Alternative for Lipitor? Why clear plaque in
arteries naturally & say goodbye to meds?

Why a natural alternative for Lipitor?

Lipitor medication side effects include memory loss, diabetes, myalgia, or muscle ache, and muscle pain. 1

  • Symptoms such as memory loss and muscle pain from statins are usually blamed on your age -- not on your cholesterol meds. 

For the long term you may want a natural alternative for Lipitor. Why? 

1. To avoid Lipitor or Simvastatin side effects. Yes there are serious side effects of statins.

2. Their very effectiveness is being questioned.  Especially  the Lipitor side effects on women!

  • Scientists are now finding that this high cholesterol medication tends only help for men's heart disease -- only for men under the age of 70 -- but not for women or for the elderly.

Yes, they do lower cholesterol, but no, they have NOT been shown to increase your life span.  This is true especially for all women, and for men older than 70 or even 60.

  • But don't expect any facts about statins -- how they speed up aging -- or cause memory problems, to hit the news with a natural alternative for Lipitor any time soon!  Why?
  • Follow the money. Lipitor is the most profitable drug in the history of the world, EVER. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. 

Here's the "bad news" research to encourage you to find a natural alternative for Lipitor. 

High Cholesterol Medication Doesn't Prolong Life?

Here's more of the side effects of statins:

  • You'll want to know that statins side effects include higher diabetes rates for both men and women.
  • You might know that the side effects of statins include low energy after exercise, but there is more!

Why might you want to know how to lower cholesterol naturally with supplements foods that lower cholesterol. Why?

  • Because statins may in fact NOT even protect women or healthy men!

Here's some compelling health news from scientists studying womens heart disease.

  • Women and healthy men don't really benefit from statins, according to new research:

Yes, while statin drugs have been shown to decrease heart attacks FOR MEN DIAGNOSED WITH HEART DISEASE, it is a different story for healthy men, women, those who are overweight, and the elderly, say scientists.

In fact, if you are a WOMAN, a HEALTHY MAN, or are OVER the AGE of 70, the effectiveness of statins -- cholesterol lowering drugs -- has NOT been validated.

  • YES, your cholesterol may go down, but you may still NOT LIVE ANY LONGER.

YES, researchers do agree that statins can lower your high cholesterol, BUT...

...for most people, there is LITTLE EVIDENCE, IF ANY, that taking statins will make a meaningful difference in HOW LONG YOU LIVE says Dr. Beatrice Golomb, a cardiologist at UC San Diego.

  • “You may have helped the heart," says Dr. Golomb, “but you have not helped the patient. You have to look at the impact on the patient overall.”

Definitely a good reason for a natural alternative for Lipitor.

Women Don't Benefit from High Cholesterol Medication?

Who benefits from taking statins such as Zocor, simvastatin and atorvastatin?

The short answer is, middle-aged men.

Researchers have been narrowing down the benefits of lowering cholesterol by taking statins (astorvastatin, Mevacor, Zocor, Crestor, Pravachol, and Lescol), and are finding that those who can benefit are:

Men who have been diagnosed with heart disease who are under the age of 70.

Those who will NOT benefit are:

1) healthy men

2) women with or without heart disease

3) people who are over the age of 70

So, for most people: for healthy men, for women and for those over the age of 70, there is little evidence that taking statins will make a meaningful difference in how long they live.

(B. Golomb, Journal of Am. College of Cardiology)

Dr. Judith Walsh, a UCSF epidemiologist, looked at 20 major statin studies and found that only nine directly included data about women.

After reviewing data from 11 studies -- investigators from two other studies provided supplemental data about women -- she and her colleagues concluded that:

  • Statins such as astorvastatin did NOT reduce deaths or heart attacks among women with no prior history of heart disease.

More Diabetes for Women on High Cholesterol Medication

Not only are statins and muscle pain linked, as well as statins and memory loss....

  • But researchers are showing that women who used statins were 50% MORE LIKELY TO GET DIABETES than women who were NOT taking statins.
  • That included the typical list of statin drugs, e.g. astorvastatin, Mevacor, Zocor, Simvastatin, Pravachol, and Lescol.

Studies have also shown that men have a 10 to 12% increase in diabetes for those who use statins after controlling for other risk factors.

Why? How do statins work?

Researchers thought that the effect of statins on the muscles and liver may stimulate sugar production, or discourage people to exercise.

Publication: Annals of Internal Medicine, researcher Yunsheng Ma of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Why consider a Natural Alternative for Lipitor?

