How to Reverse Insulin Resistance &
Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally  

How to reverse insulin resistance for diabetes type 2?  Or do you want to take less medications?  Why find your best diet for insulin resistance now?

Because you CAN reverse type 2 diabetes naturally!

Insulin is the fat storage hormone.  With insulin resistance, your body makes more and more insulin, but the cells have built up a resistance to using it -- and this begins decades before a diagnosis of diabetes.  Why act now?

Reverse type 2 diabetes naturally with the best diet for insulin resistance
  • Insulin resistance decreases cognitive ability, and will shorten your life!

Unfortunately, your meds won’t help solve the causes of insulin resistance, nor help you live longer!

Neither will the medication help you avoid a fatal heart attack, according to a large study reported in the prestigious journal, The Lancet.    (the ACCORD randomized trial of 10,000 patients)

So what to do? Sure, we all know that we have to eat less, and move more!  But there is more.

  • Although the American Diabetes Association guidelines say that Diabetes type 2 is a progressive disease, there are nevertheless doctors who are successfully helping diabetes type 2 reverse!
  • And, here are surprises for the best diet for insulin resistance, and for insulin resistance supplements that work: 

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance # 1

  • Take a therapeutic dosage of vitamin D 3.

 How could low vitamin D3 possibly be one of the causes of insulin resistance?

Best insulin resistance supplements include vitamin D3 and sunshine

Researchers found that people who had the lowest vitamin D3 levels, also had higher insulin levels and insulin resistance, or "pre-diabetes." (J Clin Diagn Res. 2013Nov;7)

How does insulin work with vitamin D? 

  • Scientists explain that vitamin D plays a role in processing calcium, so that it then acts as an essential messenger needed for insulin secretion. 
  • That is how low vitamin D leads to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2.

How to reverse insulin resistance? You can begin by getting your blood levels of vitamin D3 checked to avoid diabetes type 2.  Even if you live in a sunny place! Why?

When they checked people who live in Hawaii, half had low blood levels of vitamin D3. And in Australia, which does not lack sunshine, it was found that elderly people often are low in Vitamin D and tend to get fractures as a result.

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance # 2

What about foods to prevent diabetes? Here's a good place to start:

Eat rye bread for your carbs!

Eating whole rye bread rather than whole wheat or oat meal, they found, can improve insulin sensitivity.

Best diet for insulin resistance can include whole kernel rye and pumpernickel for carbs!

There are studies showing changes in diabetes "gene expression" after eating rye bread.

Researchers found that rye, but not whole wheat or oats reduces the inflammation caused by fat accumulation and improves insulin sensitivity. (Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2010 May;20)

Most rye bread is not 100% rye, so if you decide to switch, best to find a good bakery, and bread with rye kernels and the most rye flour.

  • In another study, whole grain rye bread is credited to improvements in blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. ( J Agric Food Chem, 2013 May 29)

These researchers also found changes in “gene expression” as a result of eating whole grain rye bread, in effect, switching off a diabetes gene. 

So, what’s to lose by switching to high quality pumpernickel or rye bread?  

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance # 3

How to reverse pre diabetes: Eat real, not packaged food, fruits and veggies.

Here's what scientists say about an insulin resistance diet:

Eat less saturated fats and fructose, and more fruits, vegetables and legumes, even if you are NOT overweight.

  • That may mean checking the ingredients of every single package and can of food in your house for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Then don't buy it again and or throw it out!

Researchers found that eating a “high fat” and refined, “high fructose corn syrup” diet even with a normal amount of calories, even if you are not overweight, leads to insulin resistance, metabolic problems and atherosclerosis.

Eventually these lead to high blood pressure, belly fat, insulin resistance and heart disease. (Atherosclerosis. 2010 Nov;213(1):148-55.)

  • By contrast, a diet rich in fruits, legumes, vegetables, cereals, dairy, fish and eggs was found to decrease the chances of middle aged women having metabolic syndrome.  (Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2009;18(2):285-92.)

So, we already know that being over weight or obese and insulin resistance go hand in hand...

But even if you are NOT overweight, combining saturated fat with high fructose corn syrup, will cause problems!

  • Keep the omegas, fish oils, olive oil, and walnuts, which have been shown to be protective of heart disease in many studies. These also improve insulin sensitivity, and help reduce belly fat.

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance # 4

Can herbs and spices be used as insulin resistance supplements?

