Statins and Muscle Pain REAL but 
Doctors Dismiss Muscle Pain from Statins 

Are you wondering about statins and muscle pain, and if statins and memory loss are related?

  • Yes, say researchers! muscle pain from statins is REAL.

Not feeling so GREAT?  Why suspect statins and muscle pain, and statins side effects like memory loss, fatigue and liver damage even if YOUR DOCTOR doesn't?

Dangerous effects of statins are overlooked because your're expected to get tired, achy, forgetful and confused as you get older.

  • Your doctor will tend to blame your AGE and NOT your MEDS if you report aches and pains, and say that you are not feeling “with it.”  Doctors have NOT been linking irritability, fatigue, sleep problems, mental confusion, loss of focus and memory, to cholesterol-lowering medication.

Please watch independent researcher, Dr. B. Golomb, of the UCSD Statin Effects Study, tell you the REAL STORY of statin side effects:

 Why Find Statin Alternatives?

Please use our site as a resource to find alternatives to statins so can feel good regardless of your age.

Statins and muscle pain is real:

  • Statin induced myopathy damages the muscles through swelling or spasms, and can cause permanent damage.
  • Statin cardiomyopathy is heart failure CAUSED by STATINS!

Isn't the heart a muscle? Why risk heart muscle damage?

Isn't heart disease what statins are trying to prevent?

Your doctor may think that these effects are rare, but researchers are finding them to be common, and that these side effects of statins are vastly under-reported!

A list of statin drugs includes brand names like Lipitor and Zocor, and the generic name typically has the word statin in it, like atorvastatin  (Lipitor) pravastatin (Pravachol), rosuvastatin for Crestor or simvastatin for Zocor.

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Proven Alternatives to Statins Ignored?

While there are foods that lower cholesterol as well as medications do, natural, proven statin alternatives continue to be ignored by the medical profession.

  • Natural supplements such as arginine have been proven to stop heart disease by improving circulation, and repairing and clearing the blood vessels.

By using nutrition and supplements you may not lower your cholesterol greatly, but instead, you can improve your artery health, and be less likely to have a heart attack or stroke.  After all, half of the people who have heart attacks do NOT have high cholesterol! 

  • You will, in fact WANT cholesterol for a healthy brain, healthy cells, and for your hormones to work properly.

Low cholesterol has actually been linked to an increased incidence of strokes, as well as to AFIB and heart irregularities.

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  Why You NEED Cholesterol!

 We invite you to use this site to learn to avoid statins side effects such as muscle pain, and to learn why high cholesterol may NOT be the big culprit for heart disease.

The list of statin drugs like Lipitor, Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor, Pravastatin side effects need, instead, to be questioned.

  • Find out why you actually NEED cholesterol for your brain and memory to work properly.
  • Find out why you NEED cholesterol for your brain, and as the raw material needed to make essential hormones for good health AND indeed, to prevent having a stroke!

Find out how statin side effects can rob you of your energy, and worse:

How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol: And Kill You One Cell at a Time

Statin Alternatives or Muscle Pain from Statins? Statins Side Effects - Memory Loss & Muscle Pain from Statins 

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