Cardio For Life®  for High Blood Pressure 
Heart Disease, Blood Clots, Type 2 Diabetes 

Cardio For Life™® may be your best bet -- Natural and science-backed!

Cardio For Life®  is an all-in-one, best supplement for lowering blood pressure, blood clot risk, cholesterol and diabetes blood sugar levels.

One happy customer reports this life saving change:

I have had high blood pressure most of my adult life, typically averaging 185 over 145.  By the age of 52, everyone told me to get on meds, though I refused.  Now, after using Cardio For Life for three months, twice or three times daily, my blood pressure is averaging 120 over 70. I truly believe this product is a life saver.   S. Price., Florida.

Martin Milner, MD, Professor of Cardiology and Pulmonary Medicine, says:

 “Finally we have found a powerful natural way to help thin the blood and dissolve blood clots effectively.  And safely, without side effects!”

CardioForLife - Heart Health
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Cardio For Life: Heart Disease & Type 2 Diabetes?

Dr. Harry Elward’s ENHANCED arginine formula, the result of years of research, completely addressed the needs of the Cardiovascular System!

Here the power of pure, “free form” arginine, citrulline and antioxidants are brought together in the right combination.

  • This circulation saver, experts agree, can prevent hardening of the arteries and even make blood thinning aspirin obsolete.

In the field of medicine and health, l-arginine is one of the most incredible revolutions of our time. The discovery that the amino acid “arginine” may be the “magic bullet” for the cardiovascular system.”   Dr. Ignarro (Nobel Laureate)

Best Help for Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease?

CardioForLife™® may also be your best choice of insulin resistance supplements. Why?

·         Increased arginine also supports normal blood sugar levels, according to research reported in Diabetes Care, 2001

·         The added, natural catalyst,  AtraGin, was shown to decrease blood sugar levels by 19%

Strengthening both the heart and circulation is key for type 2 diabetes. Circulation problems eventually cause neuropaty, heart and eye problems, even blindness.  

Over 100,000 medical studies attest to the fact that arginine helps the body to regulate every aspect of cardiovascular function, such as:

  • Preventing blocked arteries (atherosclerosis) as well as hardening and thickening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) which then keeps the blood flowing smoothly, improving circulation. This helps both the brain and the heart!
  • Preventing plaque build-up and melting away existing plaque. Keeping the blood vessels clear, pliable and elastic, also prevents unwanted blood clots.

The relaxing and clearing of the blood vessels can in turn normalize high blood pressure.  

  • This can make you younger again and feel great! 
CardioForLife - Arginine

Will I Notice Benefits with Cardio For Life?

Many people get results within days.

"People are finding they have less pain, less brain fog and mental confusion and more energy."  Patricia Kane, Ph D,  reporting on patients

You want longer term results?

The arginine will improve nitric oxide throughout, quietly relaxings the blood vessels. This keeps them pliable and elastic – not hard or blocked. It also prevents “oxidation” which keeps plaque from sticking from the walls of the blood vessels.  

This all will help to:

·         Prevent blood clots and strokes

·         Lower blood pressure

·         Normalize blood sugar levels

·         Lower cholesterol

·         Improve the kidneys

·         Improve memory (better circulation in the brain!)

Long term benefits?

While the nitric oxide silently does its work, the powerful antioxidants in CardioForLife™® begin to re-build your arteries

The underlying inflammation is calmed and the veins, arteries and small capillaries begin to heal. This can reverse the age of the cardiovascular system.  

·         You will be “younger” as your heart and brain get more nourishment and oxygen. Your type 2 diabetes will also be less of a threat, and you will likely need less or no medications.

How good is that, for an all-in-one natural help for heart disease?

NOTE: please be aware that the statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

CardioForLife - Arginine

You may Ask Us:

Can  you use CardioFor Life™® instead of your medications?

  • You can safely use this supplement with your medications for blood pressure, blood clots and cholesterol.

Your doctor will be able to monitor your progress with Cardio For Life™® and decrease the dosage of your medications as needed.

  •  You may ask us to see research on the negative long term side effects of these medications, such as warfarin side effects and how using statins speeds up aging.

 As a natural blood thinner, you will need feedback from your doctor who will decrease your medications as needed. 

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Cardio For Life for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Blood Clots, Type 2 Diabetes

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