Can Diabetes Type 2 Reverse?
New Immune Discoveries to Treat Diabetes 2  

Exciting new immune discoveries to stop diabetes and have diabetes type 2 reverse

Can diabetes type 2 reverse? New discoveries about microbes are very promising!

Scientists are working on a natural diabetes cure by improving gut bacteria.

An explosion of science is linking the type of critters that live in our guts, to a host of immune problems and diseases.  

Insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and obesity are now also being linked to imbalances in gut bacteria (microflora).  

  • How can diabetes type 2 reverse with friendly bacteria?

The ability to improve intestinal “bugs” is very likely going to be the next big natural diabetes cure. How? 

Medical literature shows a connection between Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) and gut bacteria. 

Having the "wrong" bugs is associated with: 

  • extra belly fat, or abdominal obesity
  • low-grade chronic inflammation
  • highblood sugar problems (altered glucose metabolism) 1
Can diabetes type 2 reverse? Researchers looking to find the right gut bacteria for a natural diabetes cure

How can diabetes type 2 reverse?

The absence of “good” beneficial bugs, or too many “bad” unhealthy bugs, causes a low level of chronic inflammation.  This imbalance is called “gut dysbiosis.” 

Scientists are working on being able to change our gut “microbiome.” 

  • They have already been able to modify the gut bacteria of mice to overcome obesity and blood sugar problems! 2  

However, developing such a procedure for humans is more complicated.3  While we are waiting for medical science to perfect this, what are the best options?

How best to increase our “friendly” gut bacteria?

Fortunately a lot is known about restoring healthy bacteria, and here's where an all-in-one HEART-diabetes formula may help best.

Best of Insulin Resistance Supplements  

This all-in-one heart disease formula helps with blood pressure, cholesterol, blood clots, blood sugar AND improves insulin resistance!

Dr. Harry’s balanced formula uses pre-biotic fiber to increase “good” bifidus bacteria

CardioForLife® adds a unique blend of Fructo Oligo Saccharides as PREbiotic.

This PREbiotic helps the “good bugs” (known and bifidus or bifidobacteria) to multiply to restore health.  

  • Here is why this can help diabetes type 2 reverse:

This bifidus strain has been shown to be deficient in people with type 2 diabetes when compared to healthy people. 4

How can diabetes type 2 reverse with Dr. Harry’s PRE-biotic HEART formula?

In addition, a proprietary ingredient called AstraGin has been clinically shown to:

  • decrease blood sugar levels by 19%
  • increase insulin sensitivity by 38%
  • increase glucose absorption by 57%


 COMPARE with TOP Nitric Oxide Heart Supplements

This heart disease formula is SAFE to take along with your heart medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood clot meds.

  • You may ask us more about specific medications for AFIB treatment for irregular heart beat or anti coagulant medications. 

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New Natural Diabetes Cure: PRO-biotics

Natural help for improving gut bacteria with pro-biotics and pre-biotic fiber foods

We already know that taking pro-biotics will increase “friendly” or beneficial gut bacteria.  Why is this essential for pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes?

A study found that people with type 2 diabetes had lower levels of BIFIDOBACTERIUM than healthy people.  

  • Taking a high quality PRObiotic with bifidobacterium can help restore these beneficial bacteria.

However, these PRObiotic supplements do not last in the gut, so you need to take them daily. 

For more lasting results, to help diabetes type 2 reverse, it is best to also add PRE-biotics which enable friendly bacteria to multiply.

How to select probiotic supplements and dosage?

A good  PRObiotic with PREbiotics has:

  • PRObiotic including two types of Bifidobacterium
  • PREbiotic fiber including inulin and 
  • Fructo Oligo Saccharides

Health benefits of cinnamon with meusli for fat diabetes insulin help

A Type 2 Diabetes diet menu should include:

  • fermented foods such as sauerkraut (non pasteurized), and fermented drinks like kombucha
  • yogurt and kefir with active bacterial cultures
  • high fiber "pre-biotic" foods such as chickpeas, lentils, whole grain pumpernickel and rye bread, raw nuts and muesli.

With these you are more likely on the way to a natural diabetes cure. 

Natural Diabetes Cure For Gestational Diabetes

Yes there is a natural cure for gestational diabetes

Signs type 2 diabetes in pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, and you have developed gestational diabetes, this is considered to be genetic.

Fortunately, there is also a natural diabetes cure for this!

  • Gestational diabetes involves a genetic problem with an enzyme that creates a vitamin deficiency.

This can be corrected easily with the help of your doctor.  This vitamin is safe and it can work within 2 weeks as a natural diabetes treatment for gestational diabetes.

YOU MAY ASK US: For research about the natural diabetes treatment for gestational diabetes:

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Scientists are working on a natural diabetes cure using friendly gut bacteria.

While most of us know that PRObiotics are good for us, but that they also counteract type 2 diabetes is big news.

Add to that a PREbiotic supplement and pre-biotic foods, and you may well be on you way to a natural diabetes cure.

What dosage should you choose for PRE biotic supplements?

The PREbiotic supplements that improved the high blood pressure and blood sugar of people with type 2 diabetes contained 10 g of either:  

  • Inulin 
  • resistant starches such as fructo-oligosaccharide. 5

While scientists are still working on how to change our “microbiome” for specific diseases, enough is already known for us to start improving our health now. 

For now, insulin resistance supplements and PREbiotic foods can help diabetes type 2 reverse. Maybe in the future medical science will have an easier solution.

Many insulin resistance supplements have been proven by science

We hope that our research posts about natural diabetes treatments has been helpful.

  • A landslide of medical research is linking gut bacteria to various diseases, especially to autoimmune diseases. 

It is well recognized that healthy gut bacteria are key to regulating the immune system.  It is believed that the immune system interacts with the "wrong" gut microbes to cause low level chronic inflammation. 

  • This "dysbiosis" and inflammation is now being related to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure and obesity. 

Can diabetes type 2 reverse? While there is no quick fix yet, it can certainly be done with a good-bacteria diet and insulin resistance supplements. 

Signs type 2 diabetes are a call to action, and first to treat diabetes 2 naturally. 

Can Diabetes Type 2 Reverse? 

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3.  While mouse studies have found links between gut microbes, dietary changes and obesity, the evidence remains less clear in humans. As Robert Knight of the University of Colorado wrote in the British Journal of Nutrition: “It remains a challenge to identify the key pathogenic microbiota and to establish a causal (rather than associative) relationship between specific microbes or community states and a given physiological or disease phenotype.

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See also, research on Gut Bacteria Type 2 diabetes and immune, Insulin Sensitivity

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