Treat Diabetes 2
and reverse type 2 diabetes naturally

Dr. Hallberg says to treat diabetes 2 by ignoring the guidelines of the ADA, American Diabetes Association

You can either treat diabetes 2 with medication, or have diabetes type 2 reverse!

Can you really say goodbye to medications and insulin resistance?

In most cases, yes, says Dr. Sarah Hallberg, an obesity doctor who gets her patients off their diabetes medications AND gets them losing weight successfully. 

Yes, Dr. Hallberg says that the greatest joy of her work is to tell a patient that they no longer have diabetes!

Treat Diabetes 2 or a Diabetes Cure?

While not a diabetes cure in the sense that it could come back, she is definitely able to treat diabetes 2 for weight loss and no more medications! 

How?  By ignoring the official guidelines used to treat diabetes 2, she says.

Why? Because the current guidelines do NOT have a goal to cure or have type 2 diabetes reverse. 

Instead, American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines say that diabetes 2 is a progressive disease requiring more medications over time.

  • How then can Dr. Hallberg get a 20-year diabetic -- on 300 units of insulin per day with blood sugar still out of control -- to no longer have type 2 diabetes after 4 months?

Start by ignoring the guidelines, she says, and by taking away the CAUSE!

You are Not to Blame -- It's the Guidelines

Prejudice against the overweight and obese blames lack of self control rather than wrong guidelines that don't help diabetes type 2 reverse

Dr. Hallberg "blames" the common prejudice about diabetes 2 and being fat. She says that obese people feel shame and guilt and that they suffer from the mistaken idea that they lack self control. 

Instead, it is the current guidelines that cause people to be in a vicious cycle of not solving insulin resistance. Why is this important?

  • Because insulin is the fat storage hormone! 

Dr. Hallberg says that instead, we need to treat diabetes 2 and obesity as a hormonal disease.

While there are many hormones involved, insulin is the main one, because:

  • insulin makes us hungry, causing cravings and hunger
  • insulin makes the food we eat much more likely to be stored as fat

Insulin Resistance Supplements or Diet?

Scroll down for Dr. Hallberg's best diet for insulin resistance and reversing  diabetes.

However, if you need extra help NOW...

While you are in the process of changing your diet, you can get help now, with insulin resistance supplements.  Why? To prevent a heart attack NOW!

  • Insulin resistance is considered responsible for 42% of heart attacks! 

A US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, or NHANES, showed that insulin resistance is now the biggest single risk factor for coronary artery disease.

Dr. Harry's heart disease supplement helps protect AND helps with insulin resistance. 

Dr. Harry's all-in-one arginine heart disease supplement can immediately help lower insulin resistance. 

Try this l arginine nitric oxide formula with AstraGin, which can:

  • increase insulin sensitivity by 38%
  • increase glucose absorption by 57%
  • decrease blood sugar levels by 19%

Watch VIDEO and see ARTICLES by Dr. Harry

Best Diet for Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance causes hunger cravings and overeating the wrong foods

What is the problem with the ADA guidelines according to Dr. Hallberg?

These guidelines consider type 2 diabetes to be a progressive disease. And yes it is, unless you take away the cause.  What is that?

  • The cause, she says, for diabetes type 2, is carbohydrate toxicity. 
  • And the cause for insulin resistance is carbohydrate intolerance.

Does she recommend a 0 carb keto diet plan?

No, but she says that "low carb intervention" has been shown by dozens of randomized controlled trials to work.  Her patients successfully say good bye to their diabetes meds! They are able to:

  • Reduce cravings and hunger by reducing insulin resistance!

Watch Dr. Hallberg explain how to treat diabetes 2 with the goal of no longer having diabetes, at a Purdue University TED talk:

Best Diet for Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

Reverse type 2 diabetes diet menu with Dr. Hallberg's 5 rules

Here are Dr. Hallberg's RULES:

1) Don't buy anything that says LIGHT, LOW FAT or FAT FREE on the package!

2) Eat FOOD. Real food does not come processed in a box.

3) Don't eat anything that you don't like.

4) Eat only when you are hungry, and ignore what the clock says.

5) NO GPS, which means:

  • no grains
  • no sugar
  • no potatoes

This is simple but may not be easy! But don't worry, there is lots of help with making baked goods like muffins with coconut or almond flour.  Dr. Hallberg's rules are not as strict as a keto diet plan of 0 carbs.

Why bother? Getting healthier, thinner and saying bye bye to medications, as well as saving $2,000 per year on average on medications, might help with motivation!

Dr. Hallberg says to do two things:

  • STOP eating what CAUSES the problem 
  • STOP using MEDICINE to treat food problems!

Fortunately there is help with insulin resistance supplements to reduce your risk while making long term diet changes!

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