Yes, as well as botanicals from traditional medicine, long used to improve insulin sensitivity.  Here’s ones that have been shown to work:

How can you treat diabetes with herbs and spices?
  • Cinnamon fat loss has been confirmed by scientists as well as the cinnamon diabetes connection. Cinnamon helps with insulin resistance and has even been shown to improve Alzheimer’s Disease’s problems of brain insulin signaling. (PLoS One. 2013 Dec 13)

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract works to reverse fat accumulation and insulin resistance.   Scientists say that it “down regulates” the genes involved in fat accumulation that cause inflammation in fat tissues.  (Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2014;2014.)

  • The Moringa Oleifera plant is used to treat diabetes type 2 in traditional medicine, and has been shown to improve insulin resistance. You can buy moringa powder to add to smoothies.
  • Curcumin, a spice used in curry, does all kinds of good things for you! It significantly improved insulin resistance, in a study reported in Metabolism. 2008 Nov;57(11):1576-83.
  • Piperine, an extract of pepper, has been shown to reverse insulin resistance and improve blood sugars in high fat fed mice (50 mg/kg body weight) (Food Chem. 2013 Dec 15)

  • Oroxylum indicum stem bark, is used traditionally in India, and has been clinically shown to significantly improve insulin sensitivity. ( J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci. 2013 Dec)
  • Chinese herbal medicine such as the Fructus Mume formula has been shown to help  insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic rats. (J Integr Med. 2014 May.)
  • Resveratrol, the polyphenol in red wine, has been shown to extend life span and to improve insulin resistance in mice. 

By using herbs and spices as supplements, you're closer to an insulin resistance diet. How to reverse insulin resistance will be less of a mystery!

  How to Reverse Insulin Resistance # 5

High insulin makes you be hungry and get cravings, creating a vicious cycle
  • Why cut out processed foods, especially HIGH FRUCTOSE corn syrup?

Here’s how you can explain your insulin resistance or diabetes type 2 even if you are NOT overweight!

  • Researchers point that exposure to both fructose and to saturated fats, even before birth, causes insulin resistance problems later in life!

High fructose corn syrup is in most processed foods, and causes insulin resistance, weight gain and excess belly fat more than other sugars.

In fact, researchers found that exposure to these can already “program” you before you are born, for problems later in life!  (Eur J Nutr. 2010 Sep)

  • So, best to read all labels for fructose and to cut down on fats except for fish oil, olive oil and omegas!  

  How to reverse Insulin Resistance # 6

Include walnuts in your best diet for insulin resistance!

Take mineral supplements and increase fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes rich in minerals.  

  • Walnuts, for instance, contain Ellagic acid (EA) a polyphenol which helps against obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and atherosclerosis!

Blood sugar problems are associated with mineral deficiencies. Why?

Typically, trace minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium, Manganese and Iron are lower in the blood of diabetics or people who are insulin resistant. Excessive amounts are excreted in the urine, as well as being low in their diet to begin with.

  • Many studies have shown the protective effect of magnesium against insulin resistance.  Insulin resistant people who were not yet diabetic, they found, have a LOW level of magnesium in their diet. 

They recommend increasing magnesium-rich foods or using magnesium supplements to improve insulin sensitivity.  (Nutrients. 2013 Sep 27.)

Eat lots of leafy greens as natural remedies for diabetes 2

Magnesium rich foods are:

  • leafy greens, seeds and nuts – almonds, pumpkin seeds --  beans and lentils, avocados, low fat dairy, squash, fish, brown rice.

Take extra mineral supplements to improve insulin sensitivity while improving your diet. Why?

  • Minerals are needed for enzymes and proteins to work properly, and they are important for various “biochemical pathways” -- for cells to communicate – and to “hear” the signals given by insulin.  

How to reverse insulin resistance?  You can certainly start by adding more mineral rich foods and supplements.

Why Add Insulin Resistance Supplements?

How to reverse insulin resistance quickly and SAFELY? 

You may want to consider extra help from a proven ALL-in-ONE heart disease supplement.  Why?

Heart disease disability is the main worry for diabetes.

Meet Dr. Harry, who has a PhD in nutrition and is dedicated to "NO more heart disease!" 

Just the main ingredient, arginine, has been scientifically shown to: 

Improve blood sugar, diabetes type 2, reduce risk of blood clots and strokes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, melt away plaque, and improve memory.

ENHANCED with AstraGin, it is outstanding for natural blood sugar control.

Nature's own catalyst, has been shown in cell, animal and human studies to:

  • Increase insulin sensitivity by 88%
  • Increase glucose absorption by 57%
  • decrease blood sugar level by 19%

SEE VIDEO and ARTICLES  with Dr. Harry 

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance: # 7 Add Salt? 

