor, Simvastatin Side Effects Muscle Pain

You may be wondering if high cholesterol drugs safe for you?

  • Certainly researchers found that doctors dismiss their patients’ complaints. Why? Doctors tend to blame your symptoms on your age instead!

Are drugs to lower high cholesterol drugs safe?

Do you know all of the Lipitor side effects -- Zocor simvastatin side effects?

Your doctor may NOT admit that problems you are having might be due to side effects. Why not?

  • When patients suggest to their doctors that they might be having adverse drug reactions, such as Lipitor side effects, doctors tend NOT to see a connection. Why?

Because when patients report side effects, their doctors either simply dismiss them or attribute them to the normal process of aging, according to a study of 650 patients taking cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Are Doctors in Denial?

“Physicians seem to commonly dismiss the possibility of a connection to their patients’ symptoms,” says Dr. Beatrice Golomb, of the University of California at San Diego, who conducted the survey that revealed doctors’ ignorance of potential adverse drug reactions for patients taking drugs for high cholesterol.

  • This denial “Seems to occur even for the best-supported adverse effects of the most widely prescribed class of drugs” such as statins or simvastatin side effects, according to Dr. Golomb."

Lipitor Side Effects, Zocor Simvastatin Side Effects?

The best-known side effects of statins, which include drugs such as Lipitor and Zocor, are:

  • Liver damage
  • Muscle weakness (remember, the heart is a muscle)
  • Changes in mood, memory and concentration
  • Peripheral neuropathy – a nerve pain that affects the extremities

The doctors conducting the study on side effects believe that statin-related side effects for high cholesterol drugs are not the only ones being missed. They suggest that many other drug side effects are also being ignored.

They think that doctors’ tendencies to ignore drug side effects may be due to the powerful ad campaigns hyping medications’ benefits and downplaying side effects.

  • The researchers were surprised at how often patients reported that their doctors dismissed their concerns.

As a result, they advise that patients take time to learn the potential adverse effects of their medications, so that if their doctor does not take their symptoms seriously, they can look elsewhere for medical care -- for physicians that do hear them.

What Do I ask My Doctor?

You may want to find out from your doctor, "How Many People Did this Drug Help?" 

When your doctor prescribes a cholesterol-lowering medication, you need to know how strong the effect is. How do you determine the effectiveness of a drug?

  • You need to know how many people the drug has helped.
  • You also need to know what type of people this drug has helped. Why?

Dr. John Abramson, a clinical instructor at the Harvard Medical School, says the typical advice on prescribing statin drugs flies in the face of science:

  • "There's a theory that statin drugs help women and elderly people who do not yet have heart disease," says Abramson. "That theory has been tested in studies so far and has been disproved."
  • See: Why women may want an alternative for Lipitor

Abramson and 30 other doctors and scientists are asking for a new, independent review of the cholesterol guidelines promoting statins!

They show one study showing women using statins got slightly MORE heart disease, not less.

  • Another showed the elderly got no real heart benefits, but that they did develop more cancer!

Only 3% of Those With Heart Disease Benefit?

Who benefits from statins and how much?

In a Scandinavian study of 4,444 people with established heart disease, 8.5 per cent of the people taking a placebo died of heart disease over the five years of the study. By contrast, of those taking the cholesterol-lowering simvastatin Zocor, 5 percent died.

The difference between the placebo group and the Zocor group was 3.5%

What does that mean?

Mathematically, a 3.5% difference means “effective” i.e. the difference did not happen by chance.

  • “Effective,” in real life, means in this instance, that the drug only protects someone with heart disease from dying of a heart attack, 3% of the time.

  • This means that 3 out of 100 people benefit, but 97 people don’t.

What’s worse, is that Zocor has the most impressive track record:

  • For most cholesterol drugs, the most you can hope for in this high risk population, is about 1% to a 3% difference. That means 1 person in 100, up to 3 people in 100 benefit but the rest of the 97% DO NOT BENEFIT.

See: Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning Us All into Patients

Take This To Your Doctor:

If your doctor tells you that a drug is considered to be effective because clinical trials are “significant,” ask if it is the mathematical use of the word, or the real life meaning:

  • Ask how effective the high cholesterol drug is over the placebo, i.e. how many people out of 100 actually benefit.
  • Ask if the drug has indeed lowered mortality rates, not just heart attack rates.
  • Ask for precise, numerical terms.
  • Ask how the simvastatin’s effectiveness compares to the rates of side effects.Ask for a list of the likely adverse effects
  • Ask which is most effective to clear plaque in arteries

Then do your homework:

Check your options for making diet and lifestyle changes that will enhance your overall health and improve your wellbeing without serious risks -- without the use of marginally effective, possibly dangerous high cholesterol drugs such as Zocor, or enduring Lipitor side effects.

  • Significant lifestyle changes will work much better for you than for 3% of the people!

Best Supplements Against Heart Disease?

  • Ask Us for a recommendation of a SAFE heart protective supplement that does not interfere with medications
  • How best to clear plaque in arteries to prevent unwanted blood clots 

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Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry lowered what was previously considered to be a normal cholesterol range?

  • Here’s the science on the best cholesterol reducing foods.

Here’s how to lower cholesterol by diet, with proven foods that lower cholesterol, to help you avoid the risks of cholesterol lowering drugs:

We hope you’ve gotten inspired to try new foods that lower cholesterol, and discover how to clear plaque in arteries SAFELY.

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