What Causes a Stroke the Most?

What causes a stroke most, for people all around the world?

  • In a big multi country study, researchers found that high blood pressure topped the list of symptoms before a stroke.

What causes a stroke in an individual?

  • What actually happens, is that an artery in the brain develops a blood clot.  Or an artery ruptures, and causes bleeding. As a result, the brain is deprived of oxygen, and brain damage results. With new brain imaging techniques, scientists are finding that even a small transient "mini stroke," causes brain damage.
  • High blood pressure causes a strain on the system, setting the stage for either a blockage or a weakness in the arteries. 
  • Hardening of the arteries also sets the stage, making the inside of the blood vessels smaller and inflexible. This causes resistance, so that when the same volume of blood needs to be pumped through these smaller openings, the pressure rises.  

Because the build-up in the arteries has been slow, typically over many years, it is called "silent," but it is a danger signal, and is one of the main symptoms before a stroke. 

This "silent" build up of pressure sets the stage for blood clots and any materials attached to the walls of the blood vessels to "break loose" and cause havoc -- blockages or bleeding or unwanted blood clots, leading to a stroke.  

Strokes are serious, and can cause life-changing disability. A stroke tends to be especially hard on care givers, who are often overwhelmed or depressed by the amount of care needed by their loved one.

Best to prevent what causes a stroke with a diet for high blood pressure. This is even more urgent right after a stroke, to help repair as much of the damage as possible. 

  • You can prevent a lot of problems by taking artery clearing supplements and eating foods that lower blood pressure.

Stopping Symptoms Before a Stroke

Symptoms before a stroke only appear to be silent. 

High blood pressure, stress, a diet of refined foods, lack of exercise, smoking, life changes and problems, and more stress, builds up over a life time.

Bleeding brain strokes are one of the dangers resulting from taking the blood thinner drug warfarin, so best to avoid having to take medications.

  • You will want to make sure that you are eating a good diet for high blood pressure, with lots of fruits and vegetables -- the foods that lower blood pressure to protect yourself from getting a stroke. 

Preventing Blood Clots and a Stroke

If you have high blood pressure, just taking medications does not really solve the problem in the long run. You will have to make life changes. Why?

You will want to solve and reverse the underlying factors that cause a stroke, naturally, to avoid life-long medications that don't improve your life span!

  • Instead, hardening of the arteries, plaque build up, and circulation problems can be resolved with diet, exercise and proven supplements.

Your best approach is to adopt a diet for high blood pressure such as the DASH DIET for hypertensive heart disease, and add specific foods shown by science to lower blood pressure.

These foods and supplements have been tested by scientists, and can be just as effective as the medications.

How to Stop Symptoms Before a Stroke?

If you are at risk for a stroke, you will want to add proven supplements.

This can help dissolve blood clots, help clear your arteries and to keep them clear and flexible so that no blood clots can form. 

  • We recommend that you try Dr. Harry's CardioForLife formula for dissolving blood clots naturally and safely. 
  • His ENHANCED formula is safe to use with blood thinner medication.


Supplements and Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, it is best to get natural, and de-stress with exercise that you like, and eat lots of fruits and veggies -- foods that lower blood pressure.

You may need extra help to lower high blood pressure naturally, and there are excellent supplements to help reduce your risk. 

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What are the Symptoms before a Stroke? What Causes a Stroke the Most?

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