Symptoms of Heart Disease?
Best Diet for Heart Disease Causes

What's best for YOUR symptoms of heart disease?

Why are doctors and scientists saying that the standard heart disease diet advice does not work?

Why do you still have symptoms of heart disease on a low fat diet?

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta says that a lot of what people - and doctors – think about heart disease may be wrong. Here's what's wrong with the usual advice? It does not amount to a heart disease cure.

Dr. Gupto says that as an example, the main factor is not so much the "bad cholesterol" level, but rather the SIZE of cholesterol particles in the blood and fats called "blood lipids."

Why does this matter for YOUR heart disease symptom?

  • Studies are showing that the conventional low saturated fat diet has LITTLE IMPACT on lowering people’s blood LDL cholesterol levels.

What diet for heart disease and supplements actually work for symptoms of heart disease such as clogged arteries?

CardioForLife - Arginine

What “Blasts” Bad LDL Cholesterol?

Scientists have found a diet for heart disease that really works!

Yes, a new heart disease diet that works, ADDS more cholesterol busting foods!

New research shows that by including cholesterol lowering foods in a 2000 calorie diet, you can successfully lower your LDL cholesterol by 28 percent.

  • Researchers found that adding the following foods to an already fairly healthy diets resulted in a Portfolio diet for heart disease by reducing LDL cholesterol by 13 per cent!

What are they?

• Oats, oatbran

• Barley

• Psyllium husks

• Nuts

• Plant sterol enriched foods e.g. added to margarine, juice, or yogurt

By contrast, the control group ate a 2000 calorie diet of LOW SATURATED FAT and whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables – but they ONLY reduced their LDL cholesterol by 3 per cent!

Dr. David Jenkins, the author of the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, calls this “cholesterol-busting” diet for heart disease, the “portfolio diet.”

The people in the study had the symptoms of heart disease of mild to moderately high LDL cholesterol.

  • This PORTFOLIO diet cut LDL cholesterol by 28 per cent, a reduction similar to first–generation statins!

Want Statin Alternatives?

You may want to use alternatives to statins while making changes in your diet. Why?

You can avoid the side effects of statins -- statins and muscle pain, and statins and memory loss.

If you need extra help to reduce your medication, there are natural supplement statin alternatives that work.

What are the best, time-tested natural statin alternatives?

LDL Cholesterol Busting Foods?

Want less of the harmful LDL cholesterol? Here's the latest!

A type of FIBER in the following foods TRAPS dietary FATS and CHOLESTEROL in the digestive tract before it gets into the blood, and SPEEDS THEIR REMOVAL FROM THE BODY.

• This type of fiber is called VISCOUS fiber.

SEVEN SERVINGS PER DAY of viscous fiber is the recipe for avoiding symptoms of heart disease, according to the Portfolio diet.

Add these foods to RECIPES for a total of 7 SERVINGS PER DAY:

• ½ cup dry oat bran = one serving

• 2/3 cup raw oats = one serving

• 1 cup cooked barley = one serving

• 1 slice of oat bran bread = one serving

• Psyllium enriched breakfast cereals

• 1 teaspoon Metamucil = one serving

• 2 teaspoons psyllium husks = one serving (add to smoothie, juice or water)

Dr. Jenkins of the Portfolio diet says that the more you move to a vegetarian diet, the better the results.

A vegetarian diet depends on SOY PROTEIN protein which helps lower cholesterol.

• TRY RECIPES with SOY PROTEIN such as soy milk, tofu, soy burgers or soy nuts.

NUTS for SNACKS and in RECIPES: Studies have consistently found that NUTS are packed with heart healthy fats that help reduce harmful LDL blood cholesterol:

RECIPE FOR ONE SERVING OF NUTS (one and a half servings per day for LDL cholesterol):

• 24 almonds

• 14 walnut halves

• 18 cashew nuts

• 20 hazelnuts

• 28 peanuts

• 20 pecan halves

• 49 pistachios

Worst of all Heart Disease Symptoms?

Hypertension's the worst of all the symptoms of heart disease!

Yes high blood pressure IS a big deal especially for getting a stroke, according to new research!

  • A worldwide study showed high blood pressure to be the most dangerous of ALL symptoms of heart disease, and that it causes both BLEEDING STROKES and CLOTTING strokes leading to disability or death.
  • But before you get a prescription, you CAN avoid high blood pressure meds that have SERIOUS side effects!

If your blood pressure consistently reads in the Hypertension or Pre-hypertension categories, then you need to take immediate and lasting action if you want to live a long and healthy life!


  • Keeping your arteries unclogged and your blood vessels flexible is key to bringing high blood pressure down!
  • You will want to know about "new" heart vitamins that play a huge role in keeping our blood vessels unclogged and flexible and keep your arteries from hardening, but your doctor likely does not know about these.
  • When your blood vessels are flexible they adjust to allow blood flow as needed. Calcium deposits cause "hardening of the arteries" and high blood pressure and strokes.

Here are diet changes and SAFE, natural agents that will improve your circulation and help keep your blood vessels flexible to solve your hypertension:

What's a Safe Coumadin Alternative?

We hope you will explore our site for finding a natural Coumadin substitute along with proven statin alternatives that are right for you. Why?

  • A proper diet for taking Coumadin is very difficult to manage, and you need the assistance of your doctor and pharmacist to get the proper Coumadin dose for you on a daily basis.
  • A Coumadin dosage changes with the amount of green leafy vegetables you eat. A "Coumadin overdose" will cause bleeding or a bleeding stroke, so it is important to know Coumadin food interactions and Coumadin side effects.
  • You need to understand how a warfarin diet works -- a warfarin vitamin K diet, because vitamin K is what is the basis of how warfarin works, and warfarin interactions.

Likely, your doctor cannot take the time to educate you about how warfarin works, and the dangerous warfarin side effects from an incorrect Coumadin dosage.

You may therefore have to depend on your pharmacist to educate you, our check our site for a Coumadin alternative.

Statin Alternatives Recommendation

You may ASK US for a safe Coumadin substitute and statin alternatives:

  • These are SAFE to use while your doctor monitors your progress for reducing your statins and Coumadin dosage.

Enjoy fewer symptoms of heart disease and less worry about statins and muscle pain, or statins and memory loss -- and the very real dangerous Coumadin side effects.

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Symptoms of Heart Disease? Best Diet for Heart Disease Causes: for High Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Womens Heart Disease and Natural Blood Thinner Foods

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