Get best safe protection with proven natural heart supplements for a long happy lifeSide effects of Lipitor on women? NO increase in longevity!

Should you take high cholesterol medication for the rest of your life?

When it comes to the elderly, the effectiveness of statins, the evidence is mixed.

In one large clinical trial, published in the British medical journal the Lancet in 2002, researchers found statins lowered the incidence of cardiac "events," including heart attacks, among 70 to 82 year-olds with heart disease or known risk factors.

  • But the study found no effect on LONGEVITY, and according to some critics, it turned up an ominous INCREASE in CANCER diagnosis among those on statins.

Typically, statins (astorvastatin, Mevacor, Zocor, Pravachol, and Lescolare) are recommended for MEN and WOMEN, YOUNG and OLD, but they've been shown to extend life in ONLY IN ONE GROUP -- middle aged men -- says Dr. Golomb.

  • Middle-aged men at high risk for heart disease benefit from statins, according to Dr. Beatrice Golomb, a cardiologist at UC San Diego:

"For all other groups, the existing evidence says that your life will NOT be extended."

Even a 10 mg Lipitor Dosage Harmful for Women?

Know the Lipitor side effects on women and longevity for men

Here's what might be wrong with your dosage.

A range of 10 mg dose Lipitor to 80 mg dose is typically prescribed, but here's the problem:

While women and men are being prescribed the same doses by their doctors, research is showing this not as effective for womens heart disease:

  • The benefit from these widely used cholesterol-lowering drugs is less pronounced in women than in men, even though they are prescribed similar doses, according to a study conducted at McGill University. (L. Pilote, Canadian Medical Association Journal)

What is the explanation? Dr. Wright, an internist and clinical pharmacologist who specializes in hypertension:

“The only plausible explanation (for the difference seen between men and women on statins) is that women are being harmed by the drugs and it's leading to deaths that are presently unrecognized to be caused by the statins."

"This is pretty good proof of it," Wright says of the McGill study, “because the dose and the concentration and the effect on cholesterol are all expected to be greater in women than in men – but instead we are seeing a lesser reduction in death."

  • Dr. Jim Wright, who is the medical director of the Therapeutics Initiative at the University of British Columbia, says that this study shows that the benefits of statins are exaggerated, and that this supports what's been known from previous studies.

Dr. Wright certainly questions the suggestion that women may need a higher dosage than do men.

Because women's weights on average are lower than men's, a standard dosage would actually provide a higher concentration of drug in women than in men. So even a 10 mg Lipitor dosage may be too high! 

  • Lipitor and back pain -- astorvastatin, Zocor and Simvastatin side effects have been underestimated for womens heart disease!

Statins and muscle pain, as well as statin memory loss is often blamed on womens age, and not seen as statin side effects, or the wrong dosage for women.

Why an Alternative for Lipitor for Heart Disease?

Taking medications does not take the place of making changes in diet, exercise and reducing stress. Why not?

  • In spite of taking costly heart medications, obese people, for example, still have higher rates of high blood pressure (up to more than twice as high), abnormal blood fats (2 or 3 times higher), AND diabetes.

Dr. Gregory L. Burke found that obese adults also had more silent vascular disease (blood vessel disease that causes no symptoms); they had more atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and thicker heart walls.

(Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis, or "MESA")

  •  "Our findings support the imperative to redouble our efforts to assist in increasing healthy behaviors and to remove...barriers to maintaining a healthy weight," Burke and colleagues conclude.

More Statins, More Strokes!

People on statins like Lipior have more bleeding stokesLow LDL cholesterol linked to strokes in people over 60

Anyone who has had the type of stroke caused by bleeding in the brain should avoid statins -- the cholesterol-lowering drugs such as astorvastatin, according to researchers. Why?

  • The drugs increase the risk of a SECOND stroke in these patients.
  • This was especially true of people who had strokes in one of their brain's four lobes, which have a greater chance of recurrence than strokes that occur deep in the brain.
  • People who have a stroke in one of their lobes have a 22 percent risk of a second stroke when they take statins, compared with a 14 percent risk among those NOT taking a statin.

The researchers said it is not clear how statins increase the BLEEDING RISK in these patients.

It is possible that having more cholesterol in the brain is protective, or it may be that statins affect clotting factors in the blood that increase the risk of a brain hemorrhage in these patients. (Archives of Neurology January 10, 2011)

Why an Alternative for Lipitor for Women?

Muscle pain from statins and memory loss and strokes are Lipitor side effects!Increased risk of stroke over age 60 linked to LOW LDL cholesterol!

Improving your health naturally should be your first choice -- thereby avoiding Lipitor memory problems and statins side effects. Why?

