Best Nutrition for Liver Cancer Treatment
& Stopping HCC Primary Liver Cancer

What is the best nutrition for liver cancer? How bad is liver cancer?

Hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC is one of the most common types of cancer, and is now reported to be the third leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide.

Why eat fruits, vegetables and proteins shown to help against liver cancer?  Why have researchers been looking for how to treat liver cancer with natural substances?

  • Because primary liver cancer is notoriously drug resistant -- resistant to  chemotherapy with its high toxicity and side effects -- and even with surgery it has a very high recurrence rate. 

Scientists have therefore been searching for safe, non toxic alternatives.  What have they found? Here is the good news:

Not only are there common fruits, vegetables and proteins that have an anti cancer (anti-proliferation) effect on liver cancer cells, but there is one natural substance specifically shown to be able to stop primary liver cancer, HCC! 

What Can Stop Primary Liver Cancer HCC?

Fucoidans in sea vegetables: the best nutrition for liver cancer -- helps to stop primary liver cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancerFucoidan-rich dried KELP for liver cancer

Fucoidan, an extract from sea vegetables, or brown algae, has anti cancer effects, and is likely the best nutrition for liver cancer. 

  • Fucoidan has been confirmed by scientists to have anti-tumor abilities with pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer and other types of cancers.

However, until recently they did not know exactly know how and why this natural substance inhibits, or stops these cancers.

They knew that this widely used supplement works as an anti-inflammatory,  is anti-tumor, and an anti-oxidant, but they wanted to know exactly how it works. 

  • A team of researchers set our to determine the exact "mechanism" of how fucoidan might be able to stop primary liver cancer, HCC. 
  • They were successful, and were able to show exactly how this extract stops the progression of primary liver cancer, or HCC -- by "causing lncRNA LINC00261 overexpression"
  • They published their results in Frontiers in Oncology, 13 April 20211

Fortunately fucoidan supplements are safe and widely available.

If you do have liver cancer, you may want to consult your doctor or specialist for the appropriate dosage for your condition. 

However, you can immediately, safely, add sea vegetables, especially kelp, to your smoothies and soups, to get the health benefits of fucoidans -- the best nutrition for liver cancer! 

Best Nutrition for Live Cancer

One group of scientists found that naringenin, (a citrus flavone), which is especially abundant in raw grapefruits, helped increase apoptosis, or liver cancer "cell death." 2

  • Naringenin also helps by "inhibition of cell proliferation." This means it helps stop liver cancer cells from multiplying. 
  • Other scientists found that cranberries had the best "inhibitory effect" effect on human liver cancer cells, followed in this order, by:
  • lemon 
  • apple 
  • strawberry
  • red grape
  • banana 
  • grapefruit
  • peach

Certainly worth adding grapefruit, cranberries, lemon and "an apple a day" to your liver cancer treatment!

Which vegetable is the best nutrition for liver cancer?

When researchers studied the most common vegetables eaten in the United States, they found spinach to have the strongest effect against liver cancer. 

This "anti-proliferative" effect was found using human liver cancer cells.

  • Of the vegetable studied, it was spinach that had the best "inhibitory" effect, and the others were cabbage, red pepper, onion and broccoli, in that order.

Unfortunately, spinach is the second highest on the "dirty dozen" of pesticides found by the Environmental Working Group's testing results. 

So best to choose organic spinach to lighten the load on your liver. 

Immune System Supplements with Liver Cancer Treatment?

You will also want to add natural immune system supplements to your liver cancer treatment.  Why?

With your liver cancer treatment, you've likely been told to take a good protein supplement.

  • Well, did you know that are medical proteins that can improve liver function and also act as immunotherapy?
  • Why is a high immune system so important?
  • Immunotherapy cancer treatments are greatly improving liver cancer treatment outcomes, giving people a much better chance for recovery and a liver cancer cure.

People with a variety of cancer prognosis, even metastatic liver cancer, such as colon cancer spread to liver, are recovering with extra help.

  • Getting the best nutrition for liver cancer will improve quality of life during liver cancer treatment. Having a high immune system can save your life!

IMMUNOCAL Clinically proven to work!IMMUNOCAL: proven immune protein nutrition for liver cancer

Life Saving Options: Nutrition for Liver Cancer

1. Lighten the Load on the Liver:

What's the WORST nutrition for liver cancer?

Because we live in a toxic world, our liver needs all the help it can get, so reduce these:


The long-term use of drugs, including over the counter drugs -- especially acetaminophen (Tylenol), are hard on the liver. Find alternatives.

  • The liver also has to "get rid of" cancer drugs, chemo drugs, which add to its burden.

2. CUT OUT all added SUGARS!

Cancer Cells Prefer Fructose: SUGARS, especially added FRUCTOSE triggers cancer cells to grow faster!! So yes, low glycemic fruit is fine, but cut out the sugar in pastries, cookies, and processed foods.

Compared to glucose, FRUCTOSE is a potent activator of a key cellular pathway that DRIVES CANCER CELL DIVISION.  There is evidence that it's actually the insulin, a hormone, that stimulates cancer growth if your insulin is high, so avoid blood sugar spikes!

(Journal of Cancer Research 2010)

  • CHECK LABELS to ELIMINATE everything with HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in it e.g. FRUCTOSE-sweetened drinks, soda pop, baked goods, cookies, breakfast cereals, cereal bars, etc.


Remove alcohol and cut down on fats, which need to be processed by the liver.

SMALL amounts of fats e.g. butter and extra virgin olive oils, nuts and seeds can be used, as they are essential for the absorption of nutrients.

