Womens Heart Disease: How do Womens Stroke Heart Attack Symptoms Differ
from Mens Heart Attack Symptoms?

How is womens heart disease different? What are womens heart attack symptoms?

  • Did you know that as many as 43 percent of women do NOT experience ACUTE CHEST PAIN before a heart attack?
  • Did you know that LESS THAN 30 PERCENT OF WOMEN report CHEST PAIN or discomfort even right before an ACUTE heart attack? (myocardial infarction or AMI)

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of women who die suddenly of heart disease report NO PREVIOUS SYMPTOMS, as compared to half of the men who die suddenly of a heart attack?

In studies of women, the most frequently reported heart attack symptoms are:

  • Unusual fatigue
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Shortness of breath

Yes, for heart attacks, CHEST PAIN is the most common symptom, but women are more likely than men to experience other symptoms.

Women tend to experience instead:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the back or jaw

How is Womens Heart Disease Different & How Does that Affect Lipitor Dose?

Heart disease can sneak up on women in ways that standard cardiac tests can miss.

  • Unlike men, women suffering heart attacks often show NO SIGNS of the “classic” symptoms such as squeezing chest pain or pain down the left arm.

Nearly two-thirds of women who die suddenly of heart disease report no previous symptoms, for example, compared with half of men.

  • Not only do women have different heart attack symptoms than men – they are MORE LIKELY TO DIE in the year after a first heart attack.
  • Studies also show that the drugs used to treat women may not be as effective for women as they are for men.


While overall heart disease deaths have been dropping in recent years, that improvement has been slower for women who face some unique issues.

From a report by the non-profit Society for Women’s Health Research and WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, USA.

  • This report says that there's been too little progress in tackling the sex differences in heart disease and urges change to be made.

Do Doctors Help Womens Heart Disease?

When women complain of what could be potential heart problems, studies show that they are investigated less thoroughly and treated less aggressively than men with heart attack symptoms.

  • Doctors often believe that chest pain in women is less likely to be due to heart disease and me instead be due to other causes such as indigestion.

WOMENS HEART DISEASE STUDY: A Swedish study, known as the Euro Heart Survey of Stable Angina, surveyed more than 3,500 patients with coronary heart disease, and found that:

Women were 20 percent less likely than men to be referred to an exercise stress test which is typically used to determine whether chest pain is due to heart disease.

  • Women were 40 percent less likely to get an angiogram to check for blocked blood vessels.
  • If women were diagnosed with angina, they were less likely to be prescribed standard therapies.

Even women who were found to have SIGNIFICANT heart disease WERE STILL TREATED less AGGRESSIVELY THAN MEN.

  • Women were not only less likely to be treated, but those with proven heart disease were TWICE AS LIKELY TO DIE or have a heart attack as men with similar heart attack symptoms.

New Discoveries: How Womens Heart Disease is Different

Here's an unrecognized problem even by specialists:

Even if a test of major heart arteries finds no blockages, at-risk women still can have a serious problem -- something called coronary micro vascular disease that's less common in men.

  • Small blood vessels that feed the heart become damaged so that they spasm or squeeze shut.

When micro vascular disease is suspected, doctors can prescribe medications designed to make blood vessels relax and blood flow a bit better, while also intensively treating the woman's other cardiac risk factors.

  • Fortunately, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was won for a natural agent that improves circulation, relaxes blood vessels and helps heal small micro blood vessels.

Dr. Harry Elwardt developed a best selling supplement from this discovery. He has dedicated his life to "NO more heart disease."

  • You will want to try a his SAFE enhanced l arginine supplement to take for better circulation and heart disease stroke prevention.
  • This heart protective supplement is safe to take with heart medications.

Simvastatin & Lipitor Side Effects Different?

Does Lipitor have side effects for women?  Before taking Lipitor as a woman, here is what you need to know:

  • Muscle problems have been associated with ALL statins, including Zocor simvatatin side effects, Lipitor side effects and so forth.

And there is an increase in muscle aching linked to high doses.

In 2005 and 2006, large studies were published on the use of maximum-dose 80-mg Lipitor, the top-selling cholesterol-lowering statin drug, to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

  • The 2005 study showed a reduction in deaths from heart attacks with high-dose Lipitor (atorvastatin).

This was a positive result, but NOT positive was the finding that MORE people taking high-dose Lipitor DIED FROM OTHER CAUSES!

In the 2006 study, high-dose Lipitor was barely better than placebo in preventing recurrent strokes, and just as many people died with high-dose Lipitor as with the placebo.

  • In both studies, LIVER INJURIES occurred nearly 5 to 7 times more often in high-dose Lipitor patients. Not good for your liver for sure!

All in all, these findings have researchers question both the EFFECTIVENESS and SAFETY of high Lipitor dose -- especially the Lipitor side effects in women.

(New England Journal of Medicine 2005;352:1425-35 and 2006;355:549-559.)

Womens Heart Disease: High Blood Pressure Meds or Diet?

The RISK FACTORS for a stroke are very similar to those of heart disease:

  • HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is by far the greatest risk factor for a stroke:

Of people worldwide who had a BLEEDING stroke or rupture (hemorrhagic) 73.6% had hypertension.

  • Of people who had a CLOTTING stroke (ischemic strokes) 45% had hypertension.

SOURCE: A worldwide study of 22 countries coordinated by the Population Health Research Institute: Authors Dr. Martin O’Donnell and Dr. Salim Yusuf, professors of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine.

Diet or Meds for High Blood Pressure?

BEFORE you get a prescription for hypertension meds for the rest of your life, find out about lowering blood pressure naturally without drugs:

Heart Disease Women: Cholesterol NOT a Disease?

CHOLESTEROL is no longer the big bad villain – it is just one of many indicators of heart disease symptoms or risk.

Cholesterol is essential to the brain and mental function so that LOW cholesterol has is associated with poor cognitive function:

Womens Heart Disease: Diet Best to Lower HDL Cholesterol?

Surprise, going on a low-fat diet does NOT lower your HDL Cholesterol.

Cholesterol-lowering foods especially those with fiber ARE effective: e.g. eating apples, oats, beans, and barley!

Stopping Womens Heart Disease Now!

We hope that you have found our article on women's heart disease and heart attack symptoms helpful.

Please check our links for natural blood thinners and how arginine functions to stop heart disease, stop the worry about mini stroke warning signs, as well as:

  • Natural statin alternatives for Lipitor and women to reduce statins and muscle pain and statin side effects such as "statin induced myopathy."

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  • Please explore our site for a natural Coumadin substitute if you want to avoid Coumadin side effects, coumadin drug interactions as well as a warfarin diet and any coumadin food interaction.

You may want to get a Coumadin food list from your pharmacist, and consult your doctor for the proper diet for taking Coumadin.

  • There are natural statin alternatives and Coumadin alternatives you can take while you are safely reducing your meds with your doctor's supervision.

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Womens Heart Disease: Womens Heart Disease and Womens Heart Attack Symptoms Differ

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