Best Belly Fat Loss? Experts on Belly Fat Causes: What's Best for Belly Fat Weight Loss

Fats, fat loss and what's best for belly fat weight loss, has had everyone confused, including scientists.

But there is a theme about belly fat causes. After sifting through what experts are saying about how to lose belly fat and whether anything really works for real belly fat weight loss...

Here's foods to eat as belly fat burners. Posted here, is what the experts seem to agree on, for successful belly fat weight loss.

  • The good news is, you need fats!

Harvard researchers said years ago, in 2001, that DIETS MODERATE in FATS had BETTER weight loss results in the long run than LOW FAT DIETS.

  • This good news has certainly not been front page news!!

The bad news?

Scientists say that the “BAD FATS” target a specific area of the body – the hard to lose belly fat -- while the "GOOD" fats can in fact HELP you lose weight – especially the dangerous belly fat.

  • More bad news! Belly fat, or fat around the abdomen is linked with insulin resistance and to diabetes and heart disease!

Even though most people are confused about fat in foods, you CAN get better belly fat weight loss by eating fats -- but ONLY the RIGHT KINDS of fats, like omegas and coconut oil for weight loss.

How best to reduce belly fat? How to burn belly fat with food?

The RIGHT fats, say scientists, are great tools for belly fat weight loss by making you feel full longer AND by jump starting your metabolism.

  • So cheer up! “GOOD” fats for belly fat loss include dark chocolate, coconut oil and olive oil, nuts, avocados, and fish.
  • Dark chocolate contains catechin like in green tea that can help you lose weight!

So here's more surprises for you, such as eat coconut oil for belly fat! 

How to lose stomach fat is no longer a mystery, so here's what scientists have found that works:

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Worst Belly Fat Causes?

Where to start for successful belly fat loss?

  • Not only are there good and bad fats that pack on the belly fat, but some SUGARS pack on more pounds than others -- even though they have the SAME AMOUNT of CALORIES!

Which sugars pack on the belly fat more than others?

A Princeton University research team gave one group of rats as much HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP as they wanted.

This group of rats got fatter, and had higher cholesterol and blood triglycerides (blood fats and LDL cholesterol).

The other, or control group of rats only got the usual white sugar, or sucrose.

  • Amazingly, the calorie intake was EXACTLY THE SAME for both groups, but the fructose group got fatter and was less healthy!

Other studies also have shown that FRUCTOSE can trick your appetite hormones into over eating. How?

  • Researchers found that eating FRUCTOSE tends to interfere with our normal signals of fullness, and so that we get TRICKED INTO OVEREATING.

Farmers knew this when they introduced HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP as a FAST and CHEAP WAY TO FATTEN THEIR PIGS way back in the '60's and '70's.

  • Then, when FRUCTOSE was added as a CHEAP SUGAR to most processed foods in the USA, it caused huge numbers of people to become overweight and OBESE in spite of the fact that they had SUCCESSFULLY lowered their FAT INTAKE!


Researchers found that drinking FRUCTOSE-SWEETENED DRINKS (3 servings per day for 10 weeks) caused fat production in the liver leading to deep intra-ABDOMINAL FAT GAIN -- the kind of fat that increases the risk of HEART DISEASE and DIABETES.

  • FRUCTOSE has now also been linked to CANCER. FRUCTOSE is a potent trigger for malignant cells! 
  • How? It is an activator of a key cellular pathway that drives cancer cell division. (journal Cancer Research, 2010



Do yourself a big favor and READ YOUR LABELS, and AVOID all PROCESSED FOODS -- get rid of all FRUCTOSE & HYDROGENATED FATS, e.g. cereals, cakes, cookies, cereal bars, and sweet drinks, iced tea etc.

  • Replace these with water, low fat milk, vegetable juice, tea or coffee & whole foods.

LEARN TO COOK or make salads or grab some nuts or dark chocolate or an apple for a SNACK!

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Discovery for Stopping Emotional Eating!

Do you eat to feel good, to relax and de-stress?

  • Do the pounds sneak on when you are feeling anxious, can't sleep or just have a lot of frustration?

Do you use sweets, salty high-fat fries or chips to RELAX or soothe and comfort yourself? Do you suspect you sabotage belly fat weight loss efforts?