2. More Nutrition for Liver Cancer:

Foods with known anti cancer properties are: green vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, beans, mushrooms, onions, and berries.

  • Eat your colors! Eat many different colored berries, fruits and vegetables -- red, orange, purple, yellow and leafy greens such as Spinach and Chard. Add lots of cucumbers and beets -- both the tops and the roots.
  • Broccoli and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts have sulforaphane which helps the liver. 
  • Horseradish and Broccoli seeds have a much higher concentration of these substances, so you can sprout broccoli seeds and use them in salads. Add a tablespoon per day of horseradish to salad dressing or to any dish you like. 

Beetroots have properties that support the liver, and they have been shown to shrink liver tumors in lab animals. *

  • Make fresh juices, especially carrot and beet juice, soups & salads, but use only small amounts of high quality oils e.g olive oil because the liver has to process fats. Better yet, get your fats from seeds and nuts instead of oils.

Use a small amount of butter or coconut oil for cooking and for stir-fried vegetables.

  • Add grated beets and carrots, chopped parsley and celery to salads.

Eat lots of beets -- cooked or grated raw -- add them to soups, salads and any meal, or buy beet root powder or beetroot juice.

  • Drink lots of water to help flush out toxins, and add lemon juice to cold or hot water and sweeten with Stevia.

3.  Extra Help for Healing Liver Cancer:

Ask Us for help with Liver Cancer Treatment

Immuno therapy is increasing cancer survival!

Building the body's strength to fight the cancer vastly improves recovery and survival rates.  While there are specific medical treatments being developed for specific cancers, it is wise to add immune system supplements that will not interfere with your liver cancer treatment.

You may ASK US about:

Immunotherapy proteins that have been shown not to interfere with cancer treatment.

Endorsement of the Nobel Prize for Medicine winner, Dr. Luc Montagnier, for IMMUNOCAL, a nutraceutical immunotherapy protein with cancer treatment.

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Anti Tumor Breakthrough for Healing Liver Cancer

Fortunately for anyone with cancer, especially metastatic liver cancer, there are proteins that have been shown in clinical trials to be tumor inhibiting.

These also help liver function, to get rid of toxins pollutants - heavy metals, chemicals, digestive by products, medications etc.

Foods that have been clinically shown to have certain qualities, such as tumor shrinking effects, are called nutraceuticals.

  • Fortunately, it is easy to use these immune system supplements at the same time as liver cancer treatments -- chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

With a liver cancer diagnosis, or with metastatic liver cancer, you can now use immune nutraceuticals for quality of life and for best hope of recovery.

  • While your medical team decides on your best liver cancer treatment options, you can build a high immune system just as Wendy did:

Liver Cancer Cure? Wendy's In Remission

The liver cancer prognosis for Wendy was not good.

A few years earlier she had recovered from breast cancer, but when she was hospitalized this time for ovarian cancer, and...

  • Tumors had spread into her liver as well, by the time a friend suggested that she use Immunocal, a proven protein supplement that's been clinically shown NOT TO INTERFERE with CANCER TREATMENT.
  • On seeing the research she agreed, and chose an immune-building supplement for a high immune system that has been tested with cancer treatments.

Wendy began to feel better quickly as she embraced this nutrition for liver cancer approach, using it both before and during her chemotherapy treatments.

She read the literature and chose this protein that had been clinically tested alongside cancer treatments.

  • Within a month she improved dramatically, and within several months she was back at work.

After six months she was declared cancer free, and the doctors were amazed, and her friends were thankful to have their friend back back at work.

IMMUNOCALIMMUNOCAL, proven immune boosting nutrition for liver cancer

Liver Cancer Cure?

We hope that you have found inspiration from our article, for getting the best nutrition for liver cancer.

Regardless of your liver cancer prognosis -- whether you have metastatic liver cancer, want a natural liver cancer cure, or simply the best liver cancer prevention -- you will be able to improve your quality of life.

  • The same is true for liver cancer in dogs and cats. Yes, their food is going to be different, but immunotherapy cancer treatment protein have also been given to pets with cancer of the liver, with excellent results.
  • Supporting the liver with nutrition for liver cancer gives the best hope for recovery alongside medical treatments.

Your best bet is to also add immunotherapy cancer treatment in order to:

  • Reduce the toxic load on the liver for better liver cancer life expectancy
  • Natural remedies for liver cancer include colon cleansing and probiotics. A gentle but effective cleansing formula can regulate you on your way to recovery from liver cancer.
  • You may have heard of an apple cider vinegar cleanse, but best to do that with the help of a practitioner. 

Immunotherapy cancer treatment is no longer alternative cancer cure, but becoming mainstream.

  • You can now use proven supplements rather than vitamins to build IMMUNE SYSTEM strength, and your ability to fight tumors. Protect your healthy cells to be able to fight and to heal!
  • You will feel better with fewer side effects during chemotherapy and liver cancer treatments.

You may ASK US:

About how IMMUNOCAL, the immunotherapy protein helped improve odds for liver cancer cure:

  • colon cancer spread to liver
  • pancreatic cancer spread to liver
  • breast cancer spread to liver
  • liver cancer in dogs and cats
  • people with serious stage 4 cancers whose doctors had given up on them

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Research Sources USA National Library of Medicine: Nutrition for Liver Cancer 

1. Fucoidan Inhibits the Progression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma  Front. Oncol., 13 April 2021

2.  Fruits as nutrition for liver cancer with an anti-cancer effect on human liver cancer cells. For example, the nargenin in grapefruits has an effect on cell death in liver cancer

  • Beet Roots as nutrition for liver cancer for inhibiting tumors

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