Alternative Esophagus Cancer Treatments
and WINNING at Pickle Ball Again:
My Story

Why alternative esophagus cancer treatments? It was my wife who made me take them seriously!

Lucky me!

My name is Peter Sahar, a retired school principal, and I lead a very active life. I work as a handyman, a type of work I enjoy, and I find this much less stressful. My wife still works, and fortunately, my grand children live nearby.

Why lucky? After my surgery, my doctor said that I still needed both chemo and radiation. But he was not optimistic, because even with these, the esophagus cancer survival rate is not the best.

Fortunately, I did not need these harsh treatments after all! Why?

  • By the time of the chemo and radiation was supposed to start, my tests were good. My recovery was so fast, that the cancer in my lymph nodes was gone, and my doctor said I did not need the chemo and radiation after all.
  • Phew, what a relief! But I knew I still had to pass the two year mark…

Happily, by using proven, but alternative esophagus cancer treatments, I am now well past the two years! I have lots of energy again, am winning at pickle ball again (I used to have to sit out), and I feel like it saved my life from cancer of the esophagus!

My Story of Healing Esophagus Cancer

Here’s what my surgeon said after having had a transhiatal esophagectomy,

“Peter, unfortunately, given his stage of disease, you will require adjuvant radiation as well as chemotherapy…”

  • I then took action, which happily resulted in not needing these harsh treatments after all!

The surgeon himself had had both chemo and radiation, and he said he wouldn’t do that again. This was not too inspiring!!!

But it is now well over two years after my esophagus cancer surgery, I am still here and doing great, and beating fellows at pickle ball and badminton that are much younger than me.

  • Fortunately my wife insisted that I immediately begin to take a medically proven supplement that’s been shown to “optimize the immune,” and it’s even been shown to shrink tumors in clinical trials. This, she figured would help to speed my recovery.
  • I thank my lucky stars and my wife, because the esophagus cancer survival rate is not good, around 50%.

Cancer of the esophagus is scary, so listen up everyone, you too can be lucky like me.

Why use alternative esophagus cancer treatments?

Things did not look good for me.

Yes, a very good surgeon performed a successful transhiatal esophagectomy operation.

And, I had no more GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) pain, (esophagus hernia) but that was not the end.

  • Yes the operation was successful, but there was another hurdle to overcome!
  • The problem was cancer in the lymph nodes in the surrounding area – these still showed a 50% cancerous growth!

Radiation, Chemo or Immuno therapy Protein?

The Oncologists recommended both radiation and chemotherapy, but with only a 50% change of survival after 2 years.

The lead Oncologist cautioned me, for he had personally witnessed the destruction of people’s immune system.

  • But I had started taking an immune building protein right after my operation and the doctor noticed that I was physically very active, and had recovered extremely quickly from this complicated, intricate operation. 
  • Therefore the Oncologist ordered another set of cancer tests.

Alternative esophagus cancer treatments CAN work!

Then an amazing thing happened. My Surgeon had booked for me to begin chemotherapy and radiation.

Fortunately, the doctor ordered more blood marker tests and CAT scans before starting the chemo and radiation. Wonderful news – no MALIGNACIES DETECTED.

Amazingly, all tests, since then, have come back NEGATIVE!!

We are so overjoyed, but cautious. I still take a daily dose of this healing protein.

  • I never did need the recommended chemo and radiation, thank goodness!!
  • But I did not want to “go wild” until we could be sure the cancer was gone. And that time has come NOW!

Regrets & alternative esophagus cancer treatments?

Life is good again!

What’s really gratifying is that at the age of 69, I can compete competitively at badminton and pickleball with guys are much younger than me!!! I used to have to rest often in a 2 hour session but not anymore.

  • But, life could have been much easier for me.
  1. I regret not having taken this immuno therapy protein earlier. I had even been taking it as a supplement on and off. It certainly had helped me get over my chronic fatigue and other aches and pains that had plagued me during my career – it had helped the symptoms that doctors were not able to help me with.
  • But I did not understand the risk, nor the importance of “paying up ahead” with prevention!

I had had prostate cancer eight years before, and now I realize that this meant that my risk for a second cancer is high.

  • And, if I had grasped that my esophagus problems could turn into cancer, I would have taken more of this protein – and taken it much, much earlier.

Yes, I had had acid reflux, or GERD due to an esophagus hernia for many years, but I was coping.

Little did I realize that such symptoms could turn into cancer. Now I know that an inflamed esophagus (Barrett’s esophagus) and a herniated esophagus, especially an ulcer in the esophagus, greatly increases your chances of getting cancer of the esophagus.

But hey, it all worked out great for me, thanks to my dedicated wife and family.

  • I hope that you can learn from this and that you will consider prevention earlier than I!

Feel free to contact me about using this protein and about getting it at the best discount price.

Need help to heal esophagus?


Adding an immuno-therapy protein with alternative esophagus cancer treatments

to speed your healing, like Peter did:

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Best of alternative esophagus cancer treatments?

I hope that you or someone you love can benefit from the lessons I've learned!

Please act before it is too late! Best to add alternative esophagus cancer treatments to heal esophagus problems . Why?

  • Sadly, the esophagus cancer survival rate is not good.

I know of two people who had successful esophagus cancer surgery, but they did not last long afterwards.

After the surgery they continued to have bleeding problems and were gone 6 months after their treatment began. Yes, they did have the very best medical care. They unfortunately did not add the proven alternative esophagus cancer treatments that I did.

  • So please don’t wait, and get checked what might be symptoms of esophagus cancer!

If you have acid reflux, GERD, an esophagus hernia (herniated esophagus) do not count just on the meds to get you better.

Get pro-active with an acid reflux diet to use less of the medications, because these meds are associated with heart disease.

Or, if you have an inflamed esophagus (Barrett’s esophagus) take action against the inflammation and get better before the acid damage to esophagus (or even an ulcer in the esophagus) turns into cancer of the esophagus.

  • I wish you well, and I’ll be happy to cheer you on if you too have a diagnosis or symptoms of esophagus cancer! You can contact me for someone to talk to. I am sure appreciative of the help that I got!

Heal esophagus - acid damage to esophagus NOW!

Acid damage to esophagus is quite common due to acid reflux!

  • Don’t wait if you have a herniated esophagus -- an esophagus hernia – or symptoms of esophagus cancer!

You will get inflammation and scarring from “acid reflux” or GERD, due to the regurgitation of stomach acid.

  • Why? The lining of the human esophagus does not tolerate the acid that digests food in the stomach, which the stomach lining is made for. The result is damage – an inflamed esophagus, or Barret’s Esophagus, and this can lead to esophageal cancer.

So don’t depend on drugs to mask the problem!

You may already have an ulcer in the esophagus. The symptoms of esophagus cancer are usually problems with swallowing and weight loss, but these can be caused by other things than esophagus problems.

  • In any case, please make an effort to heal esophagus lining for recovery with an acid reflux remedy and supplements like the immune protein I took, to get to full recovery!

Then you won’t have the specter of cancer of the esophagus hanging over you, and you can get on with your life, and win! Like I do again with pickle ball.

Peter’s Story of boosting esophagus cancer survival rate with alternative esophagus cancer treatments for cancer of the esophagus

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