What Got Mike out of His Wheel Chair
with Less Parkinsons Disease Symptoms?

There's new hope for turning back your Parkinsons Disease symptoms by addressing underlying Parkinson disease causes, like Mike did.  

Apart from the Parkinson treatment medications, people are usually told that there's nothing that can be done.  But that is simply not true!

  • We have seen many people regain function with new brain health supplements based on medical research about how the disease develops.

And that's why we've asked Mike if we could tell some of his story here. Yours will be different, but you will want to know what's possible!

  • If you want to “nip” early Parkinson disease symptoms “in the bud," and delay having to take Parkinson treatment medications...
  • Or if in later Parkinsons stages, you'll want to prevent the terrible shaking DYSKINESIA caused by the Parkinsons meds themselves...

...Then you'll want to know how someone like Mike, with advanced Parkinson disease symptoms got his quality of life back. 

Here's Mike's story:

How Mike Got Out of His Wheel Chair

Mike and his wife Debbie and their son live in New York City.  Mike had a Parkinsons Disease diagnosis for nine years. He was diagnosed when he was 43 years old. He had to eventually stop working, and did not have a bright future.

Even with the Parkinson treatment medications, Mike’s symptoms got worse.

  • Eventually the medication could not hold him more than 2 hours. So he needed help with walking in between medications.

Even with medication he could not walk more than 10 minutes at a time.  So he needed a wheelchair when he had to travel more than 10 minutes.

Then his doctor recommended that he take glutathione injections once a week.  

But because of both the cost and the inconvenience, his wife Debbie, a nurse, began to research alternatives.

She discovered studies showing glutathione injections not to be all that effective in solving the depletion of glutathione in the brain, so the long-term effects were not good.

  • Instead, she found a natural glutathione stimulating supplement that's medically proven to be effective, which can be taken daily at home as a drink.
  • It made sense to her, that a supplement could supply the natural building blocks to make GSH, glutathione, EVERY DAY steadily, so it avoids the cost and the HIGHS AND LOWS of  injections, intravenous, IV glutathione.
  • By the second week of taking such a supplement, his condition started to improve.

Within a few months of using a glutathione building protein, he was able to get up in the middle of night and in the morning all by himself!!

This made life easier for everyone in the family and gave Mike and Debbie renewed hope for the future.

Mike certainly feels that this neuro protective supplement is more effective than the Parkinson treatment meds he takes!

Mike's specialist did not know about healing proteins for the brain, but was greatly impressed by the research behind them.

Mike's neurologist is now advising her many PD patients to take brain health supplements along with the normal Parkinson treatment.

  • Mike is continuing to improve and feels that he has his life back.

Best Strategy for Parkinsons Disease Symptoms?

Mike, like many others, is finding that a “neuro-protective” medical supplement best improves their Parkinson disease symptoms.

  • Researchers found the brains of people with Parkinsons to be low in a molecule called GSH. By replenishing this missing molecule, Mike could improve his brain and nervous system function, and walk again.
  • Lucky for him, his wife found brain health supplements that were clinically proven to replenish the protective molecule, GSH, which scientists say is depleted in the brains of Parkinsons patients.

She did find a natural, protective protein that's listed in the Physician's Desk Reference in the USA, which has 42 studies and clinical trials in peer reviewed publications.

Why might such a supplement work for you?

  • With brain health supplements you can “feed the brain” against the harmful “oxidative stress” which, researchers say, causes damage in the brain stems of people with Parkinson disease symptoms. 

Debbie discovered studies showing that a neuro protective protein was more effective than taking IV intravenous glutathione.  Being able to add a supplement to Mike's daily regime at home, made her very happy.

Mike and Debbie are very excited to be able to look forward to a better future.

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Best Brain Health Supplements for Parkinsons?

We know that with Parkinsons disease the brain does not produce enough dopamine.  But this condition is a result of other factors.  What are some of the Parkinson disease causes?

  • While there is no "official cause," the medical research clearly shows that damage and cell death in the brain is caused by "oxidative stress."
  • This damage occurs especially when glutathione -- the brain's protective molecule -- is low, usually due to stress or environmental factors.

Fortunately there are new brain health supplements you can take with your Parkinson treatment to slow or reverse your Parkinsons disease symptoms! 

These new  interventions giving new hope for greatly  delaying early symptoms of Parkinsons as well as for helping later Parkinson stages.

Stopping the SHAKING and Dyskinesia of Parkinson Treatment Medications

Unfortunately, the Parkinsons medication prescribed by your doctor, will eventually cause serious “side effects” called dyskinesia – shaking and jerking.

  • Even though dyskinesia looks like typical Parkinson disease symptoms, this involuntary shaking or jerking is actually a toxic side effect that’s caused by the Parkinson treatment medications.

Replenishing this protective molecule, GSH, with this protein, protects against the toxic buildup, so that the patient will not get Parkinson’s disease symptoms of dyskinesia.

Slowing Parkinsons Disease Symptoms

Antioxidant-rich Parkinsons nutrition has been shown to slow the progression of Parkinsons Disease symptoms.

  • Decades of research findings say that a Parkinsons diet of fresh fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants will postpone the need for Parkinson treatment medications for years.

The mineral selenium and the antioxidant CoQ10 have been shown to be especially effective.

  • But most important, medical research is showing there to be a lack of the molecule GSH in the brain!

By adding a healing protein that re-plenishes the GSH molecule, many are stopping the damage with GSH, the “MASTER antioxidant” best against Parkinsons disease symptoms.

You will get the best protection from a daily supplement that crosses the “blood brain barrier” and that's been clinically proven to “improve the GSH molecule” in the cells, so it will protect the brain and nervous system from further damage!

With a three month trial, you'll find out the benefits of this approach for yourself.

Parkinsons and Insomnia?

Parkinsons and Insomnia?

What's the best help for Parkinsons Disease symptoms especially insomnia?

  • You will want to try anti oxidant rich -- natural sleep aids for better sleep, for relief of Parkinsons and insomnia.
  • Tart Cherry concentrate is very high in antioxidants, is tasty and provides nature’s BEST source of melatonin for DEEPER SLEEP.

A table spoon of Tart Cherry Concentrate tastes good and has been clinically shown to improve sleep within a week:

For advanced Parkinsons Disease symptoms of insomnia, stress and anxiety, you will want to try a clinically proven natural remedy that is safe and effective for stress and anxiety:

Stopping Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

We hope you have found Mike’s story of pushing back his Parkinsons Disease symptoms, inspiring.

  • If you are already taking Parkinson treatment medications you will need to protect yourself from the eventual toxic effects called dyskinesia, or shaking. 
  • You'll want to find out the benefits of new "neuro-protective" discoveries for Parkinsons disease causes, for yourself.

You'll want to try the best brain health supplements for you or your loved one!

With supplements and an antioxidant rich Parkinsons diet you can stave off later Parkinsons stages for a long time!

  • If you want the best help against the progression of your Parkinson Disease symptoms, you would be wise to add a neuro-protective protein to replenish the GSH molecule that’s found missing in the brain of Parkinsons patients.

Why not get the best of Parkinson disease treatments?

You may ASK US for a personal recommendation for the best brain health supplements with your Parkinson treatment.

Discoveries to Stop Parkinson Disease Symptoms, Help Mike Slow Down Parkinsons Disease Causes

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