Not Eating Healthy When Pregnant?
How Moms Eating Junk Food Pass It On!

Not eating healthy when pregnant or breast feeding?

Why not wait till your baby starts to eat solid food to eat healthy?

  • You may want to make changes NOW. Why? Because researchers say that food preferences are programmed BEFORE a child is born, AND while you are still breast feeding.

If during your pregnancy you had a diet of fries, processed food, donuts, muffins, sweets and soda, your baby will automatically prefer these foods!

Why ONLY healthy eating during pregnancy?

Children whose mothers eat junk food during pregnancy are already being programmed to:

  • overeat
  • choose an unhealthy diet
  • grow obese later in life

How did scientists find out about the effects of not eating healthy when pregnant?

Doctors already knew that children born to overweight or obese mothers are more likely to be overweight. But now they found that this tendency is already being programmed BEFORE birth.

And it’s NOT just genetics, according to a study done at the Royal Veterinary College in London England, because researchers showed:

  • A direct link to what the mothers eat and how it affects the children, because the fetuses are already getting used to this junk food BEFORE they are born!

Researchers took two groups of pregnant rats and gave one a diet of junk food such as donuts, muffins and sweets and fed the other nutritional pellets.

  • Surprisingly, there was no effect on birth weight. But when the young rats were weaned, the animals whose mothers were NOT eating healthy when pregnant: put on weight more quickly, already had a taste for junk food, and were gorging.

The researchers think that these young ones are indulging because they need more sugary foods to activate the “pleasure centers” in the brain to the same level of satisfaction as the others.

(N. Stickland, British Journal of Nutrition, 2007)

Healthy Eating when Pregnant & Breast Feeding


Why plan on breast feeding EXCLUSIVELY for the first 6 months of your baby's life?

The longer you breast feed, the more YOU are protected against diseases like breast cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • With longer breast feeding, your baby will also have a higher IQ, less chance for asthma and allergies, and be protected against future heart disease later in life! How good is that?

We hope that you will take the time to bond with and breast feed your baby. You will both get life-long benefits.

Best Eating Healthy When Pregnant?

It is easier when you are pregnant to choose the foods you will want your baby to like!

By choosing healthy foods NOW you will be able to help prevent overweight for the rest of their life

  • Your chances of having a comfortable pregnancy, a safe delivery and a healthy infant are dramatically improved if you are on an excellent diet.

There is lots of help in your community for you, your baby and family getting healthy, and here’s links about healthy eating aimed at children:

  • Allergies Healthy Eating Plan for TODDLERS Eating Healthy

Help for Water Retention - Endema, Hypertension & Diabetes

There is a NATURAL medical discovery to overcome endema, high blood pressure and diabetes in pregnancy!

  • Many pregnant women are susceptible to high blood pressure and endema – the accumulation of water in the tissues.
  • These can lead to eclampsia which is very serious. Others become diabetic while pregnant.

The good news is that endema, high blood pressure and diabetes can be helped by adding a SAFE medical protein supplement.

How does this protein help diabetes, ecampsia, high blood pressure and endema?

This protein stimulates the production of glutathione -- the PROTECTIVE molecule!

Researchers have consistently found glutathione levels of hypertensive pregnant mother to be very low:

  • When pregnancy is complicated by hypertension there is a drop in the antioxidant function of the mother, so that her glutathione levels are VERY low.
  • All diabetic patients are also subject to higher levels of free radical production, low glutathione, and as a result, their babies are at higher risk for developmental problems.

These conditions can be LESSENED. 

ASK US about taking the nutritional pre-cursors for your body to make more glutathione with a SAFE and proven supplement.

What' Safe for Endema, Hypertension, Diabetes in Pregnancy?

Want SAFE SUPPLEMENTS for BEST healthy eating for pregnant women?

You may ASK US:

About a SAFE PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT proven to boost glutathione, to help you overcome:

• endema

• high blood pressure

• pre-eclampsia

• problems of diabetes and breast feeding

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Not Eating Healthy While Pregnant?

We hope that you have found our research helpful.

Whether you have just early pregnancy symptoms or if you are closer to delivery, we hope we have inspired you to make a healthy diet plan now.

  • Yes, your pregnancy diet has to suit your lifestyle. But don't kid yourself if you know that you do not feel good about some of your habits.
  • You do not want to have an unhealthy child later, and then be sorry for not eating healthy while pregnant.

All the best with your pregnancy and your enjoy your new, precious baby!

Best For Eating Healthy When Pregnant and Breast Feeding:

  • DARK CHOCOLATE  good for High Blood Pressure?

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