  • Statin drugs e.g. astorvastatin and Zocor, simvastatin side effects, deplete the body of an important enzyme called CoQ10, eventually causing low energy, muscle wasting and heart failure.


Because the heart is a muscle, this "side effect" weakens the heart of both men and women -- but this weakness has been mistakenly attributed to "old age," and can be prevented.

  • The risk of dying after a stroke or a heart attack is now higher for women than for men, according to new research.

Women are less likely to get proper medical care, and are less likely to be treated by a specialist or to receive certain treatments e.g. catheterization.

  • Doctors still tend to prescribe the same heart medications for women as for men without knowing that statins are not as effective for women, say researchers.

Biological differences make women respond differently to medication, which should be taken into account when considering even  a 10 mg  Lipitor dosage -- astorvastatin or other statins such as Zocor, Simvastatin, Mevacor, Pravachol and Lescol. 2

LOW Cholesterol makes you "Stupid?"

Lipitor side effects often dismissed by doctors because of age

You may have heard about the book about "Amnesia Lipitor Thief of Memory" by Duane Graveline, so don't just blame your age if you can't remember things. 

Here's why you do need cholesterol -- especially if you are age 60 and over -- and why your body makes it in the first place:

One negative impact of artificially lower cholesterol, is on the brain, so that it can "make you stupid."

  • Why? Having higher cholesterol is needed by the brain

Researchers Penelope Elias and Merrill Elias from Boston University found a link between naturally occurring high cholesterol and modestly better mental function in areas such as:

  • visual organization
  • memory
  • attention
  • concentration

(Based on 18 years of data collected by the Framingham Heart Study, journal Psychosomatic Medicine)

LOWER cholesterol has also been directly linked to a HIGHER incidence of STROKES and irregular heart beat AFIB:

Stopping Womens Heart Disease Now

How to get the best protection for you?

Here's great options as an alternative for Lipitor:

Risk of heart disease was less for women who:

  • Regularly used MULTIPLE VITAMIN vitamins, the major source of FOLATE and Vitamin B6, and after excluding multiple vitamin users, among those with higher intakes of folate and vitamin B6 in their food. (Framington Heart Study)
  • Have a diet rich in FRUITS and VEGETABLES with the addition of supplements like a cherry concentrate. Why?

"Data from whole tart cherries join other findings that suggest a correlation between anthocyanin intake and reductions in cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors," say researchers from Washington DC.

Fruit alternative for Lipitor helps lose fat:

  • Adding powerful fruit antioxidants to the diet may lower cholesterol, lead to less fat storage and improve antioxidant defences, based on a rat study from the US with implications for metabolic syndrome.

(E.M. Seymour, S. Bolling et al. Experimental Biology 2007)

Why Natural Heart Health Supplements Alternative for Lipitor? 

A safe and proven alternative for Lipitor is this all-in-one heart disease supplement:

Formulated by Dr. Harry Elwardt, and based on the discovery that won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

This arginine ENHANCED supplement is SAFE for:

Healing small blood vessels in arms, legs, lungs, heart and brain to decrease the risk blood clots, stroke or heart attack. 

  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Gently melting away plaque 
  • Supporting healthy blood pressure
  • Safe to use with heart medications such as Lipitor

Heal your heart and arteries to avoid life-long Lipitor simvastatin side effects muscle pain and memory loss!

We hope you will find the right alternative for Lipitor for you.  Before you are having memory problems! Why be proactive?

You may have heard of the myalgia Lipitor and amnesia Lipitor memory thief and statins memory loss, but that is not all...

  • Not only are statins and muscle pain linked, as well as statins and memory loss, but even worse -- they may give you a false sense of protection! Especially against womens heart disease!


Not only ask your doctor, "how do statins work?"

Yes they lower cholesterol, but do they prolong your life?

  • Hopefully your doctor keeps up with scientific research, so as to be able to recommend a natural alternative for Lipitor.
  • With a natural alternative for Lipitor you can look forward to being energetic for the rest of your life!

Feel free to explore our site for cholesterol busting foods with lots of options to choose your best alternative.

You can likely say goodbye to Lipitor and Simvastatin side effects muscle pain and memory loss for good!



1.  Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. The impact of statins on biological characteristics of stem cells provides a novel explanation for their pleiotropic beneficial and adverse clinical effects.  

2. See study on Adverse Effects Lipitor - Statins Side Effects on Energy and Fatigue

Memory problems of Lipitor mental statins side effects, including ALS and Alzheimers type symptoms.

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