Eat avocados to start to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally!

Best diet for insulin resistance includes both SALT and FATS.

  • Surprisingly, eating avocado helps normalize blood lipids -- harmful fats in the blood! This can help you reverse type 2 diabetes naturally!

Salt is also NEEDED for insulin sensitivity!

Surprise! Lowering your salt intake, as recommended for high blood pressure, can actually cause insulin resistance, so don’t go crazy on lowering salt intake. (Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2014 Feb 8. )

  • So yes, eat less deli meats and processed, packaged and canned foods high in sodium.

To improve insulin resistance, however, BALANCE your sodium with enough potassium for good health, not just eliminate the sodium, or salt.

How to do this?

You guessed it!  Eat more beans, lentils, dark leafy greens, avocado, fish, brown rice,  yogurt… 

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance # 8

Best diet for insulin resistance can include pomegranates for lowering blood pressure

Here's how to reverse insulin resistance -- “boot camp” style.

Try a Fruit-atarian Diet if you need to make serious changes!

Now here’s something counter intuitive, but read on!

  • A diet of mainly fruit improved insulin resistance within 48 hrs in older research rats, and within 12 weeks they had reversed the problems of old age -- obesity, insulin resistance and low physical activity.

With this diet they became as they had been when 2 months old – they lost their fat, got more active and regained normal insulin sensitivity!  (Aging Cell. 2014 Jun 17)

What was the secret? After being told to regulate your blood sugar forever, you are going to say that fruit is too high in sugar, yes?

  • Well, maybe not. It appears that a diet that restricts methione, works to increase insulin sensitivity BETTER than just lowering calories.

Best diet for insulin resistance had fruits such as oranges - eaten whole, not just the juice.

Methione is an essential protein, but keeping methione very low seems to work better than a low calorie diet, which we already know about. Why?

Because physical activity increased, while at the same time the research animals were eating more food in total than the control group which just had only their calories lowered.

So yes, we do know that a low calorie diet is anti aging and improves insulin sensitivity. 

However, those on a methione restricted diet increased their food intake and physical activity as compared to the control group which had only calorie restrictions.

What foods are high in methione that are cut out?

  • Mainly animal protein such as dairy, eggs, beef, poultry, pork, fish as well as soy products are cut out altogether.
  • Seeds, nuts, legumes and grains are also restricted, but not overall food intake.
  • Fruit needs to be eaten whole, with no added sugars to increase the glycemic load.
  • A juice fast is recommended by some if you have a juicer, but best to stick to eating fruit and drinking water.

Might be worth a 48 hour try to see how you feel with better insulin sensitivity. You will hopefully find out how to reverse insulin resistance fast!

Certainly, researchers can get people off their diabetes meds in as little as 3 weeks with an insulin resistance diet of vegetables, fruits and nuts, which is considered to be a diabetes cure - though it could come back by going back to old habits.  

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance: Why not just take Meds?

Avoid danger and add natural remedies for diabetes 2

Taking medications to manage your blood sugar and to increase insulin may NOT be the best long term solution.

The medications may even give you a false sense of confidence!


  • In a study, called the randomized ACCORD TRIAL, where they followed over 10,000 patients, they found that the medication did not really help. What happened?

In the group that had their blood sugar lowered most aggressively, there were no fewer heart attacks, and this group in fact had more deaths. (The Lancet, Volume 376, Pages 419 - 430, 7 August 2010)

Lifestyle and diet changes work better to reverse insulin resistance.

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance for Good

Here's how people are turning diabetes around and saying good bye to meds! 

STOP to see Dr. Hallberg's best diet for insulin resistance to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally

Dr. Sarah Hallberg says that insulin makes you fat because it is the hunger hormone! 

When you are "insulin resistant" your body makes MORE insulin which makes you HUNGRY so you eat more.

She has her patients eat only foods that don't cause insulin spikes so they are no longer hungry and craving the wrong foods. 

  • Find out how Dr. Hallberg has diabetes type 2 reverse for her patients by putting them on the best diet for insulin resistance. 

She says you have to IGNORE the typical type 2 diet menu suggested by the American Diabetes Association, the ADA.

See also:

Not all people who are insulin resistant are overweight.  We hope you will find YOUR best diet for insulin resistance against signs type 2 diabetes. Knowing how to reverse insulin resistance is hopefully not a mystery anymore!

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