New Parkinsons Disease Breakthrough
for  Parkinson Disease Symptoms

Here's good news for helping you nip Parkinsons disease symptoms in the bud!

  • Scientists have found neuro protective agents which can protect your nerve cells from the premature death that prompts this disease.

These new Parkinson treatment agents are available as supplements to help you address Parkinsons disease causes to slow it down before you even need the Parkinsons meds.

  • Equally important, these agents will protect you against the drug induced Parkinson shaking that is eventually caused by the Parkinson meds!

People are using this new knowledge to stop AND reverse their Parkinson disease symptoms, including tremors, stiffness, constipation, drooling and loss of function.

There are those who have gotten their drivers license back, an artist was able to paint again, while many have regained the use of a stiff arm, stopped drooling, and gotten their life back.

Find out about a clinically tested, protective medical protein that could be a natural cure for YOUR Parkinson's disease symptoms!

Breakthrough for Parkinsons Disease Causes

What are neuro protective agents and how do they work?

First, we have to look at Parkinsons disease causes:

This disease is not only caused by a deficiency of dopamine in the brain, but it is also characterized by low levels of a protective molecule called glutathione -- in the brain stem, and throughout the body.

  • This DEFICIENCY makes the brain vulnerable to free radical DAMAGE.

While the deficiency of dopamine is corrected with Parkinson medications, or the drug levodopa, these low levels of glutathione are NOT so easily corrected because you CANNOT JUST TAKE A PILL -- because a pill it gets digested and does not get to the brain.

The glutathione Parkinsons disease connection is well known in the medical literature, but not how to correct this on a daily basis.

  • Fortunately there is new research to show how the body (and the brain stem) can replenish this protective substance.
  • There is now a healing protein that's been scientifically proven to stimulate the production of this PROTECTIVE MOLECULE IN THE BRAIN!

This protein therapy is inexpensive and SAFE and can dramatically improve functioning for patients with this debilitating disease! It will certainly slow your Parkinson disease symptoms!

How does this work?

Can You Stop Parkinson's Disease Symptoms?

Scientists have found the critical role of Glutathione (GSH) in the maintenance of health and wellness and in managing Parkinsons:

Glutathione (GSH) is part of the body’s defense system and protects us against the onset of many disease processes. It can also help to reverse certain conditions or symptoms, either temporarily or permanently.

Recent research has revealed two important findings:

  • First, biochemical analysis of the affected brain tissue in Parkinsons patients shows damage consistent with extensive oxidative stress and the circulation of free radicals that follows it.
  • Second, the levels of the protective glutathione molecule, or GSH, in these tissues are PARTICULARLY LOW.

Whether the drop in GSH is a cause or a symptom of this damage remains unclear. But there is good news – improving your body's levels will SLOW BRAIN TISSUE DAMAGE.

Some symptoms may even be reversed!

But, don't just reach for a glutathione pill...this gets digested and NOT into the brain!

Instead protect the brain -- here's a proven way to increase glutathione in the brain, for best protection -- with this medically proven protein supplement:

IMMUNOCALBrain Booster detoxing protein clinically shown to work

A Case Study: Reversing Parkinson Disease Symptoms

The following report shows how improving glutathione can help:

62 year-old Carol maintained an active legal practice until the year 2000. After a diagnosis of PD, Parkinson's disease, she was able for a while to continue her career as a lawyer, but eventually had to quit.

The stress was aggravating her Parkinson disease symptoms and these were in turn increasing her stress levels!

Even though she was being treated with a number of different Parkinson treatment medications but her health continued to deteriorate until she eventually needed help at home to carry out day-to-day tasks. She quit driving her car and stopped taking her daily walks, which she loved.

Then, within days of starting to take the nutraceutical protein IMMUNOCAL, she noticed her strength returning.

  • Weeks afterwards she was once more exploring her neighborhood and nine months later she was driving again!

Carol and many others have gotten their life back with this virtual Parkinson cure.

  • Others, like Mike in New York, certainly found this approach to work for him when his Parkinson treatment medications were not helping him much anymore!

ASK US About your Parkinson Disease Symptoms:

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  • Reports from people who've been helped by adding this neuro-protective protein to their diet
  • To see studies about the glutathione Parkinsons disease connection.

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 Cure for Your Parkinson's Symptoms?

This Parkinsons breakthrough can now be easily taken as a proven, glutathione-building natural supplement.

Over the past 15 years, over 75,000 medical studies have found low levels of glutathione to be a factor in numerous diseases, including Parkinsons disease causes.

  • Scientists report that aging can be accompanied by a precipitous fall in glutathione levels, and that this deficiency is particularly evident in people with Parkinsons -- all Parkinsons stages.

Unfortunately, you cannot take a glutathione PILL!!  Even intravenous glutathione, which is recommended by some neurologists, is not very effective.

Fortunately, scientists have found a medical protein that has been clinically shown to SAFELY IMPROVE glutathione levels on a daily basis!

  • While not a Parkinson's disease cure, people have certainly stopped and REVERSED their Parkinson disease symptoms such as TREMORS, FACIAL CONTORTIONS, DROOLING, CONSTIPATION and STIFFNESS.

Can this Help with Your Parkinson Treatment?

We trust that you have found our article about this supplement added to  Parkinson treatment can give new hope for slowing Parkinson disease symptoms.

Whether you are faced with Parkinsons early symptoms, late Parkinsons stages, or simply looking for the best Parkinsons care plan, you will do better with supplements that counteract Parkinsons disease causes.

  • While there is no quick fix Parkinson cure yet, you can do a lot to stop and reverse many Parkinson’s symptoms right now.
  • Make sure you try the new Parkinsons breakthrough supplements for your best Parkinson treatment.

The recommended brain health supplements can “detox” the effects of the medication, for a healthier, happier time for both the patient and the caregivers!

We hope that you will try this approach to avoid the drug induced Parkinsons disease symptoms and enjoy a long happy life!

IMMUNOCALIMMUNOCAL: proven immune builder for brain and nerve regeneration

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