New Parkinsons Research: What Protects Dopamine Cells? A Parkinson Cure Now?

Parkinsons researchers are discovering how to protect dopamine producing brain cells from further damage.  

Yes, scientists are finding natural substances that can help PD patients.

While not a Parkinson cure yet, some of these can help you now.

You don't just have to wait for a miracle Parkinsons medication or new stem cell procedure for a Parkinson cure, to improve your life as a PD patient. 

Improving Parkinsons Disease Treatments Now

Unfortunately, the medication used as Parkinson disease treatments, only work so long, and then they themselves cause tremors, or dyskinesia.  This then makes life miserable.

Therefore, scientists have been looking not just for new Parkinsons medication as a Parkinson cure.

Researchers are also looking at how to prevent cell damage, and how to protect the cells that make dopamine - to help them re-generate as well as how to keep them healthy. 

And yes, they have found some substances that are neuro-protective, and these help to slow the disease.  

(There are also substances that are neuro-toxic -- causing cell death -- so as to speed up the disease.)

So what have they found so far that can help? 

It has been known from large scale population studies, that drinking coffee reduces both the risk of Parkinson's disease as well as Alzheimers.  

So, they asked, is there something in coffee that is neuro-protective? If so, what is it, and how does it work?

New Parkinson Disease Research: What Protects Dopamine Cells? On the Way to a Parkinson Cure?

Turns out that no, it is not the caffeine! 

Researchers at the Kinsmen Laboratory of Neurological Research, University of British Columbia, tested the ingredients in coffee.

  • They discovered that a compound called quercetin is in fact the main neuro protective compound in coffee against Parkinson's disease as well as Alzheimer's disease.

How does it work? 

They found that the quercetin actually reduced the amount of damage to the DNA, and the fats and proteins in the brain cells. (The SH-SY5Y cells responsible for making dopamine).

  • The quercetin in the coffee, in turn increased the amount to GSH, or glutathione in the cells. 
  • It is already known that improving glutathione is very important for PD patients. Glutathione, GSH is the protective molecule that reduces damage inside brain and nerve cells, and keeps them healthy. 

So, drink more coffee!!

However, don't get glutathione pills or even IV glutathione. Why not?

Because instead,taking the NATURAL building blocks for your body to make it, is most effective. Find out more about glutathione Parkinson disease treatments that work.

Glutathione & Neuro Protection

This new research, confirms that it is a good idea to build your reserves of glutathione -- to best protect your dopamine cells..

  • Unfortunately, research has also has shown that taking a glutathione pill, or even IV is not effective for improving the amount of glutathione IN THE CELLS. 

What has been shown to improve glutathione levels in the cells, besides more drinking coffee?

  • Fortunately, a discovery of a medical protein, has been clinically shown to improve glutathione levels throughout the body, and in the brain.

How does it work?

This medical protein supplement provides the nutritional pre-cursors or building blocks to replenish glutathione levels. 

Why is this a good idea? Because glutathione levels have been shown to be LOW in the brain stem of people diagnosed with PD. 

So to correct a glutathione deficiency, drink more coffee, and...

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New Parkinsons Disease Research: Protecting Dopamine Cells. A Parkinson Cure for You?