Want to Avoid Statins Side Effects? 
The ABC’s of Statin Alternatives

Statins side effects are ignored, while their benefits are vastly exaggerated.  Half of people who get a heart attack do NOT have high cholesterol.

  • Statins and muscle pain is known, but did you know that statins cause heart failure? After all, the heart is a muscle!

  • Statins and memory loss is recognized. (Lipitor memory thief) But did you know that statins cause problems not only for your brain and heart, but also for your liver –  feeling tired anyone?  
  • And if you have Floaters in your eyes, these are likely the side effects of statins.  Statins are being linked to an increase in ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease and to cancer

Fortunately, there are proven natural statin alternatives, both foods and supplements.

Watch this video to find out “Why You Don’t Need Statins” by Dr. Bob De Maria:

Are Statins Working FOR or AGAINST You?

Yes, Statins do block your liver from making cholesterol.  Never mind that you NEED cholesterol for your brain to work and not be confused, and that you NEED cholesterol to make hormones for your thyroid, testosterone, and so forth, but here’s the catch...

Statins block processes that are essential for your health and wellbeing: 

  • Statins block your liver from making an enzyme called CoQ10 which is needed by every cell in your body for ENERGY.  And, your liver is your body’s filter, so if it is not in good shape, you will be tired, or worse. Doctors’ tests can only catch “liver problems” farther down the road, when your liver is barely functioning, at 40% of its capacity or less.
  • Statins side effects are a direct result of this blocking action – because cholesterol -lowering medication blocks vital “pathways” in your body. Find out how, in this video:

Watch here how Dr. Yoseph, PhD, explains How Statins Lower Your Cholesterol -- and Kill You One Cell at A Time:

Could you have these statins side effects?

Why risk the dangerous statins side effects of:

  • Heart failure – statin cardiomyopathy, or a serious kidney disease called Rhabdomyolysis?

  • What about coenzyme q10 and statins? Using statins causes a deficiency of the enzyme called CoQ10, with symptoms of fatigue and muscle pain and weakness.  (statin induced myopathy)
  • Complications of using statins can include blood clots and cardiac arrest.
  • Statins also causes liver damage, causing fatigue. The symptoms of this are dark colored urine, and yellowing of the skin and eyes. Dark urine can also mean kidney problems.

  • Statins side effects also include damage to the nervous system, resulting in peripheral neuropathy. This begins with tingling in the hands and the feet. Even if you take a relatively low dose, the chances of getting sensory neuropathy is 14 times as higher for people using statins than those who don’t.
  • Not only are statins and memory loss linked, but mental confusion, mood changes, hostility and aggression can result from using one of the long list of statin drugs.
  • Your chances of getting type 2 diabetes is increased by 50% if you are a long term statin users.  Cancer and ALS is also being linked to statin use.

Watch MIT scientists Raymond Francis explain these serious side effects of statins:

Finding the Best Statin Alternatives for YOU

You may ASK US for a personal recommendation for:

  • Safe best health supplements to prevent a heart attack, stroke and blood clots
  • Proven artery clearing supplements that can safely be taken alongside your medications
  • Best Simvastatin side effects muscle pain alternative

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Alternatives to statins, include fruits, vegetables and natural supplements.

Now that you know that you NEED cholesterol, you can focus on getting healthy so you no longer need to worry about a heart attack or a stroke.  Here are links to help:

Hopefully your simvastatin side effects muscle pain will be a thing of the past and you will feel YOUNG again!


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