How to Lower Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels: Scientists find Surprise Foods for Low Blood Sugar

Here’s new help for avoiding dangerous blood sugar levels that shoot up after a meal.

    Here’s new discoveries of foods for low blood sugar and keeping blood sugar levels normal.

You don’t need a blood sugar level chart to tell you that eating refined, carbs – baked goods, sweets, breads – can cause dangerous blood sugar levels. 


The fast-releasing sugars in processed foods are turned into blood glucose much faster than say, the slow-releasing sugar in an apple.

  • So your blood sugar level would rise equally from eating a sweet apple  – with 3 times the sugar content -- than from a soda or juice which according to the label has only one third as much sugar as the apple.

So, to avoid dangerous blood sugar levels, we already know to eat slow-releasing, whole foods to lower blood sugar naturally...

But fats also play a role for blood sugar solutions, say scientists!

Foods for low blood sugar also include extra virgin olive oil, say Italian researchers, who found that it oil helps keep blood sugar levels normal.  

Why Olive Oil to Lower Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels?

Researchers at Sapienza University in Rome, provided a meal for healthy people -- a typical Mediterranean lunch.

  • With one group they added 2 teaspoons of corn oil, and with the other group they instead, added the same amount of extra virgin olive oil.

Blood sugar levels were tested before and after the meals. Blood sugar levels in all participants rose after the meal, as expected.

    However, blood sugar rose much less after a meal with olive oil than after a meal with corn oil.

This was not surprising to the scientists, because other studies had already shown that eating extra virgin olive oil improves insulin levels.

Insulin is the hormone that is needed to convert glucose into energy, keeping blood sugar levels normal.

    The good news is, that simply using extra virgin olive oil can lower blood sugar naturally! The researchers don’t recommend going wild and pouring it on a meal -- just substituting it for other oils and fats.

The bonus is that the olive oil group also had lower levels of LDL, of “bad” cholesterol as well.

Definitely one of the tastiest foods for low blood sugar. Adding to salads and cooking may make this one of the easiest blood sugar solutions to try.

Best of Insulin Resistance Supplements

For extra help to LOWER your blood sugar AND your heart RISK, try Dr. Harry's SAFE formula:

Discover the benefits of Dr. Harry's best selling Cardio ENHANCED formula, for:

  • Lowering blood sugar naturally
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  • Melting away plaque
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Improving heart failure

If pre-diabetic, or diabetic, you may want insulin resistance supplements along with foods for low blood sugar.

This can help you return to a normal adult blood sugar level quickly!

Dangerous blood sugar levels: diet, exercise or meds?

Certainly, pre-diabetes can be controlled or stopped with diet changes and exercise to lose weight.

And yes, you can use foods for low blood sugar as natural blood sugar solutions!

    Why get motivated  to make changes? Why NOT simply wait to get a diabetes diagnosis and then take medications or insulin?

With pre-diabetes, there is too much glucose in the blood. This already is causing damage to both the blood vessels and the nerves!

With pre-diabetes you are already on the “downward slide” toward heart disease, neuropathy, blindness, immune and eye problems.

Why Stop dangerous blood sugar levels and
Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally?

If pre-diabetic, we hope that you will try natural blood sugar solutions, now. There are many foods for low blood sugar and avoiding dangerous blood sugar levels.  You already know to add more fruits, vegetable and whole foods to your diet. 

    And add foods that lower blood sugar, like extra virgin olive oil. Scientists are finding more and more such foods, so watch our blog.

And get exercise. You don’t need to go to the gym. Simply get up after sitting and after a meal. Engaging muscles after a meal does a lot to lower blood sugar naturally too.

How do you know you have pre-diabetes?

    Get tested and if your average blood sugar over a period of 3 months, or your fasting blood sugar is higher than normal, then you have pre-diabetes.  And don’t be like 38% of the population who is affected by high blood sugar, who take little action. 

Diabetes drugs cannot stop the problems caused  by dangerous blood sugar levels already as a pre-diabetic.  With natural blood sugar solutions you will decrease your risk for a heart attack, stroke, blindness, foot damage, kidney failure, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

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Find out more about normal adult blood sugar levels and blood sugar level charts:

See the official NIH BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL CHART for pre-diabetes and diabetes blood sugar levels chart. and guidelines blood sugar levels.

Lowering Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels:
Surprising Foods for Low Blood Sugar

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