Chemo Brain: Chemo Breast Cancer --
Long Term  Chemotherapy Side Effects

Here's why you will want the best chemo breast cancer protection -- to aoid long term breast cancer chemotherapy side effects.

You will want to think long term, not just during chemo breast cancer treatments.  Here's why:

  • Breast cancer chemotherapy side effects can last over ten years!

One of the real a side effects of chemotherapy is “Chemo Brain,” a mental fog or forgetfulness experienced by many women undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Why prevent LASTING Chemotherapy Side Effects?

  • Although "chemo brain" gradually lessens with time, studies are showing that it can last ten years and longer.

Fortunately there are supplements that protect against these side effects.

"Chemo Brain" Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Side Effects Last for 10 Years?

Here's both the good news, and the bad news...

“A lot of women who receive chemotherapy go on to live a normal life expectancy, but the single biggest impediment to their quality of life is this impairment of their cognitive faculties,” says researcher Daniel Silverman, from the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Dr. Silverman’s research team used high tech PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanners to measure blood flow in the brains of 21 breast cancer patients.

All the patients had surgery to remove a breast tumor, and 16 of them also had chemotherapy, powerful drugs meant to kill any “stray” cancerous cells.  Here's what Dr. Silverman found:

  • Chemo patients who got their treatment up to 10 years prior to the study, still showed signs of altered blood flow in key areas of the brain.

Dr. Silverman thins that “These residual effects may last indefinitely.”

  • When put through a series of memory tests, the chemotherapy patients tended to have more difficulty than those who didn’t have chemotherapy treatments.

“In effect, these women’s brains were working harder than the control subjects’ to recall the same the same information,” according to Dr. Silverman.

Stopping Chemo Breast Cancer Side Effects:

Fortunately there are powerful immune-building proteins that help to detox the brain and the body.

Women who take these protective protein supplements tend to "breeze through" their chemo breast cancer treatments with little or no side effects.

  • “My hair did not fall out, and I was back at work, and cancer free six months after treatment for ovarian cancer and tumors two years after a first bout with breast cancer, thanks to adding a this supplement to my treatment! 

Wendy S. in California

Wendy S. had ovarian cancer, an aggressive cancer after breast cancer, so she was highly motivated to add a breast cancer natural treatment to her regime.

You may ASK US for a recommendation:

  • About the protective supplements that helped Wendy and others have less breast cancer chemotherapy side effects
  • About chemotherapy immune system supplements that will not interfere with chemotherapy treatments

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  • We wish you well with your chemo breast cancer treatment and hope that you will be able to avoid serious breast cancer chemotherapy side effects.

There are proven supplements and foods that prevent breast cancer that act as a breast cancer natural treatment.

  • You'll do better with supplements and foods such as seaweeds that can be added to your breast cancer diet. 

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