Brain Cancer: Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment with Immune System Supplements

Brain cancer diagnosis? Why not enjoy both -- the best medical treatment along with immunotherapy?

If you are lucky, your type of cancer will be eligible for immunotherapy treatment. 

Scientists are finding that adding an immunotherapy cancer treatment will vastly improve your treatment outcomes.1

If  this treatment is not available for your brain cancer, there are still good options. 

  • Why? Survival rates are MUCH higher for people who add immune therapy to their cancer treatment.

Fortunately there are immune proteins that have been tested to help with cancer. 

  • Adding tested immune building proteins can improve the odds of your treatment.  

Not only will a strong immune help you "breeze through" chemotherapy and radiation, but will also help shrink tumors. 

  • A strong immune system protects against future cancers and speeds up recovery. 

Enjoy peace of mind by adding a medical protein that has been shown to "optimize" immune defenses. Why?

  • Your body can then make stronger lymphocytes (KILLER T CELLS)  that fight the cancer, which can also help weaken the cancer cells.

Even if inoperable,  you can still add a natural alternative cancer cure supplement. Like Harold's brain tumor.  He was able to shrink and then disappear a brain tumor the size of a baseball, naturally.

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  • Immunotherapy supplement listed in the USA PHYSICIAN'S DESK REFERENCE. 
  • Harold's story of recovery from an inoperable brain tumor 

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Best Help for Brain Cancer Symptoms

If you suspect brain cancer symptoms, here's what to watch for.

Typical brain tumor symptoms include:

• headaches

• unusual seizures

• nausea and vomiting

• weakness or loss of feeling in arms or legs

• abnormal movements of the eyes or change in vision

• tiredness

• lack of coordination when walking

• changes in personality or in memory or in speech

(National Cancer Institute)

Types of Brain Tumors, Cancer

Brain tumors can be either benign, or non-cancerous, or malignant, meaning cancerous, so it is best not to panic too fast before a diagnosis.

Benign brain tumors do not contain cancer cells or invade other tissue, but they can cause pressure in areas of the brain and cause brain tumor symptoms.


PRIMARY BRAIN TUMORS that originate in the brain and METASTATIC, OR SECONDARY BRAIN TUMORS originating from cancer from other parts of the body.

  • Metastatic cancer that has "spread" from somewhere else, is considered an advanced disease with a poor prognosis.
  • Primary cancer rarely spreads beyond the central nervous system, and death results from uncontrolled tumor growth within the limited space of the skull.

Primary brain tumors can be cancerous or noncancerous.

Both types take up space in the brain and may cause serious brain tumor symptoms, such as vision or hearing loss and complications such as a stroke.

A non cancerous primary brain tumor is life threatening when it compromises vital structures such as an artery.

All cancerous brain tumors are life threatening because they have an aggressive and invasive nature.

  • Best to cover all the bases and add a proven alternative cancer treatment -- best supplements for immune system -- to improve your chances for recovery!

Here's what happened when Harold found out he had an inoperable brain tumor:

Brain Tumor The Size of Golf Ball Shrinks

Whether or not your brain tumor is operable or treatable, you can now add immune system supplements to your diet, just like Harold did.

In Harold’s case he had no choice, with an aggressive tumor and being given only weeks to live.

  • When his specialists said that there was nothing more that they could do, he found a brochure in his own doctors office about proven supplements for immune system health.

His doctor recommended ideal protein supplements listed in his reference book to be the best, in the USA Physician's Desk Reference.

Harold read the science, and as the father of five children, he felt he had to do something to help himself, and he began taking immunotherapy cancer treatment supplements.

  • Within a week his symptoms lessened: his headaches decreased and some of the feeling in his fingers came back.

After a number of months of taking these immune system supplements, the CT scans no longer showed a trace of any tumor, and his brain cancer symptoms disappeared totally!

Harold stuck with this approach and is still alive and well today, with his children as they are growing up.

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We hope that you will be inspired to add immunotherapy cancer treatment to improve your treatment outcomes for a brain tumor. 

  • While your medical team decides on your best treatment options for brain cancer, you can already start building your defenses with best supplements for immune system defense.
  • You may be surprised, and like Harold, who found an alternative cancer cure.
  • You may ask us about supplements that have been clinically tested to work even with metastatic cancer, and that's been shown NOT to interfere with medical treatment.

Why not get the best of both worlds with immunotherapy cancer treatment. 

We look forward to hearing about your story, or childhood brain cancer story of surviving and thriving or finding an alternative cancer cure.


1  Improved Survival of Brain Cancer Patients with Immunotherapy

Alternative Cancer Cure with Best Supplements for Immune System: Brain Cancer & Brain Tumor Defense

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