Is Autism Genetic? Triggers of Autism: 
Treatment that Sees Amazing Changes

Is autism genetic?

Yes and no. While researchers have found  "common gene variants" called “polymorphisms,” they also say say that these have to be  "derailed" by things like environmental "triggers."

The good news is that scientists have found a new "trigger" that is leading them to a more effective, natural autism treatment! 

  • Early results are showing autism symptoms being reversed!

Parents can now get scientific backing for their "trial and error" search for natural help in fighting autism symptoms. 

The "is autism genetic debate" has been a source of frustration for parents, who knew about some of these "triggers," but had to find their own way through the maze, for help.

 So what's new?

So is autism genetic? Yes, genetics are involved in autism, but genetics is just part of a chain of events.

  • Scientists think that the genes that are affected, in turn disturb “pathways” in the body that can lead to chronic inflammation in the brain, the immune system, and in the digestive system.

Is Autism Genetic? Yes, but not only...

Autism treatment is no longer hopeless with the intervention of nutraceutical protein supplements.

Is autism genetic?

  • Yes, in part, but scientists are giving a new emphasis to the interaction between vulnerable genes and environmental triggers – giving credibility to what parents have reported for decades!

Parents have long suspected that:

  • Low-dose, multiple toxic and infectious exposures may be a major contributing factor to autism and its related disorders.

So, is autism genetic?

Experts now think that a child's genes would “load the gun,” but extra factors in the environment would end up “pulling the trigger” that causes autism.

  • Doctors who are using this new information are finding ways to re-balance the overactive immune system against the brain and gut inflammation of children with autism.

 New Natural Autism Treatment

Scientists are confirming what parents have known, that:

The devastating derangements of autism show up not only in the brain, but they also show up in the gut and in the immune system.

  • This unexpected discovery is sparking a new autism treatment focus for the whole body, and not just the brain.

Is autism genetic? “I no longer see autism as a disorder of the brain but as a disorder that affects the brain,” says Martha Herbert.

  • Martha Herbert is a Harvard pediatric neurologist and author of a paper in the journal Clinical Neuropsychiatry  that re-defines autism in a way that does not isolate the brain from the rest of the body.

Here's what Dr. Herbert says about autism, that can help parents find an effective autism treatment:

Autism also affects the immune system and the gut. I can’t think of it as a coincidence anymore that so many autistic kids have a history of allergies, eczema, or chronic diarrhea.

One very striking piece of evidence many have noticed is that when autistic children go in for certain diagnostic tests and are told not to eat or drink anything ahead of time, parents often report their child’s symptoms improve—until they start eating again after the procedure.

If symptoms can improve in such a short time frame simply by avoiding exposure to foods, then we’re looking at some kind of chemically driven ‘software’ — perhaps immune system signals—that can change fast.

  • This means that at least some of autism probably comes from a kind of metabolic encephalopathy—a system wide process that affects the brain -- just like cirrhosis of the liver affects the brain.”

Is autism genetic? Yes but that is not the whole story, as parents have long known.

Fortunately science is not helping in the fight against autism symptoms by finding a natural treatment!

 Is Autism genetic and what are triggers?

Even though each child’s path to autism is unique, say the experts, they likely share common things that lead to inflammation and abnormal behavior.

Here's triggers and factors implicated as autism causes:

  • vaccine reactions
  • low-grade environmental toxins
  • atypical growth in the placenta
  • abnormal tissue in the gut
  • inflamed tissue in the brain
  • food allergies
  • disturbed brain wave synchrony

Dr. Martha Herbert has shown that the end result of different triggers is similar.

Using "morphometric brain imaging", she has found that the white matter which carries impulses between neurons, is larger in children with autism.

Fighting Autism Symptoms

Is it possible that the white matter of the brain can become chronically inflamed?

Very likely the case, according to the research of Dr. Carlos Pardo, who is a neurologist at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Dr. Pardo says that immune problems are typical autism symptoms.

Here's what his study, published in the journal called the Annals of Neurology said about inflammation in immune-responsive brain cells.

“We had brain tissue from autistic individuals as young as 5 and as old as 45 and we found neuroglial inflammation in all of them. Neuroglia are a group of brain cells that are important in the brain’s immune response.

  • This inflammatory reaction appears to happen both early and late in the course of the disorder.

If this happens early, it could dramatically influence brain development. We’re very excited about this research because one potential treatment approach, then, is to down regulate the brain’s immune response.”

  • Autism treatment now includes an autism diet, supplements and neutraceuticals against viruses and inflammation.

Natural Autism Treatment for the Gut and Brain

You may ASK US about:

  • The immune protein against inflammation for re-balancing the immune system.
  • Reports of how this protein can dramatically improve the behavior of autistic children and adults:

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New Findings: Autism Metabolic Genomics

A number of researchers are answering "is autism genetic?" and finding new keys to solving the riddle.

The research being done by Dr. Jill James, the director of the Autism Metabolic Genomics Laboratory at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute, has found that:

  • Many children with autism do not make as much of a compound called glutathione as normal children do.

Why is that a big problem?

  • Glutathione is the cell’s most abundant antioxidant, and it is crucial for removing toxins.

If cells lack sufficient antioxidants, they experience oxidative stress, which is often found with chronic inflammation.

  • Glutathione “feeds the immune” and helps regulate the inflammatory response.

Fortunately, proven glutathione-building proteins can be taken as a drink to add to your child's autism diet.

More of the Mystery Unraveled for Fighting Autism Symptoms

That many children with autism have low production of glutathione may explain both the toxin and the immune system connection. Why?

  • Glutathione is the body’s detoxifier, so that this detoxification “defense system” is deficient, there can be an “inflammatory response.”
  • Glutathione also "feeds the immune system" and helps to regulate an "over-active" immune response.

This is why a glutathione-building supplement may be essential for anyone with autism symptoms children and adults!

There is a growing sense among experts that our heavily industrialized, chemical-soaked environment—and the way it acts on vulnerable genes in some individuals—may be a major culprit.

  • In December 2006, Harvard researchers announced in the journal The Lancet that industrial chemicals may be impairing the brain development of children around the entire world! Never mind anyone with mild symptoms of autism or worse.

And at a November 2006 conference at the University of California at Davis’s M.I.N.D. Institute, Pessah gathered experts to discuss the clinical implications of environmental toxicology in autism.

Scientists discussed the enormous number of chemicals in our environment and how little we know about chronic, low-dose, multiple exposures and their effect on diseases like autism.

  • A new approach to autism treatment is based on these new scientific findings.

You will want to improve the “detox – pathways” and the immune system of a child with autism.

  • Try a proven immune protein to decrease inflammation in the gut and the brain. 

New Help for Fighting Autism Symptoms

Scientists are now helping to solve the autism treatment mystery:

  • “In spite of so many years of assumptions that a brain disorder like this is not treatable, we’re helping kids get better.  So it can’t just be genetic, prenatal, hardwired, and hopeless."

Says Harvard pediatric neurologist Martha Herbert, giving new hope for autism treatment.

You will hopefully try a new autism treatment for your autistic child.

The "is autism genetic" debate is finally leading to real answers in fighting autism symptoms.

Yes, there are mysteries still,  but autism treatment for triggers is getting results.

  • You have probably already found an autism diet that works. But now there is more help with glutathione-building proteins.

We invite you to Contact Us for testimonials and the science for fighting autism symptoms naturally. 

Is Autism Genetic? New Natural Autism Treatment  for Fighting Autism Symptoms

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