Losartan Side Effects, Benicar Side Effects
or High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy?

Avoiding Losartan side effects or Benicar side effects may not be the first thing on your mind.

  • You have a higher priority, which is to prevent a stroke or a heart attack.

Well, you may want to do this naturally. Why?

  • Not only are Losartan side effects, (Cozaar) of concern, but also...
  • Typically prescribed alongside are diuretics and and beta blockers, each with its own side effects.
  • For instance, that little "water pill" can rob you of protective magnesium, actually setting the stage for heart problems and type 2 diabetes.

But more than that, you may want research to see if these meds will actually work for you to prevent a stroke heart attack!

  • What if these meds do NOT improve your chances of living longer and better? After all, is that not the idea? 

We've posted the latest research for you. You may be very surprised.

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Don't Live Longer with High Blood Pressure Meds?

By taking these meds, you are saying you want to live longer, and not have a stroke or heart attack, right?

Feel better with a natural blood pressure supplement

Point number one, researchers found that people with mild to medium high blood pressure did NOT benefit from antihypertensive drugs by living longer.

What does that mean?  Yes, the medication did lower blood pressure, but no, their death rate did not improve.  

So here’s the bad news about taking these drugs. 

  • When researchers compared people who got a placebo to those on anti hypertensive drugs, there were no fewer deaths for those taking the meds in a sample of almost 9,000 people with mild hypertension.

(they had systolic blood pressure from 140 to 150 mm Hg, and diastolic blood pressure of 90 to 99 mm Hg or both, with no symptoms).

The researchers concluded that if patients were shown this study they would choose a high blood pressure natural remedy such as changes in diet, exercise and stress management instead of medication.

  • Not only that, but they said that when doctors treat people who have mild hypertension, it actually gives them a "false confidence" rather than motivating them to change their life.

(Dr. James Wright, published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews)

Losartan Side Effects, Benicar Side Effects

What are the side effects of angiotensin II receptor antagonists (ARBs) such as Losartan (Cozaar) and Benicar (olmesartan medoximil)?

  • When taking these blood pressure medications you will likely experience a loss of sexual function such as sex drive, or can’t get aroused.

You can also get headaches, light headedness, dizzy spells, blocked sinuses, a cough, high blood potassium levels, diarrhea, feeling drowsy, a metallic taste in your mouth, or pains in your legs or in your back.  

Rare but more-serious side effects include: sudden swelling in your face or elsewhere, liver or kidney failure, a problem with your immunity e.g. less white blood cells, or an allergic reaction.

Yes, high blood pressure is one of the main causes of strokes, so you need to act, but...

  • The trouble is that your doctor will typically want you to take two to three types of hyptertension medication.  
  • So you will be taking a “cocktail” with diuretics side effects and beta blockers side effects added to the mix.  

So you will want to weigh whether these meds are going improve your life, or instead are going to give you extra problems and, according to researchers, a false sense of protection.

You will want to feel good, no?  So you will want to decide if it is worth the effort, and to add a natural high blood pressure natural remedy. 

Alternatives to Losartan Side Effects,
Benicar Side Effects, Aleve Side Effects

Many people lower blood their pressure naturally and avoid blood pressure medications altogether.

Try adding a proven high blood pressure natural remedy to be safe, while you make some changes in your life.

  • Take time to relax, meditate, go for walks, do something new and nice for someone else and something just for fun.

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De-stress naturally to lower high blood pressure!

Why avoid beta blocker side effects and diuretics side effects?  

  • Water pills, or diuretics, rob the body of vital minerals such as magnesium, which are needed for your heart to be healthy. 

Both diuretics (water pills) and beta blockers used for high blood pressure will increase your risk of getting diabetes, according to a 2007 study.

  • Medical guidelines in the UK recommend avoiding both beta blockers and diuretics as a first line of treatment for high blood pressure because of this risk.

(Typical beta blockers are Atenolol, Carvedilol , Metoprolol , and Propranolol.)

  • And don’t forget serious Aleve side effects!  When added to blood pressure medications Aleve side effects include acute kidney injury. 

This goes for any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that’s added to a combination of diuretics with ACE inhibitors or ARBs.  (BMJ, 2013 Jan 8)


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