Safe Coumadin Alternative: Preventing 
Blood Clots with Natural Blood Thinners

Looking for a safe Coumadin alternative to prevent a stroke or heart attack?

Want to prevent blood clots or add the best to your blood clot treatment?

  • Yes, there is a natural Coumadin alternative -- a natural blood thinner supplement that’s FDA approved for heart disease, based on over 84,000 medically published clinical tests.

No, this natural agent that cannot be patented, and no one is making a fortune, so no drug reps are chatting up your doctor about it.

  • If you are NOT taking warfarin, and you want to do the very best to prevent a heart attack or a stroke, you will want to know about this natural discovery to stop heart disease.
  • If you ARE taking warfarin, and you ARE at risk for blood clots, here's the good news!

You can be assured that there's a natural blood thinner supplement that works DIFFERENTLY to prevent blood clots so it can safely be taken WITH warfarin.

  • This natural blood thinner can even dissolve existing small blood clots, which warfarin does NOT do.

Yes, there are good l arginine supplements you can take along with the blood thinner Coumadin while your doctor helps you reduce your Coumadin dosage!

  • Fortunately, this FDA approved substance can be safely taken either along with blood thinner medication or as a Coumadin alternative.

Is There a Safe Natural Coumadin Alternative?

Fortunately, a major discovery that won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, found out how to naturally prevent blood clots and reduce the risk of strokes:

  • Three Americans won the Nobel Prize for discovering that the body uses nitric oxide gas to make blood vessels relax, widen, soften and function properly, thereby reducing the risk for blood clots.

It turns out that an amino acid helps the body produce MORE nitric oxide.

  • Taking a supplement with this blood thinner Coumadin alternative improves circulation and it can stop and even reverse your heart disease symptoms!

How? This natural substance, arginine, has been scientifically shown to:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce blood clots and strokes
  • Improve heart failure
  • Improve memory
  • Improve diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol

Dr. Harry Elwardt worked with the Nobel Prize winning D. Louis Ignarro to create an effective formula for preventing blood clots and stroke NATURALLY.  

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How to Avoid a Coumadin Food Interaction

Why does your doctor want you to avoid a Coumadin food interaction by using a proper diet for taking Coumadin?

The reason is that the blood thinner Coumadin, or warfarin has a “narrow therapeutic range.”

What does “narrow therapeutic range” mean?

It means that it is easy to take too much or too little – because it is only effective when you get the Coumadin dosage exactly right – both too much and too little cause problems!

  • That is why warfarin has among the FDA’s highest “danger” ratings!

When you take “too little” you are at risk of blood clots, and when you take “too much” you are at risk of bleeding and a bleeding stroke – or a hemorrhagic stroke.

That is why your INR needs checking constantly.

Because of the many possible warfarin interactions your pharmacist has a Coumadin food list.

This list is to avoid a Coumadin food interaction causing a Coumadin "overdose" and cause bleeding, or it can make your Coumadin levels "not enough" and put you at risk for a blood clot.

This Coumadin food list makes people afraid to eat many super healing foods – especially green veggies – that actually protect against heart disease -- never mind having to worry about Coumadin and alcohol as well!!

Yes you CAN prevent stroke heart attack events. Both types of stroke: a stroke from blood clots AND a stroke from bleeding, or brain bleeding -- a hemorrhagic stroke -- SAFELY!

What's on a Coumadin Food List and Why?

A Coumadin food interaction can also affect your Coumadin dosage, so it is wise to get a Coumadin food list from your pharmacist.

  • What’s included in a proper diet for taking the blood thinner Coumadin?

You've likely heard of a warfarin vitamin k diet. While you may know about vitamin k and Coumadin, there are foods that are NOT high in vitamin K that have been found to increase people’s INR.

These include cranberry juice, mango, pomegranate juice and grapefruit juice, although the research is mixed about some of these.

Better known for a vitamin k Coumadin food interaction are leafy green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, Swiss chard, turnip greens and so on, but this Coumadin food list also includes beef liver.

  • It is important to know that it is OK to eat these vegetables as long as you eat a consistent amount so that it does not affect your Coumadin levels, to cause a Coumadin overdose.

Most people are told by their doctor not to take a vitamin that has vitamin k, so that the Coumadin dosage is not affected.

  • You CAN avoid worries about warfarin side effects and a proper diet for taking Coumadin, by adding natural blood thinners supplement as a Coumadin substitute.

Coumadin Alcohol Interaction?

Your doctor may OK you having a drink without risking a Coumadin and alcohol interaction.

  • But you will want to factor Coumadin and alcohol in when you are having your INR checked.
  • High levels of alcohol can increase the anti-coagulation effect and risk a Coumadin overdose.

