Glutathione Treatment for Parkinsons 
for Best Long Term Parkinson Cure

What about adding a glutathione treatment for Parkinsons Disease?  

Yes, if not a Parkinson cure, it is among the best natural alternative treatments for Parkinsons.

  • Yes many Parkinsons patients are excited about a natural glutathione treatment for Parkinsons They call it the best new Parkinson's breakthrough -- stopping shaking and tremors, and improving mobility and stiffness!

Why does this work?

  • Medical research has known for a long time that the "free radical" damage caused byglutathione depletion is one of the Parkinsons disease causes of brain damage.
  • Parkinsons patients have low glutathione in the “nigral” cells that make dopamine in the brain, which leaves these unprotected. 

Glutathione (GSH) is the protective molecule made in all the cells in our body. Its depletion in brain cells leaves the door is wide open to cell death and disease. 

So why is glutathione treatment for Parkinsons not the first line of defense?  

Although medical research shows clear benefits of glutahione (GSH)...

  • it protects all cells, including brain cells from “oxidative stress” and toxins
  • it plays a key role in preventing disease and cell death, including the cells in the brain that make dopamine, which control movement....

Yes, but there is a glitch! 

Most medical practitioners do not know how how to replenish glutathione GSH on a day to day basis.

It sounds simple enough, but... even glutathione IV or intravenous glutathione, which is used clinically, causes problems. It creates “highs” and “lows,” is costly, and is not well absorbed as a long term solution. 

·        While there is a proven glutathione treatment that has been used successfully for Parkinsons... it is relatively unknown because it uses natural building blocks to reverse shaking and tremors, improving mobility and stiffness. 

·         So why is this not available through your doctor or neurologist?

While it is understood that you have to take the pre-cursors, or building blocks to make more glutathione, not glutathione itself...

And that because GSH is a protein, so that taking it in a pill or in your food, does not work because it is simply digested. 

And, that therefore the body needs to make more glutathione itself in every cell, and that for this it needs the building blocks, or pre-cursors...

·          The problem is that pre-cursor typically used medically is called NAC, and it does not significantly increase GSH in the brain. 1

This drug called NAC, when used as an oral supplement, also has longer term problems, and should not be used longer than a few weeks.  

  • It turns out that using natural pre-cursors, or building blocks, can  actually work. 
  • However, how or why to use these natural pre-cursors is not understood by mainstream medicine.  

Fortunately, taking the natural pre-cursors in a medical protein supplement known to boost glutathione, has worked for many!

·         Yes, there is a proven, natural glutathione boosting supplement listed in the USA Physician’s Desk Reference. 

·         Yes, this method has been used by many to restore GSH in the brain!  

Not only can this slow Parkinsons disease causes, but MANY people say they have fewer symptoms, such as tremors and stiffness. Why not join those who have gotten a new lease on life!

IMMUNOCALBrain-boosting medical protein supplement


·         IMMUNOCAL’s been clinically shown to  boost glutathione levels.

·         The science of glutathione pre-cursors for BRAIN HEALTH supplements

·         Reports from people with Parkinsons Disease, and how they have benefitted

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Glutathione IV - Intravenous Glutathione?

Some neurologists recommend glutathione IV or Intravenous Glutathione injections for Parkinsons disease symptoms. These are expensive, and they can certainly work in the short term.

But...the research shows that this is not effective as a longer term Parkinsons treatment. Why?

  • Glutathione itself is not well absorbed by the cells. 
  • With glutathione IV injections you get both “highs” and “lows.” The “highs” are good, but the “lows” are not, because LOW glutathione (GSH) is one of Parkinsons disease causes in the first place!!

So, what about taking glutathione PILLS? Your health food store certainly sells them!

  • Pills don’t work either!

Why? Glutahtione is a protein. It simply gets digested and does NOT get into the blood stream and into the brain and nervous system where it is needed.

Fortunately, there is a natural glutathione treatment for Parkinsons that has worked for many!

  • Why not join others who have tried a safe medical protein that provides the ideal NUTRITION for your brain to MAKE MORE glutathione (GSH)?  It gives a steady supply or pre-cursors all day long. 
  • Not only that, but these specially made proteins go into the brain (crossing the blood-brain-barrier) to help both your brain and nervous system to MAKE more PROTECTIVE glutathione.  That's what can help Parkinsons disease symptoms!

HOW? It provides the NUTRITIONAL building blocks, not the glutathione itself.

Enjoy a superior brain health supplement that's been clinically tested. We recommend a safe supplement with 47 medical publications, listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference -- the book that’s on your doctor’s desk!

  • Here's Mike's story, who said that this brain health supplement worked BETTER for him than his Parkinson treatment medications, after 9 years of Parkinson's.

Glutathione Treatment for hopeful Parkinsons Cure?

Correcting deficiencies as revealed by medical research, has surprised many, as a Parkinsons cure for symptoms.

  • Some nutritional deficiencies, when corrected, can result practically an overnight Parkinson treatment, reversing Parkinson disease symptoms dramatically.

You may ASK US for research on nutritional deficiencies as a treatment for Parkinson.

  • Because a glutathione deficiency is most typical of the diseases of aging, especially of Parkinsons disease, it is the first one to correct.  

IMMUNOCAL, a natural glutathione treatment for Parkinsons, is clinically shown to slow down aging. Certainly worth a try!

IMMUNOCALProven glutathione precursor for brain rejuvenation

Many scientific papers have shown that brain health supplements will keep you strong and help slow down the disease -- by counteracting basic Parkinsons disease causes.

...But there's only one way to find out how glutathione treatment for Parkinsons will help YOU!  By trying this for 3 months you  can find out how this can work for you. 

This new approach can help you feel encouraged about slowing down this disease. 

Especially to slow down the early symptoms of Parkinsons disease, and decrease Parkinsons symptoms like Parkinsons moods!

  • Certainly as a Parkinson treatment of dyskinesia, taking a medical protein supplement that is neuro-protective, will prevent the shaking of later Parkinsons stages. 

Why? Dyskinesia, or shaking, is a SIDE EFFECT of the Parkinson treatment medications.  Improving glutathione will help protect against this. 

With a natural glutathione treatment for Parkinsons you can slow the disease to enjoy your life!



1 Oral NAC in Parkinson's Disease: Brain Glutathione and Oxidative Stress. The American College of Clinical Pharmacology. 2017

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