Forget Low Carb Diets & Low Fat Diets
for Healthy Eating for Toddlers and Kids

Don’t put kids on a low carb diet, but get healthy recipes for kids with good fats and unrefined carbs. Here's why:

  • Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy.

Instead, by eating “good carb” foods, kids will stay leaner than by eating the exact same amount of calories of “bad” carbohydrate foods, and be both thinner and healthier!

  • “Bad” carbs are the quick-burning carbohydrates in foods like white bread, white rice, most breakfast cereals and potatoes, that have given carbohydrates a bad name. And rightly so.

Why? Because "bad carbs" cause blood sugar to spike so that insulin is released telling the body to store the extra energy as fat.

  • The “good” carbs in foods such as old fashioned oats, lentils, beans, and pastas, are absorbed into the blood more slowly, giving a longer-lasting energy with less fat storage.

Studies have shown that children given a “good carb" breakfast (not low carb) thrive more and eat less during the day.  Find healthy recipes for kids with whole foods that are absorbed slowly into the blood.

Researchers Find “Better” Calories for Healthy Recipes for Kids

If your child is overweight, here's some ideas for a re-think for your family and healthy recipes for kids, and counting calories:

  • Here's what you will want to know about low carb vs good carbs and calories.

Obesity researchers fed two groups of mice the exact same amount of calories, all with an equal amounts of total calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates, but there was one big difference.

The one group got "bad carbs" that are quickly absorbed into the blood, (HIGH glycemic index) while the other group was fed "good carbs" that are slowly absorbed, (LOW glycemic index)

Both groups ate the SAME AMOUNT OF CALORIES.

After six months, the two groups gained the same amount of weight, but there were big differences:

  • But the HIGH glycemic index group had way more total body fat, and less lean tissue.
  • The "bad carbs" group had more fat in their blood and twice as much fat in their liver.

The lead researcher, Dr. David Ludwig, sounded the alarm about the extra fat in the liver of the “bad” carb group.

Why is that?

  • Because fatty liver disease, where five per cent or more of the liver cells are gorged with fat, is showing up in increasingly younger children, causing big health problems for them.

(Optimal Weight for Life Program, Children’s Hospital, Boston, in the journal Obesity)

Best get started on the "good carbs" early with healthy eating for toddlers

Why NOT Low Carbs for Healthy Recipes for Kids?

“BAD carbs” are the starchy refined carbohydrates that lead to storing energy as fat.

  • "Bad carbs" are: white bread, bagels, rice cakes, French fries, most breakfast cereals, e.g cornflakes, potatoes, steamed white rice, etc.

What does eating bad carbs do?

  • HIGH glycemic carbohydrates can raise blood sugar and insulin levels as much as an equivalent amount of table sugar.

The GOOD carbs are high fibre and LOW GLYCEMIC:

  • beans
  • lentils
  • vegetables
  • some fruits
  • some pastas
  • whole grains such as brown rice
  • old fashioned oats
  • coarse unrefined breads.

Examples of low glycemic foods are:

  • Roasted salted peanuts, grapefruit, dried apricots, rye and stone-ground whole wheat bread, whole and skimmed milk, spaghetti, apples, pears, oranges, boiled carrots, peas, baked beans, canned tomato soup, All Bran, Special K, chick peas, and noodles.

 Why eat these? Because LOW glycemic carbohydrates make you feel fuller for longer and can protect the heart and arteries.

  • The once popular "low carb diet" fad has been replaced with low GI carbs, and of course, adding more fruits and vegetables.

You'll want these foods in healthy recipes for kids, and in healthy snack recipies for kids

Child Health Problems Caused by “Bad” Carbs

Experts are agreed that by eating a high-glycemic “bad” carb diet you're very likely to put on fat, especially in the liver.

This is a set up for life long health problems. Why?

Dr. Ludwig of the Optimum Weight for Life program at Children’s Hospital Boston, says that fatty liver disease is going to be one of the tragedies of the future unless we do something about it now.

His program is seeing fatty liver disease in children as old as 10 years, and this causes big problems. How?

  • If fat accumulates in the liver it cannot get rid of the body's fats and toxins effectively, causing tiredness, sluggishness and eventually to hepatitis, fibrosis and liver failure.

for Healthy recipes for kids, neither low carbs nor low fats are recommended. Instead, whole foods, with both “good” carbs and “good” fats are best for gradual weight loss.

Why Stop "fatty liver" with Healthy Recipes for Kids?

What is fatty liver disease?

A fatty liver stores fat rather than burning it.  Instead of removing fat, a liver which is fatty is doing the opposite of what it should be doing.

  • A healthy liver is the major fat-burning organ in the body. A healthy liver not only burns fat, but it can pump excess fat out of the body through the bile into the gut. A healthy liver is one of your biggest allies for weight loss.

If your liver is healthy you should not have problems controlling your weight, regardless of low carb or low fat diets.

But a fatty liver becomes a warehouse for fat and over the years becomes just a "bag of fat," unable to do its job.

So, should people with "fatty liver" go on a low fat diet?

Dr. Ludwig says that the findings about “bad” carbohydrates causing fat storage in the liver are giving new medical insights. Why?

  • Because low-fat diets have been the typical treatment, and this is shedding light on the fact that many children with fatty liver don't get better with a low fat diet.

It is turning out to be a misconception that the fat you eating goes into the liver, says Dr. Ludwig.

  • Fortunately, losing weight gradually does improve liver function and even reverse liver damage.

So, don’t bother with low carbs, but switch to “good” carbohydrates that can help to turn the tide.

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