2 New Allergies Treatments for Kids:
Scientists Find Peanut Allergy Treatment Cure

Allergies treatments are going to be changing soon, especially child allergy treatment.

  • These are new immuno-therapy, natural allergy cures.

Most of us know kids with food allergies such as a peanut butter allergy.  Child allergy treatment fortunately includes an Epi pen for an emergency peanut allergy treatment. 

But, everyone still needs to be on constant guard for a severe reaction! School kids all know about nut allergies and peanut allergies, and often, nuts are banned. This is about to change.

  • Allergies treatments are going to do an about face. 
  • Rather than avoiding foods, like for a peanut butter allergy, doctors will instead be exposing kids with nut allergies to VERY small doses, and encourage babies to try these foods soon after weaning! Why?
  • In the future, instead of avoiding problem foods, we will likely want to expose our kids when very young, for a life without a food allergy.

Allergies treatments, such as peanut allergy treatment have been crisis treatments. We all know the warnings for nuts and peanut butter allergy in schools. And peanut allergies can result in death, due to anaphylaxic shock, so it is very serious. 

But this is soon to change…

Immune Therapy Allergies Treatments

The old crisis treatments could change drastically, soon. Why?

  • Researchers in Europe, the US and Canada are finding better food allergy treatments – milk allergies, nut allergies and other food allergies.
  • Scientists have successfully been giving micro doses of peanuts to kids with severe peanut allergies, so that eventually these kids can actually eat a few peanuts without ANY reaction or going into shock.
  • For instance, scientists in Cambridge, England, gave doses of 1/100 of a peanut to de-sensitize kids with serious peanut allergies. After a year, these kids could eat up to 5 peanuts a day without a problem. While this peanut allergy treatment is not a cure, it sure beats the risk of shock or death.

These kids still needed to keep taking a daily dose of the allergen, or the allergy would come back.  But this is better than living in fear, or having your whole school treat your peanut butter allergy by banning all peanuts!

How Are Peanut Allergy Treatments Going To Be Different?

Treatment for allergies is going to use “immune-therapy.” These 2 new allergies treatments are based new ways to deal with immune over-reaction:

  1. Very small dose exposure by a doctor to “de-sensitize” a child with nut allergies or peanut allergies.

Because allergies are reactions of the immune system to an unwanted or unrecognized food or irritant, thinking these foods to be a “threat.”  Sometimes the reaction is very sudden and life threatening.  Seemingly the immune system can be “trained” not to over-react.

The new food allergy advice for small kids will likely be to start to eat allergenic foods soon after they are weaned – shrimp, eggs, strawberries, peanut butter and so forth. They need exposure, rather than avoidance, will be the new theory against a food allergy.   

It will be understood that to expose babies and toddlers, they will need good immune defenses.  Only if they have a healthy variety of gut bacteria, will they be able to be allergy free for life.

    2.  RE-establishing friendly gut bacteria for better future allergies treatments.

Improving gut bacteria also stops this “over-reaction”  for a balanced immune response.  Auto immune responses like allergic reactions are being related to missing healthy gut bacteria. 

When there is an imbalance, it stimulates the “killer immune cells” to over react. But with a good balance of friendly bacteria in the gut, this immune response normalizes, and no longer goes “go over the top”  with  life-threatening response. This approach will revolutionize the treatment for allergies.

Scientists are learning that in order to get a healthy immune system, a child needs a variety of friendly bacteria in their gut! Yes, our gut is the keeper of healthy “bugs” or bacteria needed not only for digestion, but for a strong immune system.

  • Antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria. The good bacteria come back somewhat, but some never return. This causes immune problems by being “over” reactive.

A toddler’s immune system is still developing, and it seems that being exposed to a variety of foods and every day bacteria is best.  So stay tuned as researchers who are studying the “microbiome.”

  • There are hundreds of scientists  figuring out how to get the right “bugs” to keep the immune system happy and “balanced.”  No more need to go into crisis, with a life-threatening shut down – in reaction to a food that is generally not harmful.  Or to pollen, to dust, to bee stings, to strawberries, to shrimp, to eggs, etc.!

A baby’s or toddler’s immune system is still forming, and the new thinking is that the immune actually needs to be exposed to a wide variety of foods so it can recognize these as “friendly” rather than “harmful.”  This includes both foods and household bacteria! 

New Natural Allergy Cures

What’s a great source of friendly bacteria?

From vegetables you eat, and from the soil.  So you can give your kids organic veggies with only a rinse, or not. Or pull the carrot straight out of the ground and eat! It may be for a good reason that your toddler sits on the ground and happily eats dirt.

  • In fact, some scientists are saying that the best way to re-establish and get good gut bacteria, is to EAT DIRT!!   
  • Fermented vegetables such as sour kraut, increase friendly bacteria and can be helpful as natural allergy remedies.

So relax, and don’t clean up as much. Yes, keep them away from toxins and chemicals, but not from every day bacteria on your vegetables and household surfaces!

Forget anti-bacterial soaps! These kill most bacteria, except they leave the toughest bugs to multiply and cause havoc. Balance is the key! Wash your hands with soap, but not too much.

  • Your baby needs a large variety of “friendly” bacteria in his or her gut to prevent allergies. 

How do kids get the best start in life?

  • Scientists say that breast feeding and natural childbirth, rather than a C-section birth, helps to get the proper diversity established for a strong and healthy immune response without allergies. 

We certainly now know that taking antibiotics destroy these friendly gut bacteria.

Taking pro-bioitcs can help, but does not replace all needed friendly bacteria. Here's what researchers have found about probiotics as natural allergy remedies.

Child Allergy Treatment: Probiotic Immune System Help?

Scientists know that probiotics have an "immune modulating" or immune regulating effect.

  • Probiotics are in fact effective only as a child allergy treatment for babies, and they do prevent child allergies if the mother takes probiotics during her pregnancy.

Alongside a peanut allergy treatment, though, probiotics have been found to be  very effective. 

Probiotics did in fact improve the results of immune peanut allergy treatment, according to a study done by Dr. Mimi L.K. Tang, a paediatric allergist and immunologist in Melbourne Australia.

Adding Probiotics made immunnotherapy more effective as a peanut allergy treatment for kids, according to the research headed by Dr. Tang:

See: Peanut Allergy Oral Immunotherapy Treatment

Your Best Successful Allergies Treatment?

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We hope that you are inspired that there is help for your child allergy treatment, by the new allergies treatments research.

  • If your child has a severe peanut and butter allergy, you will want to get medical immuno-therapy for food allergy desensitization. There may already be clinics in your area offering such allergies treatments.

We wish you success in finding a natural allergy treatment for a sometimes food allergy e.g. an occasional shrimp allergy, egg allergy, strawberry allergy, milk allergy, food allergy rash, to more serious, life threatening nut allergies, peanut allergies and bee stings.

  • Please let us know your success in finding an immuno-therapy child allergy treatment that worked for your child.

More about toddlers eating healthy and healthy kids snacks

Sources: Study of peanut desensitization as a child allergy treatment with immune therapy.

Child Allergy Treatment: 2 Allergies Treatments for Peanut Butter Allergy and Better Peanut Allergy Treatment

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