Second Opinion Gets
Best Breast Cancer Treatment:

Did you know you are more likely to find the best breast cancer treatment if you get a second opinion?

  • Why a second opinion about whether your advised surgery, chemo breast cancer radiation therapy is best, or if immunotherapy cancer treatment is available?

Here's why you will want a second opinion, according to a study at the University of Michigan:

  • More than half of breast cancer patients had their breast cancer treatment changed when they got a second opinion!
  • In another study, biopsy results were only accurate in 50% of the cases when double checked by experts! These concluded that you might as well flip a coin for 50-50 results.

Here's what a research team, headed by Dr. Michael Sable, found out:

They followed 150 women diagnosed with cancer, who had a biopsy to confirm the tumor, and who were given a treatment course that was set.

Their recommended treatments were then reviewed by an expert panel, with an oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a pathologist, a radiologist, and a surgeon.

Surprisingly, this group of experts recommended the following changes for breast cancer treatment. Here's what they suggested instead:

  • Instead of the recommended mastectomy, or removal of the entire breast, quite a few women were told that they could instead have a lumpectomy, or a partial removal.
  • In one third of the cases, the biopsy results were interpreted differently: some women were told that their lumps were benign, not cancerous, while others found out the reverse.
  • For a few of the women, radiation was recommended before, rather than  after surgery, so that their breast would be preserved.
  • Many of the doctors who made the initial diagnosis and recommended the treatment did not follow established treatment guidelines.
  • Other doctors were not up to date on newer techniques that would benefit their patients. ( medical journal Cancer)

The big message from the study, said Dr. Sabel, is that a multidisciplinary approach gives the best answers:

"It was a surprise that half of the patients had a change in treatment!"

  • A lot of this just has to do with having a second pair of eyes, it was concluded. Having two radiologists read a mammogram is better than one!

Ideally, all cancer patients should have the benefit of such a multidisciplinary team conference approach.

Britain, for instance, has instituted such a team diagnosis for cancer, and the  team also decides on a protocol for the treatment.

What were the results in Britain?

  • Britain's cancer mortality rate is down since the year 2000 by 12 per cent, and this team approach is given credit as one of the key ingredients for this improvement.

Biopsy Results Only Accurate Half the Time?

Even with a biopsy, the results are accurate only half of the time, it turns out!

A US study of 115 patients had pathologists' results double checked by three experts.

  • They found that breast tissue samples were correctly diagnosed only half of the time for finding pre-cancerous and abnormal cells!
  • And on top of that, a third of the cases were misdiagnosed to be normal when they were not.  And the opposite was also true: they mistakenly found something suspicious in 13% of normal tissue.

An editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association, where the study was published in 2015, said that the results were troubling, showing that pathology is an "imperfect science."

  • Yet the public does not realize that when a pathologist looks at breast tissue under a microscope, that there are real challenges for interpretation and accuracy!

For the best breast cancer treatment, best to realize that we are all human!

Getting a second opinion can protect against the real chances of a false positive or a misdiagnosis!

Doctor Shopping Pros & Cons for Breast Cancer Treatment

Good doctors are not likely to be offended by a patient who wants a second opinion. There are many areas in which doctors can legitimately disagree.

PRO: Breast cancer treatment is a complex, ever-evolving area. The tests patients undergo rarely supply simple “yes” or “no” answers and, even when it is obvious that there is cancer present, the specific type of cancer may not always be evident, and can certainly have impact on treatment choices.

A second set of professional eyes reviewing your biopsy or CT scan is inevitably beneficial.

CON: Second opinions can have their draw back. For instance, two doctors could disagree. Then what? Do you need a third for a tie breaker?

Consider that the specialty of the person who is offering the opinion is very important. Why?

  • A surgeon will likely recommend surgery. A radiation oncologist will likely recommend radiation treatment, and so forth.

What is the solution? A team approach is ideal. What a patient really needs is the benefit of a broad range of opinion from experts with varying backgrounds for best breast cancer treatment and recovery.

Hopefully, if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you will be able to arrange a “care conference” that involves you participating in any debate and decision-making process for choosing your best cancer treatment options.

Before your Breast Cancer Treatment:

Does the value of getting a second opinion outweigh the possible harm from delaying the treatment of breast cancer?

  • Experts say that cancer care rarely involves decision-making that is so urgent to preclude a second opinion, even though this choice can be difficult.

While breast cancer treatment options are being sought and evaluated, you can:

  • add breast cancer natural treatments
  • take immunotherapy supplements to build your strength for the treatment

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Adding Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Adding immunotherapy cancer treatment may be an option for you.

While immunotherapy is not yet widely available for all cancers, it may be worth looking into. Why?

  • Adding immunotherapy cancer treatment is doubling and tripling survival rates!

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  • A strong immune system can protect you from the cancer coming back

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We hope that you have been inspired to find the best surgery, chemo breast cancer radiation therapy for you!

  • Regardless of the recommended treatment, you will feel and do better by adding immunotherapy supplements.
  • Especially if your doctor recommends a protein supplement, you are best off taking a proven immunotherapy protein to help your own immune system defeat the cancer.

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