What are Early Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease? How to Slow Down Parkinsons Early Symptoms

Early symptoms of Parkinsons disease usually start on one side of the body and only later do you get them on both sides.

Here's the tricky part:

Parkinsons early symptoms are very subtle and are usually ignored. Stiffness and slowing down are seen as normal signs of aging, or to be caused by something else.

  • For example, when my friend first got signs of Parkinson disease, she thought nothing of it. Her lower back was sore, and she began to fall occasionally, but she figured it was due to an old injury. She did not recognize loss of balance and coordination as one of Parkinsons early symptoms.

No one wants to face getting a diagnosis. But here's the problem with Parkinson disease causes:

  • By the time your doctor says yes, you have Parkinson disease symptoms, there is already a lot of damage in the brain!

So if you even think you might have early symptoms of Parkinson, you will want to know about new discoveries for protecting your brain from further damage!

Yes, there are things you can do to slow Parkinson's disease symptoms, and for some these are pretty much a Parkinson cure.

  • Many are successfully putting off using Parkinsons meds with new discoveries of new brain health supplements.
  • Others are using these supplements alongside their meds and getting the use of their hands back, as a natural cure for Parkinsons disease.

Early Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease

People will begin to get a slight tremor or stiffness in an arm or leg on one side of the body, especially when they are not doing anything.

You will want to notice if this tremor gets worse when you are under stress, or if it gets better when you move the arm or when you sleep.

Early symptoms of Parkinson are easy to ignore, because this disease tends to develop slowly and and the early signs may last a long time before you get actual Parkinsons symptoms.

  • Parkinsons early symptoms are usually ignored by people saying "I'm getting older" so they don't tend to see their doctor until they get actual Parkinsons tremors.
  • Why look into Parkinson disease causes now and act to prevent or stop Parkinson disease symptoms from developing?

Because the less you depend on the Parkinsons medication, the better off you will be!

  • Eventually the Parkinson treatment meds stop working, so it's best to act early!

Common Early Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease

Here's what to watch for as Parkinsons early symptoms:

  • Some might have trouble getting out of a chair
  • You might just be tired and not feel well
  • Some feel just a bit shaky
  • Some notice that their sense of smell is not as good

Parkinsons early symptoms of tremors:

  • Tremors are usually only when you are quiet and not doing anything 
  • Early tremors could just affect one of your fingers or you thumb
  • One typical Parkinsons tremor is called "pill-rolling" because it looks like the person is rolling something in their hand

Noticing Early Signs of Parkinsons Disease

Early Parkinsons disease symptoms are easy to ignore, so you may want to take seriously the feedback you are getting from friends and family!

You might even ask if they have noticed anything such as:

  • Do you seem more still than usual and a bit slower? 
  • Are you more stiff than usual?
  • Your face may have less expression than it used to have, and blink less, because one of the Parkinsons symptoms is called a "masked face."
  • You might be speaking more softly
  • You have more trouble with walking or even talking and lose track of a word or thought
  • Even being depressed and irritable could be signs of Parkinsons disease

Slowing Early Symptoms of Parkinson Disease?

Even your doctor will find that early symptoms of Parkinsons disease are difficult to diagnose.

And, usually, by the time people get medical advice, there has already been substantial damage to the brain.

  • So if you SUSPECT Parkinsons early symptoms, act now to protect yourself!

Make sure your diet has lots of fruits and vegetables - antioxidants -  to slow free radical damage. Also add the best protective brain health supplements.

Here's what you can do NOW:

  • Alert your doctor to make sure your symptoms are truly early symptoms of Parkinsons disease.
  • Change your diet by adding more fruits and vegetables --foods high in anti oxidants, and high quality proteins, and eliminate all processed foods.
  • Keep up with the latest treatments such as stem cells for Parkinsons. 
  • Add proven BRAIN HEALTH supplements now.  ASK US for a recommendation.  
  • ASK US for reports of people who reversed their Parkinson disease symptoms and got a new lease on life 

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1   Antioxidants protect against Free radical damage: Free radicals in the aging brain and Parkinson's Disease 

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