Why Are You Getting Treatment for Heart
Disease But Still Not Feeling Good?

Even with the best treatment for heart disease -- and medications for prevention -- here’s why you may still not be feeling great, and still be at risk:

Side effects of statins, of cholesterol lowering drugs, include memory loss, muscle pain, tiredness, irritability, depression and worse.  Statins have now been found to suppress stem cells, and in effect speed up aging.

Side effects of warfarin -- the long term side effects of Coumadin, the blood thinner, are: 

  1. A high risk for getting a bleeding brain stroke
  2. A calcium build-up in the aorta, causing a hardening this artery that goes to the brain, depriving the brain of a good blood supply.
  3. Alzheimers is now associated with using warfarin to treat AFIB.

High blood pressure medications do more harm than good for many people, say researchers in Canada and the USA, because:

  1. These meds make no difference in preventing heart attacks and strokes for those who have mild to medium hypertension. 
  2. Hypertension meds eventually cause the “low” to be too low, leading to heart irregularities and heart failure

What do you think? With these hazards, could these meds be causing YOU problems too?

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Is Your Treatment for Heart Disease Doing This?

Yes, in an emergency, your treatment for heart disease likely saved your life!

But long term, if you want your vitality and life back fully, you may want to minimize their use. Why?

  • Yes there are long-term dangers of heart meds.  You may be surprised to find out, if you don't feel so good when taking them. 

Are there Supplements that Work?

Yes, there is medical research for SAFE and proven supplements and foods, including a high blood pressure natural remedy, alternatives to statin drugs and natural blood thinners, both foods and supplements.  

You may want to read articles and watch a VIDEO by Dr. Harry Elwardt.

Dr. Elward, ND, PhD, has dedicated his life to "NO more heart disease" and we invite you to find out how this may be possible. 

Dr. Harry studied nutrition and the Nobel Winning discovery of how Nitric Oxide can best be replenished in the body to: 

  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce blood clots and strokes
  • lower cholesterol
  • melt away plaque
  • improve memory, blood sugar and diabetes
  • increase muscle growth & performance
  • improve heart failure
  • improve sexual function and kidney function

He developed an ENHANCED FORMULA that may be worth trying with your treatment for heart disease.

  • You may be surprised that as a result, your doctor may reduce and or eliminate some or all of your medications!
CardioForLife - Heart Health
On Sale Now ONLY $39.99 USD

more information

Dangerous Side Effects of Warfarin:
Alternatives that Can Save Your Life

Here's links that include a Coumadin food list and why you DON'T need to stop eating greens if you're on a warfarin diet....

And proven alternatives for healing and full recovery:

Why Try Statin Alternatives?

Could the statin drugs you're taking be robbing you of your energy and your memory, while you're blaming your age?

We know about statins and muscle pain, but there's more:

  1. Your moods can be affected to make you irritable
  2. Even your doctor thinks its your age, but statins and memory loss go hand in hand

The side effects of statins include violent nightmares, liver and stomach problems and more.  Even your doctor is not likely to trace your symptoms back to your statins!!  

The list of statin drugs you may be on includes: Lipitor – astorvastatin, Crestor – rosuvastatin, Pravachol –pravastatin and Zocor – simvastatin:

Here's resources to help you:

A High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy?

High blood pressure is serious.  

Researchers are finding, however, that using beta blockers to lower blood pressure does NOT result in less risk of dying of a heart attack or stroke for those being treated for mild to medium high blood pressure.

  • This new research suggests that unless you have very high blood pressure, diet, exercise and reducing stress will have better results.

(One of these studies is by Dr. Bangalore, NYU Langone Medical Center in New York U.S., published by the American Medical Association)

Add Natural Help to your Treatment for Heart Disease!

If you suspect that your heart meds don’t have you “covered,” you're right:

You can get healthy to feel young again! 

Please check our site for the many Health Discoveries that can help you regain your vitality.

  • It is possible to clear arteries naturally and improve circulation to prevent a heart attack and blood clots naturally. 

You will certainly feel better and enjoy your life more!

We hope that you've found our postings of best natural treatment for heart disease to be helpful.

  • You will want to eliminate the causes of strokes and heart attacks before you get signs of a mini stroke or a scary heart attack symptom.
  • If you want to feel great and energetic in spite of your age, your best bet is to eliminate the causes of coronary heart disease.
  • Your meds won’t do this for you, so please discover how to lower blood pressure naturally because high blood pressure by far tops the list of the causes of strokes. 

Strokes are the biggest killer worldwide of heart disease, -- more than heart attacks are -- and a cause of heartbreak and disability.

We wish you success, and please let us know of how you do and how you feel!

Natural Treatment for Heart Disease & Hypertensive Heart Disease: You Can Stop Causes of Coronary Heart Disease

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