Fitness Health News: Sitting causes
heart disease, diabetes, even if exercising

Health News on Fitness and Diabetes Natural Cures:

Yes, sitting too much causes heart disease, stroke and diabetes, says research, and could for some be a stroke warning sign:

  • Sitting without breaks wreaks havoc even if you exercise regularly after, or work out at the gym!
  • You can still be too sedentary even if you get enough exercise to be fit, new research is showing! What are they finding? Researchers found that the people who take frequent short breaks from sitting down are healthier than people who sit longer without getting up, even if they do get the same amount of exercise in total!

PEOPLE WHO DON'T SIT AS LONG at a stretch were found to have:

  1. slimmer WAISTS
  2. healthier HEARTS

(Reported in the European Heart Journal, by Genevieve Healy of the University of Queensland in Australia)

British researchers also showed that LONG BOUTS of uninterrupted SEDENTARY behavior carry RISKS that can’t be erased even if you get plenty of exercise at other times of the day!

  • Their study showed that those who accumulated more than 4 hours of sitting in front of a screen every day, were TWICE AS LIKELY to be hospitalized or DIE from a “major cardiac event” -- as compared to those who sat at a screen for 2 hours or less!

The scary part was that this relationship between sitting more than 4 hours, as compared to less than 2 hours, held true NO MATTER HOW MUCH EXERCISE THE SUBJECTS GOT OTHERWISE!

(This was a study of 4,512 adults over 4.3 years, reported in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Jan 2011)

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Health News: How Sitting Causes Heart Disease

Diabetes Natural Cures:

How can sitting too much lead to serious heart problems -- from mild stroke symptoms to diabetes or heart attacks?

  • Sitting and being inactive cause many harmful metabolic changes. Why?

When muscles don’t need any fuel, the fat remains in the bloodstream, causing havoc.

  • When we are inactive, the levels of an enzyme called “lipoprotein lipase” in the muscles drops.

This enzyme is needed to draw fat from the blood stream into the muscles, where it is burned as fuel.

  • When the muscles don’t need any fuel, the fat remains in the blood stream and wreaks havoc elsewhere in the body!

Researchers are finding a wide range of blood markers for heart disease, stroke warning signs and metabolic disorders e.g. diabetes, linked to the amount of un-interrupted SEDENTARY TIME people have in a day.

How Much Exercise to Lose Fat & Stop Heart Disease?

Diabetes Natural Cures

Animal research and the few studies done on humans, suggest that as long as the muscle is contracting, regardless of how long the intensity is, it will prevent you from experiencing the metabolic problems of being sedentary.

  • This means that doing household chores and simple tasks such as walking to a bathroom on another floor are enough to qualify as non-sedentary.

Whether or not simply standing up counts, is still not known yet, but the more breaks the better!

  • When researchers measured people’s movement patterns for 7 days in a row, they found that those who took the MOST breaks were significantly healthier than those who took the fewest breaks. This was independent of the total amount of sedentary time they all accumulated.

So, get up, and take a break now! People who took the most breaks had smaller waistlines by 4.1 cm on average, regardless of the total time of sitting they each had.

  • The general message from this research is clear: take frequent, short breaks from desks and couches!

Taking Breaks -- Diabetes Natural Cures

Diabetes Natural Cures --  What exercise is best?

Fortunately for “desk jockeys,” taking a break every 15 minutes will protect your waistline and against heart disease.

  • Unfortunately, people who sit uninterrupted for long times -- more than an hour -- have LARGER WAISTLINES and greater risks of HEART DISEASE and diabetes than those who take frequent breaks – EVEN IF THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF SEDENTARY TIME IS THE SAME.

We don’t yet know if just standing up counts, and researchers are scrambling to measure how many hours at a time you can stay seated before metabolic changes begin, so stay tuned, but get up and take a break – now!

  • So, before your doctor wants you to take diabetes or blood thinner medication to prevent a stroke, get a pedometer and set an i-phone for 15 minute breaks to avoid diabetes, a heart attack, serious or mild stroke symptoms.

You will be healthier and happier than if you go on blood thinner medications for the rest of your life with risky warfarin side effects.

Why a Coffee Break for Stroke Prevention?

Coffee helps as Diabetes Natural Cures?

Love drinking coffee? Then run up a flight of stairs and have a coffee! Why?

Researchers found a tasty, enjoyable way to ward off signs of a mini stroke or mini stroke warning signs! How?

  • Coffee drinkers could cut their risk for stroke by as much as 25% according to researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Stockholm.

For the study, the Swedish team collected data on 34,670 women, aged 49 to 83. All the women were part of the Swedish Mammography Cohort, which looked for associations between diet, lifestyle and disease.

  • Women who reported drinking one to two cups a day, three to four cups a day, or five or more cups had similar benefits, compared with women who drank less than a cup of coffee.

These results remained unchanged even after the researchers accounted for women who smoked, were over weight, had diabetes, high blood pressure, or drink a lot.

How does coffee benefit your heart as diabestes natural cures?

The researchers think that coffee may reduce inflammation, lower oxidative stress, and improve insulin resistance, which in turn could lower the risk for stroke.

  • Women who do not drink coffee may be increasing their risk of a stroke!

Source: Drink This to Slash Your Stroke Risk, Larsson, S.C., et al., "Coffee Consumption and Risk of Stroke in Women," Stroke, Mar. 10, 2011.

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  • Extra help as diabetes natural cure, to prevent blood clots, and a natural high blood pressure remedy.

You will want to try an l arginine nitric oxide supplement.  Why?

The Nobel Prize for Medicine for the role of nitric oxide was a breakthrough in being able to prevent a heart attack, stroke and blood clots naturally.

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Checklist for Diabetes Natural Cures Health Basics:

Here’s a Daily Healthy Eating Plan against heart disease, diabetes, a stroke or even risk mild stroke symptoms.


1) Coffee

2) Omegas, fish oils and healthy fats

3) Eat foods that are natural blood thinners

4) Eat bananas, beets and dark chocolate against hypertension – lowering high blood pressure without medication.

5) Use lots of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables e.g. spinach, greens, berries and blueberries to avoid stroke symptoms and help best with stroke recovery.

6) Get tips on how to reverse insulin resistance with foods as diabetes natural cures.

7) STAND UP & MOVE to prepare your food, and enjoy bending and stretching as you clean your kitchen or unload your dishes!

No need to go on blood thinner medications for prevention. You do not need to let your doctor scare you – better be pro-active and educate yourself!

Best anti-aging health news?  Best of natural cures? Get Up and  move, for type 2 and heart disease, stroke prevention and unwanted blood clots.

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