2 Alzheimers New Discoveries
for Alzheimer Disease Stages

Alzheimers new discoveries are based on a new understanding of various Alzheimer causes. 

Scientists are finding better natural Alzheimers treatment due to these discoveries.  This is good news, because Alzheimers meds do not offer much.1

Instead, there is new hope for those with memory problems to be able to enjoy life, friends and family longer, and to be less of a burden.  

 Alzheimers New Discoveries: Diabetes of the Brain

Researchers are discovering Alzheimer causes are similar to those of diabetes.  In fact, some are calling it “diabetes of the brain.”

Turns out that the main Alzheimer causes are related to heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.

  • These diseases are more effectively treated through diet, exercise and special supplements, than by taking medications alone. 

The same is turning out to be true for Alzheimers treatment. 

What does "diabetes of the brain" mean? 

  • This means that the Alzheimers brain is starved for energy because it cannot use glucose anymore.

Glucose is needed by the brain to think, to engage and be involved.

Due to insulin resistance, it cannot get the energy it needs to work properly to remember things and people, or to do things.

Alzheimers New Discoveries: New Source of Energy for the Brain

The good news is that the brain CAN use the fats in coconut oil for energy instead. 

Yes, it has been shown that the brain will use coconut oil as an alternative energy source when it can no longer use glucose.

Why? Because coconut oil does not need insulin to be used by the brain for energy.

  • Alzheimers researchers have shown that typically the brain no longer uses glucose effectively because insulin signals are being ignored.   

Brain cells are no longer responding to the "signals" put out by insulin, and this is called "insulin resistance." 

  • Insulin "turns the key" for the cells to be able to use the energy from sugar, or glucose, but its "signals" fall on deaf ears, so to speak!  

When there is a problem such as “insulin resistance,” the glucose stays in the blood. High levels of glucose in the blood are toxic, creating other problems as well.

  • Fortunately there have been many successes by giving people with Alzheimers large doses of coconut oil. 

Why? Because their brain CAN use coconut oil for energy. Often they can think and act again so that for some, their symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease improve dramatically!

Researchers report that, depending on which part of the brain is affected: 

  • "Coconut oil as alternative energy source is capable of stopping the progressively neuronal death that occurs in this disease.
  • Coconut oil appears to improve cognitive abilities of Alzheimer’s patients, with different intensity depending on the cognitive area." 1

There have also been advances in preparing special MCT coconut oil that can be put on salads.  MCT are Medium-chain triglycerides that have many health benefits.

Best to take lots and high quality organic coconut oil for best results:

How to Use Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimers new discoveries: Best Protein for a Better Brain

There is also a medical protein that can protect and help the brain work better. 

Nutraceutical proteins feed the brain all the amino acids it needs for:

  • Improving insulin “pathways” and reducing insulin resistance
  • Detoxification of the brain
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Providing long-chained amino acids for best brain function and memory

Scientists say that by improving “signal pathways” you increase the ability of cells to communicate with each other, and give "signals" for thinking, memory and activities.  

  • These Nutraceutical proteins cross the “blood-brain barrier” to improve the communication and "signals" of the brain cells!

These brain health supplements can make a big difference in behavior, attention and abilities. 

  • A 3-month trial with Nutraceutical proteinscould be worth the effort to "get your loved one back!"

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  • Nutraceutical protein supplement for Alzheimer Disease stages
  • Best Alzheimer natural treatment to restore memory and learning
  • For both Alzheimers and vascular dementia -- to increase blood circulation in the brain.  This can also improve memory and learning. 

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Alzheimers New Discoveries for a Better Life and Easier Caring for Alzheimer's Patients

Yes, there is new hope for Alzheimers treatment!  

People are gaining years of active living by adding Alzheimer natural treatments to their daily routines.

The most exciting Alzheimers new discoveries are for Alzheimer's and nutrition -- vitamins, herbs, spices and supplements.   

At different Alzheimer Disease stages, super food supplements such as medical proteins may be needed to help to turn the tide! 

You no longer need to sit idly by and feel hopeless about this disease. 

  • Know that people are indeed slowing and even REVERSING symptoms of Alzheimers. Alzheimer natural treatments are making the caring for Alzheimer’s patients MUCH easier and hopeful

In the long run, patients are much more pleasant and cooperative, so that care giving becomes much less stressful for both professionals and family.



1. About Alzheimers's Disease medications and supplements

2.  How does coconut oil affect cognitive performance in alzheimer patients?  Nutr Hosp. 2017 Mar 30;34(2):352-356. doi: 10.20960/nh.780.

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