On the other hand, the long-term use of alcohol can do the opposite:

Coumadin has been found to DECREASE the anti-coagulation effect -- by affecting warfarin metabolism -- so it is important to have your use of Coumadin and alcohol reviewed by your doctor, and so avoid increased risk of a stroke.

Treatment for Signs of a Stroke?

Unfortunately, even with clear signs of a stroke, it is not possible to tell from the symptoms before a stroke -- or the symptoms of a stroke -- what stroke treatments should be used. Why?

  • Only after a brain scan is done can doctors tell whether you have an ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot or a bleeding stroke.

This scan needs to be done within four and a half hours after signs of a stroke -- before brain damage sets in -- because after that, stroke treatments are not very effective.

What causes a stroke? Stroke treatments cannot begin until after a brain scan because if a person is given a clot busting drug (tPA), but their stroke is instead caused by bleeding – a hemorrhagic stroke – this will kill them.

  • Bleeding strokes are the biggest cause of death of heart disease world wide -- not heart attacks or strokes from blood clots.

Exciting New treatment for a Stroke!

Yes there is a promising new treatment for stroke that can be given in an ambulance before a brain scan is done, which would stop brain damage during the first stage of a stroke.

No, it is not yet tested!

Research published in the journal Nature shows a very promising new approach – an experimental drug called Tat-NR2B9c.

This drug, once approved, could be given to anyone with signs of a stroke – even mild stroke symptoms -- immediately!

This new treatment for stroke is now undergoing proper testing with humans.

This experimental drug “shows great promise for humanity” according to Dr. Tymianski, the lead researcher for this new drug.

This new treatment for stroke -- even the first signs of a stroke -- is stopping the brain damage that usually kills nerve cells, at least in the experiments done on monkeys.

  • This new discovery could be given by ambulance paramedics and ER staff for anyone with signs of a stroke – even mild stroke symptoms.

This new stroke treatment stops the chemical reactions that cause permanent brain damage and brain cell death.

  • This new treatment for stroke would protect a person from brain damage while proper tests are being done, so that even mini stroke warning signs can be better dealt with.

But, it is best to prevent blood clots and a stroke in the first place, so you don't need blood clot treatment anymore!

Why Try Safe Natural Blood Thinners?

While a new treatment for stroke is still only a possibility, you can use a proven natural substance for heart disease and stroke RIGHT NOW.

Here's reasons why to consider a Coumadin alternative:

  • You may want to avoid dangerous long term warfarin side effects, and certainly avoid Coumadin drug interactions!

Coumadin drug interactions can happen by taking medication for pain, for fever, for swelling or for arthritis.

Such meds can affect how your blood clots, or cause stomach bleeding, so it is best to check with your doctor about any drugs you take, including over the counter remedies for pain, fever, arthritis or swelling.   

Best Natural Coumadin Alternative?

We hope you have found our research postings for a Coumadin alternative to be of value.

Because using natural blood thinners is not typical for doctors, Dr. Ignarro, who won the Nobel Prize, wrote a book for the general public called “NO More Heart Disease,” to inform us all.

The natural Coumadin alternative he recommends cannot be patented like a drug, and is therefore not making anybody a fortune. 

  • You can SAFELY take this natural blood thinners formula WITH or WITHOUT blood thinner medication. 

Although based on solid science, your doctor may not be aware of the 84,000 clinical tests and studies that show that the amino acid arginine converts into nitric oxide in our blood vessels, and as a result will stop or reverse many symptoms of heart disease, and will:

  • Reduce blood clots and strokes
  • Improve heart failure
  • Improve diabetes
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve sexual functionmprove memory
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Increase muscle growth and performance

Fortunately this natural Coumadin alternative is safe to take alongside warfarin because it works differently, and therefore would not interfere with a Coumadin dose.

With this Coumadin alternative your doctor will likely give you better reports so that you can reduce your medication and eventually be free of the worries about dangerous long term warfarin side effects.

Why put up with a Coumadin food list and a proper diet for taking Coumadin -- a warfarin vitamin k diet -- when you can get healthier and stop heart disease with a natural Coumadin alternative!

  • Why worry about the ticking time bomb dangers of blood thinner medication?

You can safely add this supplement to your blood clot treatment. Eventually, the blood thinner Coumadin can be reduced with your doctor monitoring.

  • With natural blood thinners -- no more warfarin diet, and no more worry about a Coumadin alcohol interaction!

You'll be able to enjoy a glass of red wine and toast to your best health without blood clots and a stroke heart attack specter hanging over you!

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