  • Here's a discovery to help you turn cravings and feelings of anger and frustration into calm so you do not need to eat to relax!
  • Researchers at the HeartMath Institute are recognized global leaders in stress management to help successful fat loss.

This device and book can help you re-train automatic habits and emotions. 

Find out HERE how you can turn around the emotions that have gotten you stuck!

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Why's Belly Fat Worse Than Fat on Hips?

 Scientists found that having an hourglass figure for women makes them both smarter and healthier than those with an "apple" shape, or men with a “beer belly.” Why?

  • FAT AROUND the HIPS and THIGHS holds higher levels of omega 3 fats, they found, and the omegas are essential for health and for the brain.

Women who have an hour glass figure (bigger waist to hip ratio), they report, tend to have a higher IQ, and their children are also brighter. Why might this be?

FAT AROUND THE WAIST may have higher levels of omega 6 fatty acids, which are less well suited to brain growth.

WAIST FAT is also more likely to be a contributory factor in diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome which includes high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

  • Why? Fats, it turns out, help control the expression of our genes. 


This makes fat one of the most powerful “drugs” you will ever consume, making it crucial to eliminate the bad fats and eat only the good ones!

  • Belly fat, it turns out is the HARDEST TO LOSE and is "LOCKED IN" with serious overweight and OBESITY!
Re-train your brain for fat diabetes insulin problems?

It may be that obesity is, what some believe, to be a REGULATORY disorder.

  • In this case, it may be required to "re-set"  how the BRAIN regulates appetite and metabolism.

Hopefully scientists will help us figure out how best to "re-set" our our appetite so that losing weight is easier and more successful!


To "kick start" belly weight loss help, try Dr. Harry's weight loss protein supplement:

  • Slim for Life natural meal replacement combines greens and vitamins into a powerful weight loss protein supplement:
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Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat?

What about fat burning exercise to lose belly fat and waists, thighs and hips?

  • Yes you need to SHRINK the SIZE OF THE FAT CELLS around your waist, not only to look better, but because this fat is unhealthy and leads to DIABETES.

Researchers found that you do need to exercise to lose belly fat by SHRINKING YOUR FAT CELLS:

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity studied three different groups of obese women:

One group dieted, the second dieted and exercised MODERATELY, and the third dieted and exercised INTENSIVELY.

  • There was NO change in the size of the fat cells around the waists of the dieters.

But the SIZE OF FAT CELLS SHRANK in both groups of the women who dieted AND exercised.

  • There was NO difference in fat cell reduction between the moderate and the intense exercisers!

So you can RELAX, because exercise to lose belly fat may be easier than you think. You do NOT need to do INTENSE fat burning exercises for waists, thighs and hips!

Best Fats for Belly Fat Loss

Insulin resistance belly fat can be helped by good fats in avocados and omegas

All the TRADITIONAL NATURAL fats are good for us, some of them – like COCONUT OIL, AVOCADO, NUTS, OLIVES, OLIVE OIL and fish – especially so.

How to burn stomach fat?

  • Why is probably the BEST fat of all COCONUT OIL and the WORST fat of all is probably SOYA OIL?

This is topsy-turvy from what we’ve been led to believe is healthy!

The polyunsaturated vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils and trans fats are considered by many to be unhealthy – soy, sunflower, safflower, canola, corn, and anything labeled “vegetable oil.”

Walnuts for brain health and fat diabetes insulin help

Why? You have been told that vegetable oils are good for your health, so what’s wrong with them?

Here’s why these oils as a steady diet can make you both fat and sick:

  • Pig farmers know that pigs will grow fatter by feeding them corn and soy oil. Why?

These oils SUPPRESS THE THYROID, causing the pigs to grow fatter, and this happens in humans as well! So if you are on thyroid meds, make sure you are not eating thyroid suppressing oil!

Bad oils can affect thyroid and insulin resistance belly fat
  • What Foods & Chemicals Can Stop Weight Loss?

Corn and soy oil are abundant in processed foods – and they are prime contributors to an epidemic of obesity and ill health.

  • These vegetable oils have been highly processed, refined, deodorized, and treated with chemical solvents, removing most of their nutrients. They also have too much linoleic acid that promotes cancer and disease.
  • These polyunsaturated vegetable oils are unstable and create free radicals.

