How I Battled Blood Cell Cancer - CML and Devastating CML Leukemia Symptoms

My name is Russ. This is my blood cell cancer story.

On my 48th birthday, April 21, 2009, I was diagnosed with a cancer of the blood called Chronic Myeloid Leukemia or CML.

What a devastating shock for both me and my family!

We were all in disbelief, we were angry, we wanted answers, then we began our search.

With two small children, I was not prepared to leave my family at a young age.

My story starts at the beginning of being diagnosed and walks you through the treatments up to the goal of every patient with blood cell cancer -- hearing your doctor say these words, “You are in Molecular Remission!"

My Blood Cell Cancer Story

I did have some warning signs of leukemia -- but no leukemia symptoms that my doctor recognized!

I had not been feeling that well for a few years, but my annual physicals with my doctor checked out fine.

In April 2009, I had another physical. This time however, my doctor called me back because he didn’t like the reading of my white blood cell count. I repeated the blood test. My doctor told me that he had scheduled an appointment for me to meet with a hematologist at Cancer Care – St. Boniface Hospital.

  • At the time, the symptoms I was experiencing were pressure in my head, lethargy, night sweats and a general feeling of poor well-being.
  • Nobody had recognized these as warning signs of leukemia, or leukemia symptoms!
  • I certainly did not expect to hear what was told to me – “I had Leukemia”.

My blood test was followed with a Bone Marrow Aspiration test done at Cancer Care. This procedure is required to confirm the type of Leukemia.

I had a blood cell cancer called Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, abbreviated as CML.

  • Fortunately, after three years, my doctor said the word that was music to my ears, “REMISSION.”

Wow, that was great news after a hard and long journey and I want to share with you my road to molecular remission.

You're in “Molecular Remission” from blood cell cancer!

It was a tough three years for me! I started my chemical treatment of 400 mg of Imatinib commonly known as Gleevec once a day.

Because I only experienced a marginal improvement in my blood cell cancer count after about one year, my chemo drug was increased to 600mg a day.

  • The doctors had expected a better cancer count at this stage of testing, so that was very disappointing!

Gleevec is a chemical that has many side effects. Studies have linked Gleevec to heart failure in some people, and drug resistance is also a problem.

  • So I did research to see if there was more I could do to help my body fight this terrible disease of blood cell cancer.

The best thing I could do for myself was discover how to have a high immune system again.

  • My continuous research led me to a cancer fighting high immune system protein. This helps build the body’s defenses.

I found one that had a scientifically approved claim for “optimizing” the immune system. 

  • I started my journey on a new path supplementing my body with an immune building supplement.

After about one month, I still wasn’t feeling much better so I called the company's medical adviser who suggested I increase the quantity of the healing protein pouches from two to four pouches per day.

With blood cell cancer, as with any cancer, regular visits to your Oncologist are required.

  • Then, after about two years on this medical protein in combination with my chemo drug, I again went for another blood test. Time I learned that my blood cell count now confirmed I was in molecular remission!

The oncologist said whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it.

He is hopeful that I can totally eliminate Gleevec from my daily intake in the next year.

  • I have reduced my medical protein intake back down to two pouches per day because of these favorable results with my blood test.

Battling Leukemia Causes?

Leukemia is a problem of “cell differentiation.” Why “differentiation” for cancer and white blood cells?

When someone has leukemia, there is a problem with “cell differentiation.”

  • As I understand, this protein I was taking helps to IMPROVE “cell differentiation.” Why on earth is that important?

Cell “differentiation” is when blood cells do what they are supposed to do, to “grow up.” Blood cells normally change or “differentiate” to do the job they are meant to do.

The white blood cells “grow up” so that they can fight bacteria to prevent infections. These bacteria fighting cells are called neutrophils, still a type of white blood cell.

So when you have a cut or a sore throat, your blood will quickly make more of these bacteria fighting cells, to stop an infection from getting out of hand, and then your body automatically stops making them when the infection is under control.

  • With chronic myeloid leukemia, there is a genetic mutation so your white blood cells don’t “grow up” properly to become neutrophils.
  • Instead they remain immature, and turn into “myeloblasts,” or “blasts” instead.
  • These blasts, are blood cells that change and grow uncontrollably, instead of stopping production when there is no infection!

So medically, if you have Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, there is improper “cell differentiation” and these “blasts” do not act like normal mature white blood cells to protect you from viruses and bacteria.

  • The large amount of blasts decreases the amount of red blood, so that with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia you typically have anemia.
  • With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia you often get more infections, because there are not enough mature white blood cells to fight bacteria and viruses.
  • Bruising is also one of the warning signs of leukemia because there are not enough red blood platelets for clotting.

Fortunately, this anti-cancer, best supplements for immune system,  I now take regularly, improves “cell differentiation” and my cancer blood count.

This helps to put my mind at ease for the future!

  • My cells, are now “growing up” properly into mature white blood cells, and, I am now in “MOLECULAR REMISSION.”

Why “optimize” to Improve Immune System?

Scientists are finding that a high immune system can destroy tumor cells if you strengthen a weak immune system.

They have also found out that with improving immune system, cancer can be kept in a dormant state for a long time!

Fortunately, scientists have unlocked “nature’s secret” for a high immune system against cancer.

This is known as immuno therapy or improving immune system therapy.

This is the ONLY one of all immune building supplements that has been CLINICALLY PROVEN to “optimize” the immune function.

  • I hope you will try using it too, for your fight with any cancer, not just for cancer of the blood.

Cancer is truly a horrible disease as I have experienced with my blood cell cancer.

My Healing Protein...

By taking this healing protein every day I am better prepared and stronger!!

  • I believe this helped in my fight against cancer and keeps my body operating at peak performance all of the time.
  • My most recent blood test and visit to my Oncologist has proven that I am in molecular remission – every blood cell cancer patient’s goal.

The Oncologist was quite pleased with my results and advised me to continue what I was doing.

I am still taking the protein faithfully every day and will not stop. I truly believe that it has played a crucial role in my achieving molecular remission.

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  • Helping you with cancer of the blood, or with leukemia symptoms

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I hope that the story of my journey with cancer of the blood has been of inspiration.

  • You can certainly improve your immune system, to give you peace of mind if you have leukemia, or even suspected cancer in blood.
  • I know how hard this is and will be happy to hear YOUR story!

How I Battled Blood Cell Cancer, CML and Low Cancer Blood Count and Leukemia Causes

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