Statin Alternatives: Medically Proven
Natural Cures for High Cholesterol

What are the best statin alternatives scientists have found?

  • Don't want statins side effects? 
  • Wonder about high cholesterol medication's long term effects?

If you want to avoid low energy, statins and memory loss or muscle pain – the common statins side effects – you will be happy to know there are breakthrough health discoveries for naturally unclogging your arteries and dissolving blood clots.

  • Yes, scientists have won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, giving us natural cures for high cholesterol.

Their work with NO (nitric oxide) showed us how to prevent a heart attack and stroke naturally, with medically proven statin alternatives.

  • You CAN lower cholesterol with all natural supplements and foods that lower cholesterol discovered by scientists. So why not avoid statin side effects!

Yes, says Dr. Ignarro, he discovered the “magic bullet” for you to reverse clogged arteries, chest pain and plaque in the coronary arteries, providing time-tested natural, scientifically proven statin alternatives.

CardioForLife - Arginine

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Natural alternatives to statins work differently.

How do statins work? They BLOCK your liver from making LDL cholesterol. Sounds good? Not really.

  • Liver problems, energy problems, statins and memory loss and statin drug muscle weakness are common statin side effects.
  • Your doctor might recognize “statin induced myopathy” or statin drug muscle weakness.
  • But symptoms will vary from person to person. Statins and memory loss are also commonly found by researchers.

Why statins and memory loss?

Because cholesterol is needed to make essential hormones and for your brain to think! (read memory) People with low cholesterol do not do as well on memory and cognitive tests as people with higher cholesterol, say scientists.

The trouble is that your doctor may dismiss or underestimate both your statins muscle pain as well as statins and memory loss.

(Simvastatin side effects, pravastatin etc. side effects are often not recognized)

  • And people tend to blame their age instead of recognizing statin side effects such as a statin drug muscle weakness.

Researchers are now also reporting DIABETES to be among the side effects of statins! (Yunsheng Ma, Annals of Internal Medicine)

Unfortunately, your doctor won't likely recognize YOUR symptoms as statins side effects:

How Do Statin Alternatives Work?

Fortunately, there are proven foods and supplements that will lower your high cholesterol, along with exercise.

How do these natural agents work?

  • Instead of BLOCKING your liver from making (bad) LDL cholesterol with statins, they restore balance and STOP plaque buildup in the arteries, and increase (good) HDL cholesterol.

If you already have heart disease, you will want to add the best supplements while you start a healthy diet and exercise.

You will want to use Dr. Ignarro's discoveries how to stop a heart attack or stroke from happening to YOU.

Unfortunately, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ignarro found that doctors don’t read science, and don't know about his discovery.

  • So, to get the word out, he decided to tell YOU and ME directly, about what works to STOP a heart attack and stroke by writing this book:  

NO More Heart Disease!

And, to get this discovery to you and me, Dr. Harry Elwardt, who has a PhD in nutrition, worked with Dr. Ignarro to develop THIS tasty supplement nitric oxide boosting:

  • We invite you to read articles and watch a VIDEO by Dr. Harry

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Side Effects of Statins: Low Energy

If you are taking high cholesterol medication you will want to know what's the fuss about coenzyme q10 and statins.

Coenzyme q 10 and statins are usually recommended together because statins rob you of your energy. How?

  • Statin drugs not only BLOCK the liver from making LDL cholesterol, but also, the liver’s ability to make another important enzyme called coq 10.

This enzyme is needed for energy production by your body, so that is why supplements of coq10 statins are recommended together.

  • You will want to add a coq 10 supplement to your high cholesterol medication help avoid statins muscle pain.
  • But if you are worried about memory loss, you will want to know more about statins and memory loss.

Best Natural Statin Alternatives for You?

If you suspect you are getting statins side effects such as statins muscle pain -- you can SAFELY add proven supplements as alternatives to statins so your doctor can reduce your medications.

Statins and memory loss are also common.

  • Irregular heart beat or AFIB?
  • You may ASK US to make a recommendation for the best statin alternatives for you:

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Statin Alternatives Links:

We hope our research and articles on statins side effects are helpful.

  • If you are checking into statin alternatives, you will want to know l arginine benefits against heart disease, as the “Molecule of the year” of the American Academy of Science that has over 84,000 medical studies.

Arginine is FDA approved for heart disease, and is the ideal supplement for REVERSING high blood pressure, high cholesterol AND preventing blood clots:

A natural substance, l Arginine will reduce your LDL or BAD cholesterol, so you can avoid statin drugs muscle weakness.

  • Arginine also functions to reduce blood clots so it is an ideal natural Coumadin alternative, so you no longer have to worry about statins and memory loss, muscle pain, or dangerous warfarin side effects.

Why worry about side effects of statins if you don't have to?

We recommend that you try the best arginine supplement we have found and tested:

Best, recommended l arginine ENHANCED formula  

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