Free radicals (oxidants) kill healthy cells and also alter DNA. Cancer cells all have damaged DNA.

  • Free radicals cause INFLAMMATION IN THE ARTERIES and BLOOD VESSELS. This inflammation sets the stage for heart disease, strokes, high cholesterol levels and elevated blood pressure.

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How to Burn Belly Fat Diet

Olive oil among the best for weight control for blood pressure and fat diabetes insulin help

How best to lose belly fat?

For the best belly fat loss diet, research is showing us to switch to the TRADITIONAL FATS such as COCONUT OIL and OLIVE OIL used in the Mediterranean diet. Why?

  • Without changing calorie intake, researchers had people TRIGGER BELLY FAT LOSS by changing the RATIO of carbohydrates to fats, by eating ONLY traditional fats.

Scientists at Reina Sofia University Hospital in Cordoba Spain, placed a group of overweight people on 4-week diets with the same number of calories but with different proportions of carbohydrates and fats.

  • The diet rich in traditional fats (mono-unsaturated fats) prevented the accumulation of both types of belly fat – the deep visceral type as well as the jiggely type, without additional exercise to lose belly fat.

Does the Mediterranean also have:

Belly Fat Loss: Coconut Oil for Weight Loss &
Diabetes Diets?

Coconut oil is the only fat actually considered to be a fat burner that HELPS with fat loss. Why?

  • Because of it unique composition, coconut oil (high quality, extra virgin) is mainly used for energy, which means it does NOT end up as stored fat!

You get more energy when you eat and cook with extra virgin coconut oil because:

  • Coconut oil quickly converts to heat energy, so it substitutes for sugars as a ready source of energy without stimulating the release of insulin.

  • This improves your energy, increases your body temperature, AND stimulates your thyroid gland -- the gland that controls your body’s metabolism.
  • Coconut oil increases nutrient absorption, which in turn leads to increased energy and less fat storage.

When coconut oil is substituted for sugars, the extremes in blood sugar concentrations are averted, MAKING COCONUT OIL IDEAL FOR A DIABETES DIET.


  • Some obesity experts say that when dieters crave sugar, they are actually suffering from good-fats starvation.

You can try coconut oil to help with sugar cravings because it quickly converts to heat energy, so it substitutes for sugars as a quick source of energy without stimulating the release of insulin.

Insulin is the hormone that signals the cells to STORE fat!

  • Insulin prevents the cells from releasing fat for energy.  Insulin keeps you from burning fat. On a weight loss diet you often lose muscle mass without burning fat.
  • Getting more energy without stimulating insulin is VERY GOOD for better belly fat weight loss!

SEE ALSO: how does insulin cause weight gain?

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How Fat Loss and Health go Together

How to lose belly fat AND protect from diabetes and heart disease?

Recently published research has shown that natural coconut oil fat in the diet also leads to:

  • a normalization of body lipids (fats in your arteries)
  • protection of blood vessels from free radical damage
  • improvement of the immune system's anti-inflammatory response

Lauric acid, the major fatty acid from the fat of the coconut, has been recognized for its unique properties related to its antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal functions.

Capric acid is another of coconut's fatty acids has been added to the list of coconut's anti microbial components.

Why Start Your Belly Fat Loss NOW?

Deep belly fat, or visceral fat is “criminal” fat:

  • Visceral fat is an active organ
  • Visceral fat has direct access to the liver, turning it into cholesterol
  • Visceral fat incites inflammation, including artery inflammation
  • Inflamed arteries become clogged arteries, increasing heart attacks and stroke
  • Visceral fat releases substances making body cells less responsive to insulin, so blood sugar rises, causing complications

What's the Best Belly Fat Diet?

Eat fish for insulin resistance belly fat helpBest way to lose weight for insulin resistance belly fat

For best fat loss, eat only the healthiest oils in plant foods such as coconut and olive oil and nuts, along with fish, shellfish, avocados and butter, but not margarine.

Even better, use coconut oil for baking and on whole wheat toast if eating carbs.

