New Parkinsons Treatment for Parkinsons Symptoms: Shaking and Parkinson Tremor

Yes, your Parkinsons treatment helps the FIRST round of Parkinsons Disease symptoms.

But did you know that the medications for Parkinson's eventually CAUSE you to have more shaking and stiffness?

Fortunately this can be helped!

Researchers suggest that many Parkinsons symptoms are NOT actually Parkinson disease symptoms, but rather, the side effects of the medications used as Parkinsons treatment: Levodopa, L-dopa, or Sinemet.

  • That’s right, the eventual jerky SHAKING, or "dyskinesia," is a drug side effect, often mistaken for Parkinson's late stage symptoms. 

Dyskinesia describes jerky "involuntary" movements, stiffness, and difficult "voluntary" movements. 

  • It then seems as if the Parkinsons medications are "no longer doing the job."  But this is likely not the case. 

Consider that the meds have not stopped working. But rather, they have caused an accumulation of toxins.  People who are older, sick and move less, fail to eliminate the by-products of their medications. This causes a toxic build up so that new symptoms appear. 

  • Fortunately this type of Parkinson tremor can now be stopped with a supplement that can prevent this buildup. 

Do Parkinsons Drugs Cause Parkinsons Symptoms?

Yes. Parkinsons disease treatments are effective, but eventually a patient’s condition worsens anyways. Many people die of resulting complications.

Do the drugs really stop working? 

  • "Dyskinesia observed in a patient with Parkinson's disease (PD) is labeled as Levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID) - jerky, dance-like movements of the arms and/or head, which usually presents after several years of treatment with L-DOPA (Levodopa)."

(Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2009 Jan;15 Suppl 1:S3-8.)

"The prolonged drug treatment causes adverse side effects such as dyskinesia." (Nippon Rinsho. 2009 Jul;67(7):1429-38)

Avoiding Side Effects of Parkinsons Treatment

Dr. Abraham Hoffer and Dr. Harold Foster believe that there is a second step missing from current medical Parkinson's treatment.

They found that this “second set” of Parkinson's symptoms - diminished voluntary movements and increased involuntary movements (Levidopa-induced dyskinesia) -- can be delayed, reduced and even prevented. How?

Dr. Foster explains:

"I believe that there are two types of symptoms seen in Parkinson's disease patients:”

The first set is effectively treated with L-Dopa.  (L-dopa, or Sinemet)

This second set of Parkinsons symptoms is different:

  • Even with medication, the situation worsens with the appearance of a "second set of symptoms," that according to Drs. Foster and Hoffer, "seems to result from the derivatives, such as the dangerous toxin dopachrome, that is produced by the breakdown of dopamine."

As a result, slowly but surely, the L-Dopa increases these "secondary symptoms" until the patient becomes demented and often dies.

How to Stop the Shaking?

Drs. Hoffer and Foster suggest that the step that’s missing is:

  • Stimulating the production of the body's protective detox molecule, glutathione, or GSH.  

“In addition to L-Dopa, the patient should always be given high doses of antioxidants and the pre-cursors needed to boost the production of glutathione."

"This should greatly extend the value of L-Dopa," they suggest.

Best Natural Help Alongside Parkinsons Treatment?

How to boost your brain's production of glutathione for best protection?

Fortunately there is a SAFE and PROVEN medical protein that can easily be added to the diet in a drink.

  • Yes, there is a SAFE supplement that's CLINICALLY PROVEN to boost glutathione, and it is also "neuro-protective" against further cell death in the brain.  
  • This has helped many to avoid or delay severe Parkinsons Disease symptoms.

You may ASK US:

  • For details of a proven glutathione boosting supplement
  • Researh on Parkinsons disease causes and glutathione pre-cursors
  • Reports from people benifitting from a glutathione treatment for Parkinsons. 

