Best of Insulin Resistance Supplements: Best Fat Diabetes Insulin Help?

Woman with insulin resistance belly fat loss problem

Are there insulin resistance supplements to help with diabetes 2 and fat loss?

Researchers are testing new natural supplements because millions of people around the world are having difficulty solving fat diabetes insulin problems. 

While scientists are still debating the belly fat causes of type 2 diabetes....

High blood pressure can be lowered naturally with l arginine nitric oxide supplement

They agree that there is a cluster of symptoms that go together, and they call this Metabolic Syndrome. This means that the way your body uses energy is dysfunctional, leading to diabetes 2.

This syndrome typically has these symptoms:

High blood pressure, excess fat around the waist or overweight, high blood fats & cholesterol and high blood sugar, or insulin resistance.

Want the best of insulin resistance supplements that can address all these symptoms?  A cinnamon supplement for weight loss? Or a heart disease supplement? 

Best all-in-one of Insulin Resistance Supplements

The best of insulin resistance supplements help with all your symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome.

Here's how the ingredients in Dr. Harry's ALL-IN-ONE heart supplement help to lower blood sugar, insulin resistance and belly fat.  

  • Dr. Harry's Arginine Nitric Oxide supplement is ENHANCED by AstraGin

Not only does it have Arginine, which has over 80,000 clinical studies showing that it will help to:

  • lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, improve diabetes, improve congestive heart failure, and reduce blood clots and strokes
  • Arginine will also improve wound healing, improve liver and kidney function, improve memory and cognitive functions, improve sexual function, and improve muscle growth and performance

But also .... to make this formula SAFE, Dr. Harry added powerful antioxidants and cirtrulline.   But there's more. Here is what makes this the top of insulin resistance supplements:

  • An enhancer called AstraGin!

THE BIG DIFFERENCE for fat diabetes insulin improvement is AstraGin.™  

  • AstraGin™ improves the bio-availability of all the nutrients so there is better health, fitness, energy, endurance, sense of well being, blood sugar balance, and lean body mass.

AstraGin™ is clinically proven to:

  • Increase insulin sensitivity by 38%
  • Increase glucose absorption by 57%
  • Decrease blood sugar level by 19%
  • Increase glycogen in muscle by 60%

AstraGin™ is the first and only natural food ingredient that greatly improves the absorption of proteins, glucose, and vitamins from the digestive tract into the blood and into the cells. (As shown in cell, animal and human clinical studies)

The proprietary ingredient AstraGin™ puts this CARDIO - INSULIN formula FAR AHEAD of insulin resistance supplements and fat burners!

AstraGin™ not only increases the absorption of proteins and vitamins. But it also:

  • Increases ATP production by 18%

ATP helps the body work better! ATP is needed as the main source of energy for most cellular processes  -- it is used by all the cells to power a variety of cellular reactions. 

This means increased well being and less chance of dysfunction leading to a disease like type 2 diabetes. 

Signs type 2 diabetes can be helped with cinnamon and anti diabetic herb called berberine

Dr. Harry also recommends:

Dr. Harry, who holds a PhD in nutrition, also recommends adding the following for best insulin sensitivity fat loss:

  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon per day
  • or a 500 mg capsule of cinnamon per day
  • Berberine, an extract known for its anti diabetic effects

Insulin Sensitivity Fat Loss Help

Treat diabetes 2 for insulin sensitivity fat loss help

If you are not able to lose weight, especially belly fat, it is likely because of insulin resistance. 

This is a cluster of symptoms that is not just slow metabolism, but dysfunctional metabolism and can be very difficult.

  • Insulin resistance can make you more hungry so you eat more and move less.

Scientists are still debating which came first -- whether the metabolic problem causes you to eat more and move less in the first place, or not. 

But it gets worse. Adding to the difficulty, is that belly fat stimulates hormones and chemicals that cause inflammation. 

Whatever the cause, insulin resistance is the inability of your body to properly convert the food that you eat into energy to fuel your cells.

So, get extra help with insulin resistance supplements!

Weight Loss and Gut Bacteria

Natural help? Use fermented foods and high fiber pre-biotic foods to prevent diabetes 2

 A bigger variety of gut bacteria is found in lean people as compared to obese or over weight people.  Researchers are working to find the exact “good” gut bacteria that play a role in insulin resistance and obesity.

Certainly slim people have the advantage, with a better spectrum of gut bacteria that helps to keep the weight off!

If you have taken antibiotics and wiped out your gut bacteria, these do NOT tend to replenish themselves naturally.  Why is it important to re-gain good bacteria?

  • Having "unfriendly" gut microbes is associated with obesity and insulin problems – metabolic syndrome.  
  • Scientists say to take pro-biotic supplements and to eat fiber rich pre-biotic foods that encourage friendly bacteria to grow.  They are working on the fine tuning of exactly what strains to take, so keep tuned. 

New Discoveries to Treat Diabetes 2

Yogurt for good gut bacteria and calcium for high blood pressure and weight loss

The new frontier for type 2 diabetes and immune is the influence of the bacteria in the gut or the "microbiome."

It has been known for some time that people who are slim and those who are obese have different gut bacteria.  Changing the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut can improve weight loss and insulin sensitivity.2

  • The key here is that the gut microbiome helps to regulate the immune system and inflammation throughout the body. 

While scientists are still working on the exact types of friendly bacteria, we can take pro-biotic supplements and eat pre-biotic foods as well as fermented foods and yogurt. 

  • Foods that help increase friendly gut bacteria are high in fiber and tend to be all the fruits and vegetables we need to eat every day. 

Get the health benefits of cinnamon by adding to cereal and sliced apples for snacks

Cinnamon fat loss may work for you. Why? A cinnamon fat loss supplement can help improve gut bacteria.  

  • It is thought that fat burners can work because they help create a favorable balance of healthy gut bacteria. 3

Fat burners shown by research to be helpful are:

  • green tea extract
  • green coffee 

And discover the health benefits of cinnamon -- for insulin sensitivity fat loss help. 

You can add a cinnamon supplement for weight loss --500 mg per day -- or do as Dr. Harry recommends -- add a table spoon of cinnamon to your daily routine. 4

Or create your own apple cinnamon smoothie recipe for desert or for breakfast. 

Cinnamon fat loss can help, and certainly it can nudge insulin sensitivity fat loss in a pleasant way. 



1. This "magic ingredient" is made from highly purified Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membrenaceus, using pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing technology. 

AstraGin™ increases chemicals in the human body called ― transporter and mRNA. These chemicals determine how much or how little specific nutrients are absorbed into the intestinal cells and thus are available to support and promote our health and well being. 

2. SME J. Modulation of gut microbiota during probiotic-mediated attenuation of metabolic syndrome in high fat diet-fed mice.   2014 Jun 17. doi: 10.1038/ismej.2014.99. [Epub ahead of print]

3. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab.  Reduced obesity, diabetes, and steatosis upon cinnamon and grape pomace are associated with changes in gut microbiota and markers of gut barrier. 2018 Apr 1;314(4):E334-E352. doi: 10.1152/ajpendo.00107.2017. Epub 2017 Sep 5.

4. Lipids Health Dis. Effect of oral cinnamon intervention on metabolic profile and body composition of Asian Indians with metabolic syndrome: a randomized double -blind control trial.  2017 Jun 12;16(1):113. doi: 10.1186/s12944-017-0504-8.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

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