  • Whatever you do, don’t just add new fats to your diet without eliminating the BAD processed fats (in pastries, packaged foods), or you will be sorry! At least keep the same amount of calories.
  • A report published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that a diet rich in traditional fats helped people lose small amounts of weight and body fat without changing their calorie intake.
  • Another report found that a breakfast high in good fats could boost calorie burn for 5 hours after the meal, especially in people with higher amounts of belly fat.


When dieters used traditional fats in a reduced-calorie diet for 4 weeks, they lost 2 inches from their waist as well as overall weight.

  • Eating 4 meals of 400 calories each meal is IDEAL for weight loss for women, adding up to a total of 1,600 per day.

This diet is low enough to create belly fat loss and weight loss but it maintains energy and energy-burning muscle. This diet is also easy to stay on because these GOOD FATS are satisfying and filling.

  • For any weight loss or diabetes diet, you can safely begin to substitute harmful fats with a fat burner fat like coconut oil and your fat loss efforts should be successful!
  • Cutting out the sugar drinks and all HIGH FRUCTOSE corn syrup -- check especially any LOW FAT "diet" foods, and this will get you FAST great results for belly fat loss.

How To Loose Belly Fat with Nuts

How do nuts help you lose weight? Add to body fat loss supplements?Eat more nuts for insulin resistance belly fat

Nuts are bad for fat loss, right? Wrong.

Every dieter probably has it hardwired into their brain that nuts contain fat and are therefore fattening.

Just the opposite is true. Nuts in fact help you lose weight!

  • A study at Brigham ad Women’s Hospital, overseen by the Harvard School of Public Health, discovered that dieters who ate nuts were not only more satisfied with fewer calories, but also LOST WEIGHT FASTER and kept it off longer than LOW-FAT dieters did.

So if you want to lose belly fat fast, EAT some NUTS!

  • Walnuts are particularly protective because they affect the metabolism of fat differently from other omega 3 fats like fish.

Just 5 ounces a week of walnuts have been shown to lower the risk of a fatal heart attack by 39% in the Nurses’ Health Study at Harvard.

  • An ounce a day is ten walnut halves, and would give you this additional protection.

Fish oil contains EPA and DHA, the very active elements that influence our hormone messengers.

These important omega 3 fats are not usually burned for energy, or to burn stomach fat.

But they have other important jobs to do: EPA plus DHA is best for heart health, and DHA is best for the brain and for your eyes.

Will you gain weight with the extra fat from taking fish oil supplements?

  • Extra calories from fish oil supplements are likely to be cancelled out by positive metabolic effects.
  • And any extra omega 3’s may even be stored on your hips rather than your belly!

Stress Hormones and Belly Fat Loss?

The stress hormone cortisol and belly fat go hand in hand -- it is one of THE biggest belly fat causes!

How is that? The hormone cortisol keeps fat "stuck" and keeps you from losing weight.

Lack of sleep also will keep your weight on!!

For successful weight loss you will have to get your stress level down and relax and get lots of sleep.

You may want to try natural stress relief pills that reduce the STRESS HORMONE that keeps the fat on.

When you are relaxed and get enough sleep, you'll be less likely to overeat for emotional reasons!

  • YOU MAY ASK US about the stress relief pills for reducing your cortisol:

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Reduce fat-making stress hormones naturally:

Best Belly Fat Weight Loss for YOU?

Insulin resistance fat loss connection

We hope you've found our article on belly fat weight loss and belly fat causes an inspiration for belly fat weight loss. How to lose belly fat is NOT a mystery!

Yes, a healthy diet with nuts and omegas is a first step to long term fat loss, but...

  • Belly fat causes are many. Make sure you get lots of sleep, and remember your hormones keep weight on due to stress! 
  • Natural stress relief  may help with your belly fat causes such as anxiety.
  • Fortunately you need only moderate exercise to lose belly fat!

You may have to "retrain your brain" AND your taste buds to lose belly fat fast and to keep it off, if diabetic or obese.

  • So switch to omegas and try coconut oil for weight loss.  You can add these to your best weight loss program and get healthy!

Knowing what the experts say about belly fat loss is the first step. We all know that keeping it off after a diet is tougher than to lose weight in the first place.

  • But, no more excuses, now that you know how to lose belly fat with delicious nuts and oils! You'll get healthy with belly fat weight loss.

Good luck with your belly fat loss, and we'd love to hear from you and your best belly fat weight loss method.


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