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"I have my life back," says Dr. Jack

Here's one of the many reports from people whose symptoms are being reversed by adding a Neuro-Protective protein to their daily diet:

Dr. Jack's story is one of many:

Dr. Jack of Colorado, by age 55, had "rampant" Parkinsons disease. While he experienced some relief by taking a Parkinsons treatment medication regimen, overall, for the most part, the major disease symptoms remained:

He experienced these symptoms of Parkinsons:

• uncontrolled drooling

• uncontrollable urination frequency

• urinary accidents

• uncontrolled tremors

• trembling motion in his right hand and leg

• blurred vision

• lost of strength in his right hand and fingers

• “glassy” eyes

• constant throbbing pain shooting from his right forearm up through the right shoulder

• lethargy

• depression

• constipation.

"I had pretty well all of the Parkinson's disease symptoms," he said.

Then he discovered the potential of glutathione among alternative treatments for Parkinsons.

Here is what happened when a friend suggested he try a glutathione-boosting protein.

He kept a diary, and here is what he reported after 3 months:

• ability to sleep longer stretches and have deeper sleep

• almost total removal of all neck, shoulder, and arm pain

• regaining of majority of sense of balance and fluidity of movement on my right side

• ability to concentrate easier and in longer duration

• regained lost creative ability

• greatly reduced anxiety and depression

• restored positive mental health outlook

• restored sense of physical vitality

• greatly reduced voice faltering and unevenness in voice tones

• restored 75% of finger dexterity in right hand and fingers

• eliminated constipation

Taking this protective supplement daily, gave Dr. Jack back his quality of life!

Pills, Glutathione IV, Intravenous Glutathione Treatment for Parkinsons?

Why try a neuro-protective protein supplement for Parkinsons symptoms?

  • Why not IV intravenous glutathione injections or PILLS?

Some neurologists will offer injections -- intravenous glutathione, or IV glutathione, but there is a problem.

  • This has drawbacks because it is expensive -- and this gives UNDESIRABLE "highs and lows" rather than a sustained supply. In the longer term this is not effective. 
  • Taking a glutathione PILL does NOT WORK either-- it gets digested and does not get into the brain.
  • Taking the drug NAC to stimulate GSH has SERIOUS DRAW BACKS and side effects. Taking NAC can lead to a rare and serious disease called Amyloidosis, because NAC is stored in the brain.

 Nutrition: What's the Best Parkinsons Diet?

What else to add to your medical Parkinsons treatment?

People with Parkinsons disease will benefit most from exercise as well as from high quality proteins such as fish, along with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Why? Because oxidative stress is a factor in the progression of Parkinsons disease symptoms.  Antioxidants in food and supplements will help to SLOW DOWN MANY Parkinsons disease symptoms.

Why? Anti-oxidants counteract "oxidative stress" one of the known Parkinsons Disease causes. 

  • Eat lots of fruits, veggies, and some fish!
  • Add a brain health supplement that boosts the master ANTIOXIDANT glutathione to protect brain cells!

Your Parkinsons treatment and your life will likely be enhanced and more fun!

Why add Natural Parkinsons Treatments?

Why wait for the worst?

You can enjoy life to the fullest by adding brain health supplements. Likely, you are already taking extra omegas with fish oil capsules.

But because low glutathione GSH levels have been found in the brain stem of Parkinsons patients, you will get extra benefits from replenishing this protective molecule.  Especially for Parkinsons early symptoms.  

  • While waiting for a Parkinson cure, why not protect your brain and nervous system. You may be surprised.
  • If you can prevent the dyskinesia caused by the medications, your life and the life of your loved ones will be a lot easier and fun. 

According to the findings of Drs. Foster and Hoffer, people can best improve their quality of life by adding a glutathione treatment for Parkinsons disease symptoms.

Why not take the best care? You can add supplements to your Parkinson disease treatments at any stage, including:

  • Parkinson's late stage symptoms such as restless legs, sleeplessness, and shaking. 
  • Parkinsons early symptoms can be helped by increased strength and mobility and reduced Parkinson tremor.

New Parkinsons Treatment: Glutathione treatment for Parkinsons Tremor a Parkinson Cure?


from Parkinsons Treatment for Parkinson Disease Causes 

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